Trick or Treat banner DIY

With every passing year, my decorations seem to be simpler.

Maybe it's because I have less time


Maybe it's because I like less fuss. yeah that's it!

This banner took less time to make than having the fabric cut at Wal Mart. Really.

I started off with 5 patterns.

I bought 1/4 yard of each.

I cut 2 diamond shapes each.

You will flip in half like this.

Ohhhh my favorite part!

These letter can be found here.

Thanks Martha!

I have been using these sweet letters for years now. Love em!

I just cut them out around the edge.

Rolled up a piece of tape and stuck er on.

I then folded the diamond shape over my ribbon and taped it closed.

no sew. no fuss. happy me!

That's about all I'm doing this year..

Other than the pumpkins on my mantel ;)

You can find my DIY chalkboard here.

I love how I can change out any holiday in just minutes.

Are you starting to feel fall'ish?

It's still pretty hot here in the deep south.

I'm hoping to find some fun colored pumpkins for my porch soon.

Fall...come on already. Bring it. please.

xo Susie


  1. Susie - Cute banner. Looks so cute on your chalkboard.


  2. Such a clever idea!
    Thanks for sharing!!!!

  3. Great idea! I have those letters that I printed out around Christmas time :)
    Love the fabric patterns you chose

  4. I've been feeling fallish for bad the weather isn't following suit

  5. Thanks for the cute idea. I love that.

  6. I'm a no fuss kind of decorator. Simple suits me just fine. Love the banner.

  7. Susie, I'm sure going to miss Martha and thanks for the link to those print outs.

    And make some Pie and asap!

    warm hugs,

    Cotton Peony

  8. Thank you mam...I will be doing this :) It's so cute! And I agree it's still really hot in Georgia too. I'm being really lazy about pulling out all my fall decor.

  9. So very colorful, easy and so very CUTE!!

  10. Love this, the fabrics are just so perfect.It looks great on your chalkboard.

  11. Susie.. thanks for the special note and I dropped her a line(email). Big thanks for letting her know!



  12. hi
    i love this hallow's banner !
    thank's for the tuto
    il fait chaud encore aussi dans le sud ouest fran├žais !

  13. hi
    i love this hallow's banner !
    thank's for the tuto
    il fait chaud encore aussi dans le sud ouest fran├žais !

  14. Hi Susie, what a great looking banner. And you made it look so simple. I love it. So creative. As always your home is beautiful!

  15. Susie, I made your banner!! Thank you so much!!!

  16. The chalkboard is so neat and lovely. Your choice of fabric is adorable. xoxo
    ~ Mehul
    Architectural Stone

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