This year I'm working on me.

I'm adjusting my attitude you could say. Well trying

Every morning brings a fresh new start!

Thank. You. Lord!

Today I Will...

that just sounds good.

Now this JOY...

It won't mean I'm always happy about everything.

What it does mean is that I will have JOY in my heart.

Joy is that sweet little HUGE gift the Lord gives us.

To me,
It's that sweet song that smells like a spring day when it's cold and rainy outside.

My JOY is the comfort in knowing that our Lord loves me!

And to think I thought I was adjusting me...ha!

What brings YOU joy?

I hope your heart is filled with it today and always.

(For more info on the sign you can visit my shop)

xo Susie


  1. What a GREAT sign and a good attitude. I've heard our Pastor say many times that "happiness" depends on "happenings." So that shouldn't be what we strive for...it's JOY that should be our goal. The JOY of the LORD is MY STRENGTH!

    Heidi (hi-d)

  2. CUTE! I love the little yellow birdy! The color combo is great!

    I find great joy in waking up with my husband every morning and our baby girl cooing (screaming) in the baby monitor. Sometimes it's so easy to take all of our blessing for granted.

  3. This sign is beautiful and a great reminder. I love the colors and design.
    It is always difficult to work on yourself and to remember to choose joy, the joy of the Lord.

  4. What a lovely sign and what a perfect reminder everyday when you see it!

    I am trying more to be so greatful for what I have in life. I think sometimes life is so busy we sometimes forget what we have and to be thankful for it!

    Take care!

  5. Joy is my favorite word and I live by:

    Above all, know joy!

    So, I love your sign!


  6. Oh Susie great sign!
    You have picked the same verse and sign and color that I have chosen for the year!
    I choose joy!
    My family brings me joy, a sunrise or a sunset brings me joy, being a child of Godbrings me joy. I have the greatest joy by giving others joy.

  7. Sista...I know its just a joy to have me for your "OLDER" sister!

  8. great post, and same work going on in me. =)

    barbara jean

  9. http://www.lilblueboo.com/

    Are you familiar with Ashley at Lil Blue Boo? I only follow her blog, I don't know her. But she is battling cancer and has chosen "Choose Joy" as her motto. You should share your sign with her...she would love it!!

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