Update on the wait...

Just thought I would pop in and give a quick update on my girl.

We are still waiting.

Her bags are packed.

His bags are packed.

My house has never been so clean!

So what do we do while we wait?

We cast her cute belly.


Bellies are so mush cuter than in my days.


Not a mark on her tummy and it's just so perfect.

Have any of you ever tried this?

It's pretty cool.

A friend of hers gave her this really neat kit and it's so easy.

A little messy but loads of fun!

I believe she is going to have his picture taken in it after he is born.

Not sure what she will do with it later.

So that's our update for now.



  1. First, I LOVE what she is taking him home in!!!!!!!!!! PRECIOUS!
    Second, I have seen these castings! I always wondered what the girls did with them. Love the idea of taking a picture of him in it!!

  2. Congratulations and hopefully the baby boy will arrive soon. My daughter is due March 1 and was wondering which belly kit you used. Have looked at a lot of them and they are all a little different and you said the one you used was easy. Wanted to get it for her for baby shower. Thanks.

    1. Hi Patty! Oh my goodness, we threw the package away. I remember that it came in a round card board container. the only steps were adding oil to the skin, wrapping the belly in plastic wrap. Then you would moisten the strips of gauze and apply them on the belly. It took about ten minutes to dry and came right off. no mixing involved. The strips had the plaster already added. Super fun and easy!

  3. I did this when I was pregnant (a girl) and painted it pink and took it to the hospital and had all of our visitors sign it. Made for a nice keepsake!

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