Country Living, My Picks

I was so excited when Country Living asked me (girl squeals) to help them out.

They were looking for 50 great (off the beaten path ) places to see this summer.

I was asked to represent Louisiana.

How in the world do I just pick 3 from a state so rich in culture?

I did!

Here are just 3 of my favorites out of a million LOL.

The Red Onion

It's nestled right on the skirt of Baton Rouge.
15680 Perkins Rd to be exact.

You really have to be looking for it or you will pass this jewel by.

This small cabin is stocked full of unique gifts, native Louisiana plants, jewelry and original art work.

This sweet shop is my go to place for one of a kind gifts.

It's also where I find most of my plants.

If you are ever in Baton Rouge please add this to your must see list.

You will thank me!

Now where would my Southern manners be if I didn't share this next pick with y'all?

The Coffee House at The Cajun Village

It is the small town of Sorrento's pride n joy!

Located on 6490 Hwy 22 Sorrento, La

The Coffee house was once a family home (1830) moved from the West bank of Mississippi.

It now is the home of the best tastin' beignets this side of the river!

Not only can you get your sweet on, you can visit one of their many shops.

If you're lucky, you might just catch a glimpse of "Big guy & Nubbie".

The Village pets. Gators of course ;)

So where do Cajuns go for good food and to pass a good time?

Tin Lizzy's landin'

It's located off the Tickfaw River in Springfield Louisiana.

My Grandpa and Dad would bring me here as a kid.

Back then, I ate no seafood and only burgers LOL

Don't let the rusty tin fool ya.

Although it looks close to giving way and becoming one with the muddy river...

Walk inside and you're takin' back by her beauty!

This rustic castle holds treasures from the owners past trips and antiques galore.

The seafood is pretty tasty too!

I'm not a drinker but I can sure vouch for their Crispy Catfish. Yum!

You can visit here to see what Country Living has to say  about our Tin Lizzy's.

Thank you Country Living for allowing me to share my great state with all of you.

laissez les bons temps rouler,


  1. Wow congratulations! I just read these a couple of days ago. Will have to add this to my vacation list.

    I was also elated to see Beaufort Water Festival, SC also made the list since I now live here.

    I am still interested in ordering one of your signs when I get around it.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Awesome Susie! I have never been to the Red Onion and have lived in Baton Rouge for the last 14 years. I'm going to have to stop by.

  3. I live in Lafayette, La. Too close not to check out these treasures. Thanks

    the impatient cajun

  4. Well, all I can say is that Country Living has FABULOUS taste in bloggers! I've never been to LA and I'd love to go sometime. Those beignets are look amazing! I'm hungry now. Congrats Susie!
    ~ Kim @ Sand & Sisal

  5. Great picks, Susie! My mom shops at the Red Onion all the time but I've never been. You've totally inspired me to check it out. I also love The Cabin in Burnside...such a neat restaurant.

  6. Those look like fabulous places Susie!

  7. Well this seals the deal! I'm comin for a visit! :)

    CONGRATULATIONS Susie!!! What an HONOR! ... A WELL DESERVED honor! xo

  8. What a lovely blog.. will be following now..

  9. Thanks for these tidbits - we were in NOLA on Saturday, driving back to Houston so we stopped at Red Onion. I wanted that Tribune bag but it was gone! They have fabulous plants and gifts. Love your choices.

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