Hi there!

What happens when you put a determined girl and a paint brush to work?

You get results... LOL

First I need to say a little thank you to all of those that have left sweet comments and emails.

You have blessed me so.

We are doing wonderful .... thank you.

I'm learning it's OK to step back and take some me time to work on projects.

And boy have I been busy.

I still have a ways to go but thought I would share just a bit with you here.

We are asking ourselves that age old question...

Buy new or remodel?

Buying new scares the bee gee bees out of me because we built on family land.

My sister is days away from moving next to me.

I love LOVE love our yard with 100 yr old live oaks.

And... I raised my 3 babies here.

Our house is HOME.

So I guess you could say we are in between ideas right now.

That place where we don't want to sink a ton of money into something we are not sure of...


I'm me.

I crave the need to update and play house. Often.

So here is what we have done so far.

Removed dated cabinet doors.

Painted inside the cabinets and filled them with yummy white dishes.
"more on that soon and thank you for your recommendations"

Painted walls and added new hardware.

What we are currently working on now ..

Removing ugly florescent inset box and adding new lighting.

OK.. let me back up just a bit.

We are not working on the project...

"I'm working on my husband to get on board with said project."

Ya 'll...

It's getting good up in here and I can't wait to share every step of the way with details 

and sources.

So if you're interested in changing up your kitchen for pennies...

You're in the right house!

If you would like to see daily updates, join me on instagram!

xoxo Susie


  1. So glad you are back. :) I've been on a hiatus from my blog since DECEMBER. No particular reason why. Don't really know what to do about it.... I've still been doing things, just not talking about it. The "talking about it" part was really starting to overwhelm and burden me. Was it worth it? Was it being authentic - to me? Ridiculous. First world problems. I know.
    Anyway, I'm so glad to see YOU back and hear all about your kitchen re-do. It looks lovely! You're so brave to tackle your cabinets like that. Looking forward to all of the details.

  2. So glad I follow you on IG or I would have missed you like crazy!!!!!! Love what you are doing in your kitchen!

  3. Awww I've missed ya! Kitchen looks great as always. Seriously, every time you show pictures of your home I think its just beautiful!

  4. The age old battle between deciding to buy new or remodel! It sounds like you know the answer in your heart!

  5. The joy in my heart when I saw your new post! Yeah!
    Update the old, that's what I am doing to my over 100 yr. old house in Iowa.

  6. Yes I need to update, on pennies!! Will be finding you on instagram. I am trying to transition to a different color scheme with updated pillow covers. Thankful for my white walls and natural duck slipcovers, makes it easy for "change" people like me!

  7. We remodel and renovate. Easier than a move which is hard to imagine since the double "R's" are no easy feat! Love the kitchen. Have a good day. Are your necklace adn earrings from Starfish Project? Linda

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