A very Merry delivery

Nothing stops me in my tracks like a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Really... who can walk past and not stop to smell the roses?

In my case, tulips.

This time of year, we get so caught up and busy with the hustle of Christmas.

We often forget to just slow down and see the beauty around us.

Rarely do I splurge on myself and indulge on such pretties.

You can only imagine the joy when I was approached and offered to have a special delivery sent my way!

ProFlowers had these beauties sent directly to my door.

They arrived just in time for my holiday Christmas tour and gave our home that perfect touch.

Upon their arrival, I immediately placed them into water and watched them come to life.

Tulips are ever so delicate and I was a bit worried ordering such a tender flower.

No worries,

After a sip of water, they perked up and brought the entire room to life.

The only problem I had was finding the perfect spot for them.

They looked so pretty in every space.

Next year, I believe I will be sending A very Merry delivery to all of my out of town family.

I hope you are enjoying this joyous time of year and taking some time out to stop and smell the roses/tulips.

xo Susie

ProFlowers is a division of  the FTD company.
Thanks again ProFlowers for the kindness in sending this beautiful arrangement.


  1. Happiest of Holidays to You & Yours!

    Tulips are lovely to have in the house during the holidays. Its a great idea that's going on my to do list for next year.

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