Fooling The Eye

Deeply In Love I Am....

With my cabinets that is!

It has been a long journey with these guys.

Do you remember after I painted them Bedford Gray my walls turned green?

See below. Ouch!

Now.... Better..much better. You think?

I really love my Comfort Gray walls.

It is one of the sweetest shades of blue ever but against the Bedford  cabinets they screamed green!

So to fool the eye...

A little paint trickery....I did!

I painted only the walls that touched the cabinets.

I went a shade or two lighter than the Bedford.

Heavy Goose. Love it!

Can you see below?

It gives the look of a shadow effect.

Heavy Goose on the left/ Comfort Gray on the right

I didn't tell a soul.

I wanted to see if my plan worked.

It Did!!!

The sweet blue that I love so is still here.

Ahhhh..thank goodness!

The gray cabinets look so much better now.....Whewww~

A few family members shared their concern that our kitchen would look drab.

Not at least that's my take on it. :)

I find that it allows me the perfect backdrop for my signs too!

I'm not sure if I want to add do-dads back up there just yet.

I'm enjoying that clean crisp feel for now.

Here's another shot of the two rooms together.

It is hard to see the blue in this shot but trust me it's still there....pretty as ever :)

So next time you are faced with a little paint whoops.

Fooling the eye is so easy to do...

Paint trickery...

Works like a charm!

I'm off to take a little nap now.
My Dad is returning from a month long trip to Peru.
His flight lands at midnight (thanks dad)!
Look's like my sister and I get to take a little trip to the
Big Easy
to pick him up...

  Oh the fun :)



  1. Beautiful! I'm a fan of gray! The walls, cabinets, signs... all look great!
    ps thanks for sending your feed to google reader. I subscribe, and so many bloggers these days are only sending snippets. shhhh don't tell them, but I don't read them anymore. Just too busy to go to EVERY blog I follow

  2. A stunning kitchen! 'Love the grey.

  3. What a neat little trick! But, just one thing... you're supposed to make red beans on Monday ; )

  4. It looks great. What a smart idea. Your kitchen is so very pretty. Simplicity at its best.

  5. susie! your cabinets look fabulous...and your signs are super cute! :) so glad you went for it!

  6. Gorgeous! I've never been big on gray, but you make it so tempting!!

  7. I love the gray cabinets and the new color looks great against them! Your sign is fantastic.
    Hugs, Sherry

  8. I love the color, Susie! You did a great job. The cabinets are gorgeous, it'd be a shame if the whole kitchen wasn't in tune! :-)


  9. I love it! I never would have thought of that! I would have painted the whole thing over again! Ugh! Your kitchen looks so great and does not look dreary at all!!

    I love your signs too!!!

  10. This is a fabulous trick, I love the color of the walls!Both of them!! Your signs are really cool too!

  11. Looks great, Susie! :) Yay! You worked your tail off too! If you get the chance swing by and look at a room I am designing for a client...I think you will love it! Hugs, Meme

  12. Beautifully done!! Gray is where it's at!! Love it

  13. Looks fantastic, and love the groceries sign. I may have to give that one a try, when I finally get around to my kitchen. I think I am about doo-dadded out. I am in one of those clear everything out of here, and simplify. Tnanks for the painting tip. Could come in handy. Jackie

  14. You got me my dear....great job. You are such a master! I definitely will pocket this little slight of hand/paint trick into the decor files.

    Thank you for taking the risk and creating a GENIUS solution.


  15. Your kitchen cracks me up because I worked for Martha and boy, oh, boy does she love Bedford Gray! We used it for everything! It looks stunning on your cabinets! I really wish I wasn't renting because I would use it on my cabinets too! Ha!

  16. Love the gray cabinets!! I am new to blogging and I LOVE your blog and painted my bedroom Comfort Gray after reading about it in your blog. I am like you, I don't think I could ever give that paint color up, but you worked it out. Now you can have the best of both!!

  17. Clever, very clever! Thanks for sharing this great painting tip/trick with us.

    HEAVY GOOSE ~ really, who names paint colors these days . . .


  18. Gray is such a soothing color. Glad you got things worked out. It looks great!! Love & blessings from NC!

  19. Lovin the grey - are you soo sick of painting yet? You must be by now!

  20. Wow, Susie--a stroke brilliance! You done good, girl.

    Hope you had a great trip to pick up your dad and got to enjoy that late-night run with your sis. You two are so beautiful!

  21. I really love this, Susie! I love a neutral dining room and kitchen...I feel like they are so flexible and they easily accept a plethora of colors when I decorate for parties or the holidays, etc. HUGS!!

  22. Very pretty and serene kitchen Susie. You are an incredible and talented designer.

    Blesssings, ~Melissa :)

  23. You are very clever. I've had the same problem with walls not being the color they were painted!!

  24. Susie I LOVE how it all turned out!!! Gorgeous!

  25. Girl you are a genius! It all looks fabulous!

  26. I love the colors and that was a clever trick. You can't even tell. I also love the simplicity of the Grocery sign. Much better than the plants and such. :)

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