DIY Paper Flower Eggs

I made a promise to myself to plan get togethers.

Fun craft days with my girls.

And I did it!

I found a little inspiration here.

So we started with brown paper eggs from Hobby Lobby.

Other DIYs use foam but the only ones I could find were $$$.

It's best to base coat them first.
This way if any egg shows through the brown won't show.

A flower punch from Michaels.

I found using a lighter and darker paper worked best for me.
I used scrapbook paper and card stock.

These pins came from Wal Mart.
They come 100 to a pack and that's just what it will take to fill a large egg.

So you will need 200 flowers punched to make one large egg.

I thought we would never finish punchin' LOL.

The paper eggs require muscles to push the pins through.

This is where foam would work best...but you know $$$

So I muscled up and wore leather gloves..ha!

Let the fun begin!

I curved the top flower up a bit. Pretty Pretty

You don't have to stick with solid colors.

Plaid is adorable!

Kaylee made some extra just for me. love her!

We had so much fun!!

Did I mention the food?

I think that is always one of the best & fellowship!

I left my OCD in the other room and just enjoyed the day.

Brittany made some for her classroom.

She teaches 3rd grade Math.

Missy will put hers on her foyer table.

Maddy....well ..she is still working on hers ;)

Shelby was the creative one with all of her neat colors.

Here is a small one that Kaylee made. love the blue

I'm not sure just where mine will go.

For now they are resting on some Hobby Lobby grass.

The best part of this!

We already have another planned!

Wish my house was big enough for all of you to join in.

Talk about a fun party ;)

xoxox Susie


  1. What a lovely thing to do with your family. They are so pretty, they look like Hydrangea. Love LInda x

  2. How AWESOME, good for you Susie... I am getting the urge to have a craft night too, it's been WAY too long... Thanks for the inspiration, I am pinning your eggs now! Happy Monday!

  3. Beautiful! Just pinned it to my Easter pin board!!

  4. These are darling, Susie! What a great way to spend a day together with family and friends! :)


  5. sounds like a great day,, I'd love to get my girls and some of the family together for a fun day like this. Love the eggs!

  6. This is a great post! Love the gorgeous eggs!!!

  7. These are so pretty! Love them! What a great idea to get the girls involved in a project! I just might be trying this one (and hopefully recruiting my girls to help)! Thanks Susie (ps- I'm pinning these beauties!)

  8. Your eggs are so pretty, I may have to make some. I have all of the products to make these, same punch too!

    -Kim :)

  9. What a fun project to do with some of your favorite people! Thanks for sharing. They turned out beautiful!

  10. Food, a pretty craft and friends ... a winning combo.


  11. Wow -- gorgeous! Love these -- what a great project!


  12. Hi Susie,
    What a lovely way to spend time with your family. I think the pretty egg creations are adorable.


  13. Susie, these are great! What a great way to spend some family time; and they look so pretty! How fun!!

  14. Pretty project Susie !! I think they are beautiful! Glad to have found your blog and I have it on my sidebar to keep current with your comings and goings and doings!

  15. Oh how fun that your family lives close enough that you can do this...I wish I could join you, but since I can't, I'll just come by and check out what crafty things you girls are up to and create on my own.

  16. Those are so cute! Love them -- looks like you planned a great day!

  17. How cute...and the eggs are too!!

  18. What fun!! Love your blog! I'm a new nice to "meet" you! ♥

  19. Just BEAUTIFUL! ..... and the eggs are too!!!

  20. Oh, Susie, how fun this looks! I wish I lived closer... :)

  21. these are so fabulous! I love them! I wish I were that crafty - came out adorable.

  22. love, love, love these little flower eggs. went to our local michaels for styro're much $$$. so went next door to dollar tree and they have the cutest styro eggs....on easy to pastels...4 for a 1$!!! can't wait to get started on my easter centerpiece! thank you for the inspiration! you rock my bloggin world!

  23. These are brilliant and beautiful!

  24. I love your idea; thanks for sharing! I've included your eggs in my Easter egg Round up!

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