Round Top!

Hi Y'all!

Just popped in to share a few pictures of Round Top.

It's heaven on Earth here if you like junking, meeting new friends... eating a lot!

Yep. This would be the place.

This has been one of those throw your jammies and tooth brush in a bag and hit the road kinda trip.

Not much planning for us.

My sister and I found an open opportunity and we ran with it.

Those always turn out to be the best trips anyway.

So where is Round Top you may ask?

It's a small town in Texas.

We headed west from our little swamp and ended up on this hilly country road that lead us straight the here...

Yes, you read that right.

Population 90.

Boy has it grown!

A few years back, it was just a mere 50.

Those pretty hilly roads lead you to a honey hole of heaven!

Tents and tents and cow pastures full of vintage finds and goodies galore!

It's not just rusty, dusty antiques.

It's oh so much more!

Like hand made oh so pretty furniture that makes you want to rent a U-haul!

And this has been one of my favorite booths for the last few times here.

It reminds me of my favorite shop "The Red Onion" located in Baton Rouge.

Those sweet little plants are called "angel vines".

Don't ya just love them!

I will see if I can get my hands on a few in the up coming weeks to take along to "Chapel Market".

The talent these folks have in mixing the old with the new.... Amazing!

So have you started packing your bags yet?

And just in case you need a little more ...

Yes, this is the "Junk Gypsies"

You may have seen them in the new "Teen Pottery Barn" catalog.

It's a fun quirky store owned by two of the sweetest girls in Texas.


I almost wanted to just sneek into the stack of fun T-shirts and take a nap here.


That would have made me miss this table...

and these vintage brushes..

and where do I begin with these lil' darlings!

It's almost like a world of it's own.

I love how this group of tiny towns just open their homes and their hearts to all of us.

Did I mention the sweet folks that live here?


They are so so so .. very nice.

Missy and I giggled every time a sweet guy would hold the door open for us and say "mam"...

Today one of the biggest shows open and the displays will knock your socks off I'm sure.

The hardest part of this all....

Trying to find my style.

It's so hard for me when I love crisp white and uncluttered.

But then these cuties show off... and yeah.

Can you see my problem?

And yes, one of these sweet bags will be following me home.

I tried to resist y'all.. I really did!

It's not too late.

Round Top will wait for you until next weekend.

And just in case you need a lil more planning to do before you hop in the car...

Don't you worry.

They will make sure to save all of their best and favorites for you in the Spring!

more pictures coming...

xoxo susie

hey y'all

Hey y'all.

It feels so good to drop in and say hi.

I miss those days of blogging and sharing our adventures often.

I could promise you daily blogs but who am I kidding lol.

I do post almost daily on my instagram.

Not that my life is that fascinating, but just in case you like to keep up haha.

In fact, our family has gone through some fun changes and our little family will be expanding soon.

We will become Grandparents on Valentines day!

Kaylee, our oldest daughter is going to be a new momma.

It feels quite weird knowing that my baby is having a baby.

I'm just not feeling old enough for this ha!

She has a couple of semesters of college to go and then she will start student teaching.

She has a vigorous road ahead of her but I know she can do this!

God keeps His promises....always.

We are enjoying the bits out of our new sweet nephew Finnley.

He is so cute and oh so tiny!

I had forgotten just how small they are.

You can bet we are getting our practice in and refining our baby skills.

So much to do to get ready for this sweet bundle of blessings.

I was oh so excited when Kaylee asked if I would help her with the nursery.

So far she has picked out the bedding from Pottery Barn and gosh is it precious.

What fun new post to come!

I now have some fun new things to chat about other than wooden signs...haha.

Speaking of signs, here are just a few new ones that I plan to take to "Chapel Market" next month.

I will share more on that soon.

As always, if you are interested in any of my signs, please email me at

I would love to work with you.

So, how have you been?

xoxox Susie

Hood vent DIY on the cheap

The crazy thing about blogging, you can time travel.

How about we go back.....lets say 14 years.

Are you ready?

Bless my heart.

It was pretty cool ...then.

So how did we change the look of our kitchen without replacing our cabinets?

Lets get started!

Over the years, we painted and changed the microwave and fridge out.

We also replaced our florescent light boxes with LED lights

 We were to the point where the over the stove microwave and white range had to go! I will let them do most of the talking.

We removed the upper trim and boxed in over our existing cabinet.

The microwave had a small  vent less exhaust that was not that great. 

This was the hard part for me.

I could envision the cabinet but had a hard time with the uncool, not cute stuff.

We searched around and found a hood vent from Lowe's.

You may have to special order it like we did.

Once the vent was in, the vent pipes went into place.

Here is a shot of the vent below.

It came with two built in lights as well.

To make a perfect fit, we had to also order a plate to go around it.

This also make so easy cleaning!

Above, you can see how we ran the pipe right up through the cabinet and into our attic.

Once the pipe hits the attic, it is then directed out through a tiny vent under our eves.

The cabinet can open and close and there is also a bit of storage that can be used.

I never imagined how much adding this small addition could change our entire look.

A few of you have asked how we are liking our new range.

So far I really do enjoy it.

The only part that I'm not crazy about is the smooth top surface.

Our last stove had a smooth top that was white and it was a dream to clean.

This one is a dark glass and every little thing that spills over ... cooks onto the top.

It's a booger getting things scrubbed off without scratching the surface.

Do any of you have a good cleaner suggestion?

Our next step will be adding new counter tops and back splash.

We are going along as we save but had a few step backs like almost cutting my finger

I do believe super glue would have been a lot cheaper than that hospital visit ...YIKES.

So we are just plugging along and enjoying the ride.

We are learning, it's not the destination that changes you, it's the journey along the way.

xoxo Susie