Blue Pumpkin Fall Mantel

Fall has arrived!

Hang one  two wreaths on my door and I am on a roll!

Last year I took a little fall break.

I will explain more about that later and the reasons why.

I'm sure many of you will be able to relate.

But this year I was not going to let it pass me by~

I made it work.

This year I made fall fit me. house.

Orange is not the only color fall has to offer....thank goodness!

Now don't get me wrong...I love orange.

I love those warm cozy colors but they just would not fit in here.

It's like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

So. I painted all of the pumpkins you see here.
(except the huge white one)

I had boxes of pumpkins.


I worked with the colors I had on my walls and decor and incorporated them here...

In these pumpkins!

Do you have a lot of orange that just doesn't fit?

Keep them!!!

I am going to show ya'll my little trick on turning warm colored pumpkins

into cool crisp colors like these...

sooo easy!

xoxox Susie~


  1. Now this is absolutely, beautiful, fabulous, outstanding, perfectly stunning, the best I have seen yet, I wanna do it NOW . . .

    Usually purchase grey, green white pumpkins each year but it gets costly!

    I like the shine the paint gives. Please share more do's and don'ts if you can . . .

    Thank YOU . . .

  2. They look great! I'm anxious for your "how-to", so I can try it! I love those colors best, but I do add just a tiny bit of dull orange to my normally monochromatic scheme.

  3. I love the idea of painting my pumpkins. I have had a hard time finding white ones. Looking forward to your painting tips!!

  4. I did that last year!! My son was having a wedding where we were using white pumpkins and I could not find small ones anywhere. So I took out my old orange ones and painted them. Then this year I used my chalk paint and painted more! OH SO much better. (I am NOT an orange-kinda-gal!) I am glad someone else is as (crazy???) (thrifty???) creative as me!!! Lori L

  5. I love it!! I do have quite a bit of orange and red and green. I passed up some gourds today at Dollar Tree because I thought the colors looked to fake and glossy. I may need to go back and get them. :)

  6. Bring it on, Susie!! Inquiring minds want to know.

  7. Simply Gourd-geous Susie, love it!

  8. Love a different take on orange pumpkins! Great idea! We think the Plush Pumpkins from our LoveFeast Shop would look beautiful scattered in. Mixing texture and colors is always beautiful.
    Here's some more pumpkin inspiration:

    Happy Fall Decorating! Chris Ann & Kristin

  9. brilliant idea that i will have to copy!.....thx for sharing!

  10. I love it!! I may have to try this but I'm kind of feeling like you did last year. I may not do as much decorating this fall...we'll see! :-)
    Have a great Sunday!


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