The house made of sticks

Can you believe this house was built for one main purpose?

To burn.


In minutes.

Look closely...

At first glance you would think it's just your average Southern home.

But this one was built with a twist.

It was built to be set on fire and light the way for Papa Noel (Santa Clause)

**For the record... Christmas has come and gone but it was cool and I thought y'all would enjoy.**

Every year we take a ride down the River Road. For those of you not familiar with our area, it's a long and winding road following the Mississippi River.

A levee is a huge man made hill that follows alongside the river to keep flood waters from escaping into the communities.

Every year, locals gather around the parish and build bonfires.

They are built to be lit on Christmas Eve to guide Papa Noels sleigh through the swamps.

The bonfires range from small to quite large and impressive.

Every year the locals try and top the past year and every year I think they succeed.

Now if you look a bit closer and come around to the side of the house....

You can see how it was built.

This home was built to scale and was massive!

On each side of the home was layers and layers of logs.

They are strategically placed to burn safely to the ground.

Almost in a log cabin pattern.

So sad to think it will burn within hours but of so fun to watch!

Here is an army tank.

It looks small but this fella was huge.

Below are a few traditional ones.

The River Road's levee is lined with these for miles..

And of course an LSU.

Along the way we stop and enjoy breakfast at one of our favorite places.

It's called the Cajun Village and they serve the best beignets and coco ever!!

I had to laugh at this picture above.

If you look to the left, it looks like Marc is about to take a jab to the

He didn't.. just our family being "us".

We talk with our hands a lot and who knows what this story was all about.

It was early and the no makeup rule did apply. have mercy the girls are gonna kill me!

If you would like to visit some of our Christmas on the Bayou tours from the past ..

It should link you to each passing year..

Now spring forward to today...

I'm working on a project and I almost hate to share for the fact it may bomb.

It's very time consuming but if it works, will save me hundreds in the long run.

With fingers crossed, I hope to share it soon.

Have y'all started any new projects over the New Year?

xoxo Susie


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