A Birthday Mission

One birthday sign painted ....check!

One thousand balloons blown up....check!
(thank YOU Maddy)

Getaway car loaded....check!

Transfer thousand balloons to subjects vehicle in the wee hours of the night.... check!


thousand and one balloons.....check!

Leave messages.... check!

Climbing on back of truck without falling off....check!

Our mission was completed as we..

didn't wake the dog
didn't wake the neighbors
didn't get injured
drove successfully off property!

Sweet slumber....then

He woke to this!

Now I can say our misson is complete...

Happy 18th Birthday Blaise
(My sisters youngest)
(My Godchild)
(My heart)!


  1. Sweet!! I can remember doing this when my kids were younger. Its always such a rush to accomplish it without getting caught!! Happy Birthday to Blaise (very cool name too!)

  2. Susie,

    When he is a grandfather he will still be recalling how special you and his mother made his 18th birthday. As I read your post I heard the theme music of mission impossible and envisioned you both dressed in black, complete with caps and faces painted.

    Your Friend,

  3. Thank y'all for making his morning so special!
    I teared up reading this post, cause I know it was alot of work. Love you!

  4. This was wild, Susie!! Thank goodness the police didn't drive by! lol! Tomorrow is my daughter's birthday, I like this idea!


  5. It's my birthday today too. April 6 babies ROCK!!

  6. How sweet! I love it that you guys went to such lengths to make his day special! I am in the process of working on a sweet 16 party for my baby girl! Got any tips? XOXO

  7. That reminds me of a funny story: I will try to condense it: My son was in middle school and had summer weight-lifting. He usually rode his bike to get there. I had it all planned...while he was in weightlifting I would "decorate" his bike. I put birthday streamers all over it...I even WOVE them THRU the spokes! I put stuff on the handle bars, I put silly string all over it, etc. I came home and proudly told my older son what I had done. He said, "Mom, Luke didn't ride his bike today. I took him (he was a driver)!!!! I about died. We laughed SO hard. So when the owner of the (look-alike) bike got out of weightlifting, Luke later told me the kid said, "Hey who vandalized my bike?" Luke knew instantly but kept mum!! We STILL laugh about that ...and about the kid saying 'vandalized' when I had spent so much time to make it "just right"!!! Ha!!!! Lori L

  8. Ya'll are so sweet! Happy birthday Blaise.

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