The Harris Holiday Home Tour

It's that time of year again and I couldn't be happier that you have joined us.

This is the fifth year for the holiday tour and it's always a pleasure and an honor to be a part of this wonderful event.

This years tour is being sponsored by Joss and Main and Good Housekeeping magazine.

If you are joining us from the lovely home of  My Golden boys and me welcome!!

Her home is just gorgeous.

If you haven't dropped by yet, please do. 

You're in for a treat.


Come on in!


Our foyer is one of those rooms that everyone sees first.

My goal was to create this space to welcome and remind you to kick your shoes off and...

Get cozy!


Where our story begins.

This one sign says it all.

So many wonderful things have changed since our last Christmas tour.

We welcomed our first grand baby back in February.

I can't tell you how much joy this little fella has brought into our lives.

Not only has our home changed, so has our decorations.

This year, I'm calling it a "child friendly Christmas" lol.

With new tiny fingers and toes among us, we needed to change our game plan and keep safety first.

Hanging this out of reach.... check.

Always keep rules

Be prepared for guest...always

The large basket under the table makes for a great place to store toys in a hurry.

Nothing like scrambling around to clear a path for holiday guest to arrive.

I love it!

Our kitchen.
The place where memories are made...and messes too!

This year I added a bit of fun color.

I started off with this fuzzy little felt garland for our range mantel.

Adding pops of color made this a fun place to hang out.

Makes holiday dish washing a bit more fun too! 

This little cookie jar is new to the tour.

I found it at our local World Market, along with paper straws, cupcake holders,

and fun little boxes to hold little treasures like chocolate.

And speaking of  little treasures...

I would love to introduce Holden to all of you.

He is ten months old today and has the ability to make even the  Grinch smile.

He is worth every child lock on every cabinet!

And has claimed the Tupperware  cabinet as his own. Ha!

When I started planning our "child friendly Christmas" decor, I'm not going to lie, I was a bit worried.

I'm one of those that loves simplicity without a lot of fuss and color

But y'all...

I never dreamed adding pops of color and safer decorations could be so much fun!

Holden and I had planned to build a gingerbread house together but Joss and Main offered the sweetest little house that we could not resist.

So instead of building a house, we opted for cookies instead.

Holden didn't mind one bit.

Only two cookies were eaten during this photo session. Just two.

That's the fun of being a grand!

His mommy didn't mind too much after she saw how cute he was.

I think this may be our new tradition every year!

Now that the kitchen is all clear of gingerbread and flour, follow me!

This year I added a touch of red to the table by adding cute cupcake cups to each plate.

I also wanted to bring a bit of greenery into this room.

Adding faux cedar is a safe alternative and last for years to come.

I'm sure most new parents and grands fear the thought of adding a tree decked out with years of treasured ornaments.

I know I was.

A beautifully decorated tree can turn into hours of   "no no's"  and   " don't touch baby"

I wanted Holden to experience Christmas the way toddlers do best.


So everything we used was child friendly and fun to make.

Like this finger knit cording.

Y'all.. if you have never made one, please try it.

It's so much fun!!

I added the cording to our mantel along with the tree.

For the trees garland, I added pom poms.

So fun!!

Lord willing, I will have many more years to introduce our breakables.

But only just a few to see Christmas through a child's eyes.

Adding fresh flowers is a must.

And on days where Holden isn't here, I enjoy them closer.

We also added this full magnolia wreath above our mantel.

Joss and Main was my go to place for wreaths this year!

This tree has been by far the most fun to decorate in years.

For our tree skirt, I purchased a small knitted blanked from Homegoods.

I then added some of our pom poms to he edge .

This added detail made all the difference

My daughter Kaylee, made these adorable Santa sacks.

I found this cute little soft plastic nativity set at Hobby Lobby.

It's a great tool to introduce Holden to the birth of Jesus and it seconds as wonderful teething toy.

Win Win...

More Pom Pom lovin'

A simple sign on the door from Hobby Lobby added just a touch of festive here.

I must admit...

Not every room is Holden

Maddy's room is very white.

very simplistic..

Very chic...very Maddy!


This is her second year having an all white room and so far so good.

Her decorations from last year, the same.

Just as she loves them.

This kid is so easy to please!

One strand of LED lights above her bed and she is happy as a clam.

We have a little hallway in the back of our house where most of our family and friends enter.

This preserved cedar wreath fit perfectly on our pantry door.

It's another beauty from Joss and Main.

Across the small hallway hangs our large chalkboard.

We use this daily for notes and reminders.

This year I wanted to share "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given"

Isaiah 9:6

I thought it was quite fitting for this year.

Its amazing how one tiny baby can change our world.

Heading out the back door onto our patio.

I found this wicker basket a couple of weeks ago and knew just where to hang it!

I filled it with fresh clippings from our yard.

In our warm Louisiana climate, we may have to change these out a few times but its so worth it.

The time has come to say "till next time"

but don't worry...

Stroll on down to Number 53

I will join you there!

Merry Christmas!


  1. so pretty, susie! love the shelves in the kitchen, and i love maddy's room- simple and perfect! happy holidays!

  2. Susie, it's always so nice to see a post from you. Your house looks amazing all Holden proofed and spiffed up for Christmas. Enjoy the moments with him. :)

    1. Thank you Stacey. I miss blogging weekly but can't seem to find the time these days. I miss everyone!

  3. Thank you so much for being a part of the holiday house walk again! I always love your home!!!

    1. Thank you Jenn. Its always an honor!!

  4. Such a beautiful mix between kid friendly and adult! I absolutely love it all!

    1. Thank you. That was just the look I was going for. Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

  5. Your home is just beautiful, I think Holden is the highlight of the tour :)

    1. Awe.. thank you. He is our joy for sure!

  6. Loved it all and your grandson is just too adorable!

    1. Thank you! We think he is pretty sweet as well.

  7. Beautiful! I love the grandbaby pics, those pictures scream Christmas Card to me, so darn cute!

    1. Thank you! I believe his Mommy wil be taking a few of these and having cards made. She loved them

  8. Beautiful! Your grandson is adorbs!

    1. Awe.. thank you Melissa! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  9. I love it all!! What color is your kitchen? Thanks and Merry Christmas!��

  10. Suzie, what fun with Holden and creating those amazing Christmas memories with your family. Thanks for sharing your holiday home with us...and Holden. Happy Holidays!

  11. I'm new here and I so enjoyed your holiday tour. Your home is beautifully decorated and Holden is so so adorable. We are enjoying our little niece who is 11 months old and just a delight. May I ask you what that gingerbread house is made out of? I'm considering one. Thank you!

  12. Susie! I love every single picture. Great job my friend.

  13. I can already see the spirit of Christmas in your home.

    Love the photos, especially those of the baby.

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  14. such a beautiful home! i've always loved how you decorate & create beauty!

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