The Tale of a Beadboard Ceiling

I had this Great idea
                                             I did...
At least I thought it was great at the time.

Wouldn't a Beadboard ceiling look great?

Sure it would!

If you have 6 extra hands to help that is.

No Problem....I thought.
I have orchestrated many one woman shows before.
Why should this one be any different?

You need help with this one my friends.
Trust me!
I have hung wallpaper for years and never had a problem.
Till I decided to hang it over my head.
Not easy..

I did complete my mission
Would I do it alone again?
Not on your life!
I shed some tears
and I think I even threw a few fits that day.
God and I talked a lot.
I discussed with Him why everything I touched " fell " apart that day.
Have you ever had That talk with Him before?
He knows I can be a drama queen sometimes.

I Did It!!!

I Love It!!

If you should have the desire to beadboard your ceiling I have a few tips  for you...
You know...
To save you some Hissy Fits and tears.
As far as the chats with God..
I recommend those even when you are acting irrational.
He does listen...even then.

I found my paper at Lowes.
Many stores don't have it on hand
but no worries my sweets.
You can find it at Mrs. Rhodas Store
I'm sure she would be happy to send some your way.

For those tips I mentioned...
Get help.
As much help and ladders as you can scrounge up!
Oh and a tip I found that made a HUGE difference.
Let your paper sit for about 5 mintues before trying to hang it.
The glue needs time to activate.
Good luck my sweet friends.
May the force be with you~
**** I'm working on my husband to say goodbye to that UGLY ceiling fan****
I dont know what it is with men and their fans...geeeezzz
xoxox Susie


  1. Looks fabulous!! I can't imagine trying to hang wallpaper above my head. Didn't you get dizzy???!!!! Looks so great...nice work!

  2. It looks fantastic and since I throw temper tantrums and whine to God that nothing ever goes my decorating way on a GOOD day, I will NEVER try this alone!

  3. ceiling fans are one of those things....
    I updated mine in a really cool version and now I don't mind it :)

  4. That looks GREAT Susie, wow!!

    My husband had an obsession with our ceiling fan too until I just bought a chandelier, refused to take it back, and made him change it out. Told him to drag the box fan out if he was hot. LOL.

  5. Hi Susie, I cannot even imagine wallpapering a ceiling by myself! You did good, it looks awesome! Love your blog and you house too! Deb

  6. Hi Susie!!

    At first I thought this was a real bead board ceiling! It looks fantastic!! Although it was difficult to hang alone, you should be proud for doing a fabulous job! I love it.

    If you have a chance, stop by. I'm having a giveaway! ;-D


  7. Looks beautiful. I can't imagine even attempting that all by yourself. You're allowed to have a couple of hissy fits.
    Hope you're resting up this weekend.

  8. I'm completely and utterly impressed! It looks gorgeous! Great job! Beth

  9. It looks great. I bet your neck hurts. I have the Lowe's paper and a project in mind. Not a ceiling though. I hope to get to it eventually and I may need your tips.

  10. YOU are THE WOMAN!!! OH my!!! I LOVE..LOVE...L O V E it!!!!!

    Ok...and I know...KNOW....K N O W to NOT do this alone b/c I have never even hung wallpaper on a vertical wall let alone over my head. in love! Great job.


  11. Wow. You are now one of my heros. That is amazing!!

  12. It's beautiful. I bet your neck is really sore though! We painted sky and clouds on my daughter's celing when she was young-My neck was sore for a week!

    Your ceiling really is impressive!


  13. You are one brave girl! It looks amazing in the pictures, I bet it looks so awesome in person! I love the look of beadboard ceilings!
    I do feel your pain with ceilings and wallpaper...did that once. Haven't tried it again since.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  14. You poor thing , that is exactly why I love tongue and groove wood beadboard , one little piece at a time , much more managable and no strange seams to cover , you just tried it the hard way , but it still will look great , nothing more charming in than beadboard ceilings.

  15. Awww, Susie, I'm so glad you tried in on the ceiling, looks great! I knew it would look good up there too. And thanks for mentioning my shop. I have another roll & I've got MORE projects coming up with it too. And the Graham Brown version is the very best one. There are some imitations out there that aren't at ALL the same.

  16. Oh Susie,
    You are a go getter for sure. I know I wouldn't of even attempted to have done that by myself. It does look beautiful though. Loved the way it came out. Tray ceilings are big in Louisiana I have found out. Not sure why though?

  17. Great tips! I've been thinking about doing this for a while, but know I would need help. I've done some work on ceilings before (never wallpaper) and I know it's not a solo job.

  18. Susie,
    It looks so great!! We are beadboard sisters! My kitchen ceiling looks almost identical to yours!! Outstanding job!!

  19. Susie,
    It looks so great!! We are beadboard sisters! My kitchen ceiling looks almost identical to yours!! Outstanding job!!

  20. Susie, your ceiling looks fabulous and I cannot imagine how difficult it was to hang that paper.
    Your deserve a decorating medal!

    Hope your neck isn't out of whack!


  21. wow! Girl, I have painted ceilings before and that drove me to insanity! I can't imagine hanging wallpaper but it sure looks fab!

  22. It was all over for me at the word ladder...step or otherwise! I can go up 2 steps at the most...he-he! You and God did a fabulous job on the ceiling.

    As for the fan...I hear ya! I am at least going to paint mine - it is bright brass and cherry wood, but it won't be soon. Hubs knows I don't 'do' ladders, but my son does and we will get the job done!

    Again...Wonderful job!


  23. What a fantastic idea!!!! Turned out gorgeous!!

  24. Susie,

    Looks great! I am going to be putting bead board on the ceiling in my kitchen. Thanks for your tips!


  25. Glad you stuck with it. It looks amazing!!! Love & blessings from NC!

  26. It looks wonderful and you are not alone my friend!

    We have all had our breakdowns in the middle of our projects.

    I had one recently with some paint. I was calling my hubby and crying. Now, the room will be getting a THIRD color:(

    Great job!

  27. Love the idea for the ceiling! Looks like the real deal! Jackie

  28. OH.MY.GOSH. I'm in love with your ceiling! Aren't you glad that God's always there for us even after we've thrown one of our fits? I know I sure am...keep decoratin! LOVE IT! Robyn

  29. I bet you were praising God when you finished! Great job - I thought it was real beadboard!

  30. Oooh, I love how it looks! Since I didn't have to do it, I'll say it was totally worth it! :) Your advice about getting some help is noted!

  31. how funny! i have been talking alittle with the hubby about doing the beadboard on the ceiling! guess what? i wasnt even thinking about wallpaper! thats a good tip! i also want some beams! can that be your next tutorial? hehe! it turned out great! xoxo

  32. I can just imagine what a royal pain this project was! It turned out looking really greatand you are one brave lady to tackle this on your own.

  33. I thought for sure it was real beadboard (which I LOVE & have always wanted to have some...) So now I'm thinking I need to check this out for where I would like to have beadboard (on a wall, not the ceiling... although I think it is beautiful, I know I couldn't do a ceiling). Thanks for the beautiful post.
    A white ceiling fan would look beautiful up there... get out the spray paint can!

  34. What a great idea! I'm glad you did the test run for us, so we'd know all the tricks. This would be awesome for old farmhouses like mine, with cracked ceilings! I am going to file this away in my mental file for future problem are funny, too, I enjoy your blog so much!

  35. Looks great Susie!! I love it!

  36. It looks wonderful, Susie! You did a great job!

    Lol regarding the husband and the fan. Don't give up! After *years* I finally convinced mine to take our gigantic, ancient black speakers off the living room walls. There were four of them, ugh! Didn't think he'd ever cave!

  37. Your ceilings look wonderful! Thanks for the tips. . . I think we all tend to think we can do things like this by ourselves--nice to know that this is one time when we should call in the troops.

    Why don't you just ask your hubby if you can swap this ceiling fan for a newer, sleeker model? I think I must be the only woman who actually likes ceiling fans--maybe it's just that I'm so hot-natured that I need the breeze! :)

  38. It looks fantastic! I'm now thinking a bead board ceiling might be the way to go for us to cover up some terrible plaster ceiling patch jobs.

    My husband is the same way about fans--he can't sleep without one. Currently we have a table fan that sits on a dresser that's near the foot of his side and he seems to like that. Also, there are a lot of cute fans out there--there's even an indoor/outdoor fan at Lowes that has bead board on it!

  39. I can't even imagine how hard it was to hang that Susie, you need to get a neck massage asap! It looks beautiful my friend, great job!!

  40. Hi Susie
    Wow it looks beautiful. I was wondering about asking my husband to do that, but now I think you have changed my mind:) You should be so proud of yourself, enjoy your new ceiling!

  41. Looks fabulous Susie!! I've never hung wallpaper on a ceiling, but I have hung sheet rock and that is hard, so I can't imagine how hard the wallpaper was, but certainly worth the result.

  42. fabulous indeed!!!!

  43. Susie, It IS work to apply ceiling paper! You did a fantastic job of changing the look of your ceiling.
    There is no way I would attempt this now- ever since I bonked my head back in November and suffered that closed head injury. Looking up for an extended period of time!! LOL
    As for your fan- Do you really need it to help cool the room? Or is that just the hub's excuse? LOL
    We still have a few in the house on the 2nd floor- it gets stuffy in those bedrooms. But they're not too hateful looking- thank goodness. There really are some nice looking ones out there!
    Sorry I have not been by to comment lately, I'm trying to get back visiting everyone- it's been a long 4 months of playing nurse to the hubs. Blogging has kinda taken a back seat. Hope to be back posting soon. ~ Sue

  44. It turned out great! I had thought about doing this and wasn't able to convince the husband to help...still thinking on it. As for the ceiling husband has to have a fan on during the night to sleep, so we have bought a standing fan that can easily be moved around or put away if you want someone to see your room...what would your husband think of that? There only around $20 at Wal-mart and you could have a beautiful chandelier overhead! ;) Would love to hear what you will do.


  45. OH that's FAB!! God Bless you my dear, I cannot believe you did that by yourself! (I would have too, so I guess I can believe it.) I put this on my Facebook page!

  46. Thanks for posting this. I had the VERY same thought yesterday, but I wondered if it would be harder than it looked. Yours looks fabulous! Very inspiring.

  47. Love, love, love. I love beadboard. Period. We've put it our den and in one bathroom. Yep, I love it. But I'd never try papering. The last time I tried to wallpaper I looked like Lucy and Ethel. Remember the show where they wallpapered and papered themselves between the wall and the paper? That would be me. And I'd SURELY never try it overhead! But you're awesome that way :)

  48. I LOVE it! Wanna come help me with mine??? He He! :)


  49. It looks so good! glad you stuck to your vision, despite the tears. God is good! I didn't know that there was such a thing as paper beadboard, I may need to go lookin'.

  50. An inexpensive alternative to tile, beadboard is a great choice for bathrooms because it is relatively durable, can be painted any color, and can be installed at any height. While you often see it in traditional or rustic bathrooms, bead board does not have to impart a cutesy country feel. It can be positively sleek and cool.

  51. nice bLog! its interesting. thank you for sharing.... hamptonbay

  52. The beadboard is always a perfect choice than having subway tile installed. It's great to see your post, this is lovely.

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