A Tween Makeover

Over the weekend we had a lot of beautification going on.

We can start with Maddy's room makeover.

After we found her chair, it made the decorating smooth sailing.

We were able to find some matching goodies along the way.

Like these storage boxes!

Not only did they match her chair but they fit the space perfect.

Her old baskets now hold her shoes in her closet.

She has concrete floors in this room.

They worked perfect for Jesse growing up but Maddy...brrr cold.

So we found this awesome rug.

It's 100% wool and oh so fluffy!

I like how it turns a formal chair and cold floors into an inviting fun space.

We didn't do much with her dresser.  It just worked.

Love when that happens.

We did add a place mat on top to dress it up a bit.

The fun green lamp is from Target.

Maddy wanted different signs for this room but loved the saying from her old one.

So here it is in a new form.

FUN and  whimsey

They took forever to paint. But Fun!

Her chanddie moved rooms too.

That was a must have in her book. LOL

Her curtains are from World Market as well.

They are silk and a bit thin.

I'm thinking about lining them soon.

She is having to get used to the morning sun peeping in.

Thank goodness she has the next three days off from School.

Living so close to New Orleans, our state shuts down for Mardi Gras.

Last Friday her school held a Mardi Gras Ball.

Middle School?...I know right.

We just used it as an excuse to get her hair done and get all dressed up.

What girl doesn't like to play dress up and feel pretty?

They really go all out for these Balls.

Maddy is still too young to "date" but she sure enjoys the dress up part.

She met up with three of her best girl friends and had a Ball...LOL

After the dance we picked the girls up and went to a new steak house in town.

They later ended up having a mini slumber party.

Her Dadddy and I are still having a hard time watching her grow up.

Knowing she is our last, it sure tugs at our heart. BIG TIME.

That's about all we do for Mardi Gras in our house.

I'm finding the parades are just getting too dangerous.

So for the next three days I'm painting and she is attending a horse camp.

What are you up to these days?

xoxox Susie


  1. Lowes has a really nice white floor rug too. You can't tell from their website how nice it is, but I have it in one of our guest bedrooms and LOVE it. It's on their website and called the Wooly Bully rug. It's best to go see it in an actual Lowes store though to see how nice it is... just and FYI to anyone reading that wants a nice white rug. Love your daughter's room!

  2. Such a cute girl, and she has a darling room. Y'all are so talented!!

    We're mostly closed down for Mardi Gras too, here in SW La. We just got off a cruise yesterday so right now I'm missing lunch on the Lido deck. And where is my room steward to fix everything?? ha! But Target is open, so off I go. :)

  3. Beautiful room, Beautiful daughter... Blessed Mama...

  4. This is such a cute room, Susie! I love the aqua and lime colors together, the chair was really great inspiration! Love the rug, too! This is just perfect for a "tween"! And she is precious. Look out when she is old enough to date!


  5. Her new room is almost as precious as she is!

  6. Her room looks great!
    Geez, that child is growing as fast as mine! I love her dress!

  7. Her room looks almost as great as she does. What a pretty dress too. Love all the changes in her room!

  8. Her new room is so cute! She looked darling for her ball! We have winter formal the end of this week and I'm so excited to see all the girls dressed up!

  9. Love the new room!! So fresh and I love that she knows what she wants. :)
    Miss my Mardi Gras days, but i know I couldn't enjoy it the same way as back in college, lol! I settle for king cake with my preschool class and family these days.
    Thanks for sharing, Susie!
    xo Heidi

  10. Oh, Susie, she is so beautiful...I love seeing her grow up (as much as you hate it! LOL) on the pages of your blog. You done good, girl! :)

    And her room! OH, my...what a tween's dream!

  11. Your daughter's room looks beautiful and she looks GORGEOUS for the ball. My boys are going to middle school and high school but my lil girl is still in kindergarten and I simply cannot imagine her all dolled up like that. I KNOW I will have a hard time with it too:)

  12. Oh, this room is a young girl's dream! And that sign is a wonderful one. She sure is a pretty girl. Has her mother's smile.

  13. Completely lovely space! I adore the colors and textures, so perfect for your girl! She looks lovely BTW, how fast how fast they grow....

  14. Oh, Maddie's room is beautiful; you did a fantastic job! I am NOT going to show this to my daughter, she will want her room made over...which actually might not be so bad, then it will get cleaned!ha :)
    She looks absolutely gorgeous for her dance! It's crazy how fast our little girls turn into big girls! My daughter Beka went to her first High School dance in January!

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  16. I LOVE it! What a perfect young ladies room- chic, hip, and serene. heck I want it!!

  17. First off, your daughter is adorable! --middle school years tend to be so drama filled-- The room is spectacular. You really worked around that great chair find. Hats off to you, Susie!

  18. How beautiful ~ and I love her room too!!

  19. A beautiful room for a beautiful girl! It looks fantastic!

  20. What kind of supports do you have under her bed. I would love to do this for my sons bed?

  21. What kind of supports do you have under her bed. I would love to do this for my sons bed?

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