I'm a MOM...it's my job!

I have the great privilege to call this beautiful creature my daughter. After her birth I felt complete and looked forward to all of the Mother/Daughter days ahead.If you know me even a little bit,you know that I love to fix things...make them better than new! It's what I do and I love it. I take pride in my family and their surroundings,keeping them safe and happy and always with freshly painted walls.I have been faced with something that this Momma just cant fix. AS hard as I want to, I just cant. I have hugged her and told her that she is beautiful and listened as she cried. I have sat along side of her and told her it will pass and that Our Heavenly Father already has her husband picked out for her. The perfect one. The one for her.

So even though her heart was broken on her birthday we celebrated. We ate cookie cake.We laughed.

As I watched this sweet child face one of life's lessons, I witnessed such a precious moment. She thinks she received the best gift ever, an Iphone, when in fact the greatest gift was given to me. This precious child of God...my daughter. Although it breaks my heart that I cant fix hers, I have witnessed how strong and beautiful she really is. Thank you Lord for allowing me the privilege to be her Mom and receiving one of your greatest gifts...


  1. I feel the same way about my 3 beautiful daughters! I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for allowing me to care for them. They are such wonderful blessings, I can't imagine life without them! What a wonderful privilege it is to be a mom! Mine are 13, 12 & 9, so I know the day is coming when I will be letting them cry on my shoulder over a broken heart! I can tell you are a great mom! Awesome blog! Glad I found you.

  2. This is such a good post. You have a true mom's heart that can be felt through your words. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful. It is worth it for her to wait and find someone someday that will actually protect her heart.

  3. Yes our children know how to make us melt. I hope that whatever lay heavy on her heart and making her sad right now...goes away soon. In time it will heal and she will be stronger because of it. God has a plan for everything and this is a part of it.
    She is beautiful just like her mama.

  4. It's hard when you want to be in love but that right one just doesn't seem to come along.I remember it well. I also remember kissing quite a few frogs before finally finding my prince, and most likely she will too. But in the end, whether she believes it or not, things will work out and she will have a family of her own one day.

    When they say being a mom is the hardest job, they aren't kidding!

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! Wish I had an iphone, as do my own daughters!

  5. She is precious, and it is unfortunate, but they will face many things we can't fix. Mine still faces something I can't fix, but only God knows the answers that we don't. I hope she had a very happy birthday, and many more to come. Jackie

  6. Oh how I dread going through broken hearts with my kids. I'll never forget my own first broken heart. My Mom was there for me, and I remember it so well. Your daughter is lucky to have a mom that cares so much, and I'm sure she knows that. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl and I hope her heart heals quickly.

  7. Sweet post, Susie.
    As the mother of three daughters I've been unable to fix lots of things, I truly felt I needed to fix, including broken hearts, sadness, and the loss of one of their children, my grandson Elijah.
    It breaks my heart when I can't fix things, even at my daughters' ages.
    Nineteen year old granddaughter Xanti's heart was broken, this year. It breaks my grandmother's heart that I couldn't fix it.

    Your daughter is beautiful! Like my daughters and grandaughter, she will be an even stronger woman, when her broken heart mends.

  8. Oh, heartache, I don't look forward to those days.
    She's so beautiful, I'm sure she won't be sitting home alone for long.
    Feel better soon & Happy Birthday!!

  9. I remember those heart broken days. And your right it does pass. And it's true her husband is out there. When your that young you just don't see the big picture yet, you can't understand it in its entirety.

    What a beautiful post! Happy birthday to your oldest daughter as well!

  10. What a beautiful girl! I am sure your heart is breaking for her. We all have that feeling of wanting to "fix" things for our kids. I hope this will pass soon.

  11. Good Morning Miz Susie,
    Love your post today although I'm sorry for your daughter's broken heart. Especially on her birthday! But it is in the sad times and times of challenge that we are blessed to see a glimsp of the type of adults our children will be one day. Well done you! Look at what you created, nurtured and are blessed to love.

  12. Hi Susie Bloop,

    I'm so sorry about what happened to your GORGEOUS daughter, on her birthday no less. :-(

    I think it's pretty obvious now that she was too good for him anyway!

    Love y'all-

  13. Hi Susie,

    I always want to fix things when my children are hurting but I guess that's how they grow. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter.


  14. As painful as it seems there is a reason for this season of her life. Now she can move on to find the guy that has everything her MR._ _ did not have.
    Let her know that now she can go on her trip to Europe and never look back worring about leaving him...She should focus her energy on herself!!

  15. Susie,

    You have a BEAUTIFUL daughter and I know your heart is breaking as much (or more) than hers but the "right" guy will come along who will appreciate her. I have three daughters, been there... done that.

    Belated Happy B-day to Kaylee

  16. She is a beautiful girl and I know with a Momma like you she will be okay. I wish we could take all of life's bumps and bruises from them!!! A first broken heart IS the roughest thing ever....I still remember...

  17. Hi Susie,
    You are such a great mom!!! It does hurt so badly when we see someone we love in pain. You have such a gift to be able to write your feelings down. Our Heavenly Father has sent her to your family for a reason "YOU". He knew that your family would take care of her and love her the way that he does. God bless you and give her an extra hug for me. :)

  18. Your daughter is beautiful , as a mom of two girls I think of the future and broken hearts I don't look forward to those painful experiences , we all go through them .
    You have got to kiss some frogs , Don't I know it .

  19. I know well the feeling of wanting to protect our baby girls from anything hurtful ~ she's strong and will look back with thanksgiving upon this time. Susie! I was present last night when my baby girl gave birth to her baby girl last night!! It was awesome and you shall see pics tonight of this special time in our life~

  20. What a wonderful, heartfelt post. Your daughter is lucky god gave her you for her mother!


  21. Happy birthday..so sorry that had to happen on her birthday but everything happens for a reason...She's blessed to have a wonderful mom by her side!

  22. I know exactly how you feel Susie! I have been there for my daughter even cried with her during breakups. Tell your daughter to tell God exactly what kind of Godly man she wants and he will answer her. My daughter is going to be 21 in 2 weeks and God answered her prayers for a Godly man. In fact we just got back from church with both of them. It's all in God's timing..and not in ours.

  23. Susie...she is beautiful! Gosh, I remember those days. I bet my mom felt that way, too lots of times. Your daughter is so blessed to have your love and support. :)


  24. I SO know how you feel......poor thing.
    I am especially feeling your "Mama woes" right now since I am about to give "Miss Priss" over to her fiance in about three weeks time...ugh. It's been so heartwrenching for me..
    But it's GOD's PLAN not mine and besides we gain a son right??
    Hang in there Mama ......it gets better. Sort of. :~)
    Life changes are SO hard.
    Be blessed, Joyce

  25. Simply Awesome post Susie! And Happy Birthday to your daughter. She's beautiful.

  26. Awww, Susie, she is such a doll, like her mama! Happy birthday to Kaylee.

  27. She is so beautiful, just like you! You keep telling her just what you're telling her, and keep letting her cry on your shoulder. Mommas always make broken hearts better!

    Happy late birthday, Kaylee!

  28. oh! i have a little girl and dread that day of a broken heart! i can remember myself going through a few, while a bunch of them! its very hard! i am so glad she has you to comfort her! your a great mom! and wow! she is beautiful!

  29. I know what you mean. Mamas have the hardest job in the world. She is just beautiful. Glad the iphone helped soften the hurts of the day, happy birthday to her.

    Here is a quote I love...
    "When you are a mother,
    you are never really alone in
    your thoughts!
    A mother always has to think twice,
    once for herself and once for her child."
    -Sophia Loren

  30. okay, no fair, you made me cry.

    I haven't experienced this situation yet with my daughter, but I'm sure it will happen and it will kill me.

    Your daughter is beautiful and an iphone would be the BEST gift.

  31. Your daughter is beautiful Susie, and one of the most precious things a Mother can have.
    Speaking here as a Mother, with my daughter.
    Yes, life can be hard but it is sometimes these experiences that can make them grow into strong and beautiful person.
    Best wishes to you and your daughter.


  32. Oh, isn't it hard when you can't fix what ails them?

    One of the hardest--but proudest--times of my life was staying with my son in the hospital after he had open-heart surgery at age 14. He was in such pain, both physical and emotional, and I couldn't make it all better. But he allowed me to be there with him, walking the difficult path alongside him. What a gift.

    Your daughter is beautiful. I think she's quite a lucky girl to have a mom like you.

  33. Susie, she is just gorgeous! :) I am so sorry she had to go through such a mess on her birthday, but you are such a great mom to comfort her in the way you did. I need to take notes for my two little girls. I dread a crisis like that. :s

    Happy birthday to your sweet daughter. :)

  34. What boy would break a girls heart on her birthday?! Certainly not one keeping around in the first place! She is a beautiful girl and she is lucky to have you as her mom. When the right guy comes along someday she will wonder why she ever wasted a tear on all the others!

  35. Oh Susie she is just such a beautiful girl! That's tough getting her heart broken, but I guess that is part of life. Happy birthday to your sweet daughter...I'm sure she will find her prince!

    :) T

  36. On her birthday? boys. sigh. She is a beautiful young lady...no worries that she will find a wonderful Mr. Right who will treat her like a queen.

    Aren't daughters simply amazing?

  37. A belated Happy Birthday to your sweet, beautiful daughter. So sorry to hear her heart was broken on her birthday.
    It is so hard to let them go and "grow" and face different things like you spoke of here, but it sounds like she has a wonderful mom and dad and the Lord to help guide her through.
    Hugs to you and your daughter.

  38. Awww Kaylee...I can't believe you are so grown up. I was looking at scrapbooks with my girls yesterday and saw a picture of you when Maddy and Tori were 2. You were such a young'un!!! I'm sorry that boy had to be so rotten and on your birthday! But, the iphone and the cookie cake look awesome! You are lucky to have such a wonderful, loving and caring mom - even though you don't always think so! Hugs & Kisses! Love you!

  39. Aw, I hope my relationship with my little girl is as special as yours. :)

  40. Oh, being a teenager is sooo hard. She's beautiful and I know you shared a wonderful day together. I've had 2 girls go thru the heartache of teenage love and 2 more to go. Wish me luck and faith.

  41. aww you made me cry. i too have a 17 yr old that i feel just like you do about. it's so hard to have them hurt and not be able to make it all better with a kiss and a hug. the good thing about them is that an i-phone and cookie cake still might do that.;D

  42. I can't believe she would even question her beauty!

    Happy Belated Birthday ;)

  43. She is a beautiful young woman. It is so hard when as a mom we can fix everything.

    Happy birthday to your daughter.


  44. What a sweet post. My beautiful daughter turns 21 next month and let me tell you, it's only just begun. Thank God for good mamas like us to wipe away those tears. Okay...your post just reminded me to call my daughter and express yet again why I think she shouldn't take her EX-boyfriend back...lol.

  45. Play Rascal Flatts "God Bless the Broken Road" for her. Her future husband is a lucky guy!

    Happy Birthday Beautiful girl! (I have cried with my daughter too...and even when she left the room! We Mommy's carry our children's hurt!)

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