Almost there!

Here is our  tiny guest bedroom (once Maddy's) almost complete!

I started out with my 10.00 table,

Maddy's unused Target lamp,

Vintage looking clock from Wal Mart and

a small plant from Lowes.

I then made a fabric headboard (that took about 30 minutes).

More on that later.

And found the cutest bedding ever at Kohls!

I needed art.

Nothing too busy but fun.

Can letters be fun?  I think so..

This is what I came up with.

I lived with it for a day and just knew it was missing something.

Pops of color?

I can do that!

So I painted one of my #1 sellers

"Every little thing is gonna be alright".

And that silver mirror turned Navy.

It was starting to get there... little by little.

I removed the red from my plank DIY mirror and that helped a lot!

But it was still missing some whimsy.


How bout another sign?

That did it!!!

At first I was afraid it was too much.

Then I reminded myself that small rooms need BIG personalities.  :)

Oh ....



It came together...

I did keep the old granny chenille blanket. LOL

I'm hunting now for a navy rug and curtains.

If you have a good source I would love to hear it.

So can small rooms go BIG?

I think so!

I smile every time I pass it.

What would really make me smile is filling it with family.

Much love, Susie


  1. Looks like a room I would want to stay in! Great job! Love the signs! By the way...we sell navy rugs. You could get it custom with a border or design inlay or just solid. Just email me if you are interested. I'll give you a deal!


  2. Oh I love it. Such happy colors and the signs are just perfect. Love that slat mirror too. How fun is that. Beautifully done. Hugs, Marty

  3. It's beautiful! I hope you don't care, but I just "pinned" your room so I don't forget about your "H" sign. I think I may need that in the near future.

  4. You did a great job! I just love those pops of green. The signs are awesome!! Is it wrong that my favorite part of the room is the "old granny chenille blanket" :-)

  5. Love the room, love the colors and just love the pillows on the bed! And the headboard and the striped "H" and the sweet dreams sign.....well...I love everything about it!!

  6. You are amazing! Add a tall pop of something gray or whatever to the left of the green sign and table and that wall will be balanced out :) It's LOVELY, just all the wall stuff seems to be more to the right..
    Please don't hate me ( I duck my head..) lol!!

  7. LOVE it....I am coming to visit and probably not leaving for a very long time.......

  8. Susie it turned out FANTASTIC! Love the color combo...

  9. Can you please come to Illinois and re-do my bedroom?!?!?! I just adore your decorating style!

  10. How 'bout dis? Let's pretend I'm family! I just nominated you for the CL blog awards - seriously! The room is adorbs.

  11. Love the Sweet Dreams sign! You're so clever!

  12. pretty!!! love all of it. :o)

  13. I LOVE it!! And I especially love the granny blanket!! They remind me of an old cottage by the lake I used to stay in when I was younger:) Every bedroom had a tiny bed with a granny blanket!! Wish I had those blankets now:)

  14. in love!!! that green is currently my favorite color in decorating. thank you for sharing your awesomeness! i love me some southern input and influence!!!

  15. My favorite parts are the bedding & the mirror!

  16. Susie, it's soooo cute! You did a great job on the signs; they add just the right amount of fun!

  17. The room looks beautiful and fun!!
    I love the color combination!

  18. Very cute! Love the signs - and the colours. Hugs, B x

  19. You inspire me! Beautiful!

  20. Beautiful job, Susie! I bet your guest will love it in there!

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