A teen room makeover

I just had to pop in and share with you today!

Above is Maddy's new makeover.

Ok... step one and many to go but we are getting there.

I didn't realize just how much inspiriation was in that one photo below.

Yes, it all started with this photo below.

Maddy has asked me for over a year to make her room look like this.

Really Maddy?

That's kinda like asking my hairdresser to make me look like Jennifer Aniston...lol

This was the room I had to work with..

Now you can see why I put it off for a whole year.

So are you ready?

Lets begin with the lighting.

We had my oldest, Jesse, to add a couple of can lights over her bed.

That involved him having to tap into her chanddy and adding an extra switch.

Now she can decide what lights she wants on...thank you Jesse!

Next step was her panel wall.

For that, We cut 4 pieces of thin wood and covered them with fluff.

We then took a painters drop cloth and covered these lil darlings.

Drop cloths are the bomb y'all!!!

They look like linen and so sweet on the pocket book.

Can I just tell you how happy these 4 panels made her?

She mentioned over and over..Thank you momma. I love them!

Once we hung the panels up we started on her headboard.

We used a scrap piece of wood for the base.
I purchased a foam mattress pad at Wal Mart and covered the wood.
 I used a spray adhesive to hold it into place.

Once it was glued down, I marked the foam where I wanted our covered buttons to go.

We then drilled a hole where each mark was made.

The not so fun part.... covering a million buttons..lol

On top of our foam, I added another piece of fluff just to make it extra fluffy!

For the fabric, I knew I needed something thick and durable.

I found the perfect table cloth at Target that fit just right!!!!

Major score and saved plenty.

Here you can see the holes on the back

Using a large needle, we threaded the buttons through the holes and stapled them down snug.

I would recommend using a waxed thread.

It worked best for me.

And here you go!

We still need to pick up some more fun pillows but this will get us started.

Opps... I think I may have forgotten to mention that we framed the panels with molding.

It just finishes them off nicely.

The sconce is from Home Depot and ran  49.00 each I believe.
She already had one so we only needed to purchase one this go round.

We found this yummy fur throw at Home Goods!

I can't stop walking into her room and just smiling.

She now has my dream bedroom.

I'm almost tempted to ask her to trade...lol

She is in love!!!!

Our future plans are to make a wall of curtains and add a bench for the foot of her bed.

And what teenager girl wouldn't want a wall of mirrors and a makeup station?

We surprised her...

More on that soon....

Hope y'all enjoyed the sneak peek and will come back when it's all finished.

Now to build a city outside her window...just kidding.



  1. I LOVE this! I wish I was crafty like you! I enjoy looking through your projects. :)

    Becky (Marceaux) Lovell

  2. what a glamourous room for a beautiful girl....great job! i discovered the "wonders" of drop cloths several years ago, made a pair with 20" black border at the bottom (from a sheet) for our dining room and more for sunroom windows (using same technique but white "bands" instead)....people think they are a linen blend!

  3. Susie, that looks gorgeous. I know she is so happy with it. Major Mama points for you! :)

  4. The room looks amazing and it is so wonderful that it was a labor of love and that the family was so involved with putting it all together!

  5. Susie, I love love love this!!! I'm like you...I'd want to trade rooms with her! She's ONE lucky lady! xoxo

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. You are just amazing!! It was so much fun to follow this project on Instagram--how cool now to see the finished product! I'm sure she loves it--who wouldn't?

  8. Wow this turned out great!!! What a great mom you are and I'm sure she appreciates all the hard work you put into it. Not to mention what a fun family project to do together!!

  9. So cool! my room inspiration rite there!

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