Opinions please

Ok girls.

Or guy's that are into cleaning products
(every womans dream man) ha!

Have you tried Mrs. Meyer's yet?

Did you like it?

I'm going to be honest here and let it slip...

I'm not always a green girl.

I know.

I go for the smell good work good kind.

sad I know.

She reminds of my Grandma....so cute!

I picked up the new Basil and gave it a sniff.... love!

So before I buy, I'm asking.

Do you like?

I need honest to goodness opinions.

Thanks girls!



  1. I just bought some a few weeks ago when it was on sale at our local hardware store. I've used it 5 or 6 times now and must say I do like it. It has a good scent and cleans rather well.

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  2. i *love* mrs meyers products,
    especially the geranium scent. :o)

  3. I love the dish soap, but didn't care for the Counter Top cleaner... I have granite and I found it dull after use... I do use the laundry stain remover and like that product...

  4. I've never used it either. Have always wondered if it worked well. I'm looking forward to hearing what people have to say about it.

  5. the cedar one for the holidays is the best, not out yet. I buy it occasionally:)

  6. Yes! Love the Meyers products. especially the dish soap in geranium!

    I also really love Method cleaners. The toilet bowl cleaner is wonderful, and the Eucalyptus Mint tub cleaner is an all time favorite!


  7. I do not like the products. I don't feel they were doing a good job cleaning and I really did not care for the scents. I cleanser has a odd texture and is very hard to rinse off the tub or sink. I would recommend Shaklee for great cleaning and they are non toxic. Here is a blogger that I follow and she shows how to effective clean with theses products. http://creatingahouseofgrace.blogspot.com/

  8. Here's another vote for the Geranium Dish Soap! Did not care for some of the other products.

    Gold Canyon Candles (I do NOT sell)has an all purpose cleaner scented with Rosemary & Mint that I love!

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  9. The stainless steel cleaner is my favorite on the market. I use lavender and love it!

  10. I (SO FAR) just use the basil scented all purpose cleaning spray. I think it cleans fine, plus it has a "wow" factor- so many people who smell rooms I've just cleaned want to know what the amazing smell is. Just get a bottle and if you like it then I would suggest that the next time get the concentrated bottle. It will last a long time.

  11. Yep yep!! The Basil is my favorite scent :) I really like the toilet bowl cleaner...it doesnt smell bleachy and chemically (is that a word?!). It makes cleaning the toilet a bit better (well as better as cleaning a toilet gets).

    I really wish they had cleaners available in the Honeysuckle scent. I have it in the hand soap in my guest bath, and it smells divine! We have the new Parsley scent soap too, and its not that bad.

    I have found that I like to use the countertop cleaner for a "refresher" cleanup, not deep cleaning use. We have corian, and I havnt noticed a dully finish like the other poster. I do love walking into a fresh and clean smelling room, and that Basil scent really does it for me!!


  12. I absolutely love Mrs. Meyers' All-purpose cleaner in Lavender. I use it for pretty much everything except windows. (It might be fine for that too, but I just have some windex I'm trying to use up so I can get rid of it. Hate that windex smell.
    Anyway, yes! Buy it! I haven't tried the Basil but I bet its wonderful too.
    Becca from sweetswansongs.blogspot.com

  13. I love Mrs. Meyers...use the window spray, counter top spray, dishwasher drop ins....hand soap and LOVE the dryer sheets and laundry detergent in Lavendar....LOVE...did not like the toliet and bathroom cleaner.....

  14. I haven't tried Mrs Meyers, but I see it everywhere. A few weeks ago I went to purchase some natural cleaning products and compared this to J.R. Watkins and I LOVE it I did a post on it also. The spray cleaner is my favorite it smells like fresh lemon every time I walk by my kitchen.

  15. I bought Mrs. Myers for the counter top in a Iowa pine smell. I like it but I usually just end up cleaning off my counters with my dishwahing liquid when I am washing dishes.
    (Yes, I have a dishwasher but sometimes it takes days for my dishwasher to fill up enough to justify running it!) We eat on paper plates alot! Shame, I know, but for two.....what can I say??

  16. I love those products! They are sold at our local hardware store and smell great and work really well. I also like Method products that are sold at my favorite place on earth, Target!

  17. I never tried them...but love reading the comments, might have to try that basil stuff..LOL

    Thanks for letting me ride wit ya to Lowes...the "Pumkin Box Jump" was piceless...LOVE YA

  18. I like the dish soap, counter top cleaner and window cleaner. I have tried several scents and they are all good!

  19. i love it!
    the basil... parsley and rosemary are ones i am using now.
    i love the iowa pine they bring back at Christmas too!
    i have used everything from their dryer sheets to the hand soap(not crazy about the scouring powder)
    I use alot of vinegar to clean with and yes i still use my bleach when i need to kill germs but i love meyers products too! :)
    wal mart carries it too as well as target and all of our health food stores here do too.
    if you find a scent you love sometimes amazon has great deals!
    i have also found it at ross and tjmaxx!
    happy cleaning!

  20. Love the lavender all purpose!! I keep it in my spray mop (Libman Freedom). I LOVE the smell when I touch up my floors!

  21. I buy Mrs Meyers products all the way over in Singapore!! I love using it - the honeysuckle is lovely and fresh, and the geranium products are pretty yum too. I use the handwash and the dishwash and the countertop spray. Try it - I think you'll like it, if not for a 'green' buzz, you'll get a lovely homely happy feeling.

  22. I drive over 20 minutes to purchase my geranium Mrs. Meyers products.

    Big love!

  23. I absolutely love these products and won't use any other liquid dish detergent or laundry detergent! Lemon Verbena is my tried and true go to scent.

  24. I could literally smell that basil soap all day long. I don't really care for the lavender scent (but then again, I'm preggo and my nose may be wrong.) I have only tried the hand soaps, but my mom loves their cleaners also. And they don't smell like cleaners, which is a huge plus. I find my Mrs. Meyers at walmart for half the price of Target, just fyi. :)

  25. Love, LOVE the Lemon Verbena counter cleaner!!!

  26. I really like them and I think they work great. I got the concentrate and use it for counters and sinks, the scrub for the tub and hand soap for my hands. Love it all!

  27. LOVE the Basil scent...so much I, also, dedicated a blog post to it! http://kitchen-dreams.blogspot.com/2010/11/good-morning-mrs-meyers.html

    Seriously, this is a wonderful scent to have in your home!

  28. I have the Basil scent and LOVE it. Because it's pricey, though, I use it mostly when I need to motivate myself to clean. Something about the smell makes me want to keep using it!

  29. I love them all, but we're trying to watch expenses and Mrs. Meyers products are a little pricey for my budget.

  30. I LOVE Mrs Meyers!! Basil scent is my favorite and I've been using the products for years! The plug in scented oils are wonderful as well...I use both Basil & Geranium because I'm not sure which one I like most :)

  31. I love the Geranium, it is my favorite!! I also like the honeysuckle hand soap. I have bought the counter top cleaner and I too thought it left a film on my granite. I used it up cleaning other areas in my house and then bought the window cleaner!! I loved it for my counter tops... I ended up pouring it in the counter top bottle because I liked the sprayer better!!

  32. Several years ago I read a blog that said their favorite smell was Lavender from Mrs. Meyers. I went online and ordered several of the products and I fell in love with them! They make cleaning more fun because they smell soooooo good! :-) My favorite is definitely the Lavender. I use the dish soap, window cleaner, counter top spray (I don't have granite) and the multi purpose cleaner.
    Hope this helps!

  33. I love it and find it really works! I love Lemon, makes me happy to clean the kitchen

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  35. I have used the lavender scented ones. Laundry detergent, fabric softener, toilet bowl cleaner general cleanser. I have lung disease and have to be careful of cleaning products. I have no Issue with Myers cleaning products. Love the scent and most of love the way it cleans. Haven't tried the pine or the basil will have to try those to.

  36. LOVE the honeysuckle scent, but the countertop spray did NOT work on my granite. It looked as though I'd wiped down my kitchen counters with Crisco. Guess I'll save it for wood & tile.

  37. I started using Mrs. Meyers a few months ago, only to just fine out they are owned by SC Johnson. Another corporate giant making money by posing to be some quaint little natural company, concerned about your health and the environment.

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