DIY Jute Ribbon Coat Rack

Oh yes you can!

Remember that old cypress I told y'all about? Well here it is and I'm fixing to make it sing! Now if you don't happen to have old cypress just hanging out at your house that's OK too. Just get yourself a plank of wood...any kind will do. You can stain it to age it a bit if you would like. You can even give it a good white washing. That's what I plan on doing with my next one.

I found this great Jute ribbon at Walmart but any kind of heavy duty ribbon should work.

I cut my edges and gave them a bit of a fluff' know...aged look.

I used wood glue here and it worked great!

I use these hooks for the backs of all of my projects and they work very well. You can get them at any hardware store...and again WalMart has them too.

This is what they look like.

I then laid out my hooks where they should go. You can find hooks just about anywhere. Our Wal Mart even has a few. I bought these at my favorite store in Baton Rouge... love em"

Inspired? The joy of making something with your own hands is Awesome! Try It!

{To help fund my DIY Projects and keep them coming,I have this coat rack for sale in my Etsy. If I held tight to every project we make here I would have to send a few children packing to their Grandparents home. So I guess I will keep the kids and sell the! If it sells and you would like one just let me know.

Special Friends And DIY Ahead!

The joys of blogging are making new friends! Now who could not use a few good friends in their life. I know I consider myself blessed to call these three ladies my friends. The first one is Miss Tera. She designs my blog and boy does she work her little heart out for you. We worked {well she did and I just chattered} way into the night. I think she is great! Thank you Tera for all of the many hours you spend helping me get it just right.

My next friend I want to share is Miss Suzanne. She sells Southern Living and I won these goodies from her blog givaway! She also sent me a yummy candle but I have been smelling it up and you will just have to take my word on their candles....Yum!

These lil cookbooks she sent my way em!

Then there is sweet Miss Cheri. I won her giveaway too! Lucky me...two in a row...hehe. She made me this adorable nest with three lil eggs for my chicadees still in the nest.

I have a special place in my cottage for this lil nest. You will see soon! I do hope you get a chance to visit these very sweet friends. I know they would love to meet you too!
****Hope you check back soon for that JUTE RIBBON DIY. It's gonna be fun!****

Jute Ribbon DIY Project...

This jute ribbon has got me thinking....DIY AHEAD...

Madison's kitty....adorable!She likes to get into the act...hehe back to the jute ribbon. I purchased this at WalMart in the fabric dept. and boy do I have a very easy "but awesome" craft to share.You will need about a yard.. Now hurry...before America buys it all up!

Vintage Name Signs...

Madison has two teachers this year. God Bless Them!

They are giving my daughter a gift that she will cherish for the rest of her education. God Bless Them!

I have to be honest here... I have trouble just getting her to sit still for homework and yet these two Women can teach a class of many. God Bless them!
So what can this Mommy give back? Gifts from the heart!

Handmade that is! {Vintage Key Name Signs now available in Shop}

I also made a few new pieces for the shop. Simplify....

What a wonderful word to live by~

Calm amongst the chaos....

A busy weekend it was.

It flew by so fast it all seemed a blur..
Slumber party. Working on a "New Look" for my blog. Working on the cottage.

A busy weekend it was!

Once the chatter of little girls faded into the night I worked with My Blog designer, Tera way too late....More on that later.

I recruited some assistance and they were more than happy to help out!

Jesse makes sure he uses every opportunity to show off his muscles...hehe.

First coat of paint is on and awaits the second.

The cottage will be home for me for the next week or so....Many projects planned ahead!

DIY Glass Cabinets!

I could not resist a moment longer! I had to show you the after before the before. This... my friends... is a DYI dream kitchen...

You may remember that I painted and glazed my cabinets. I loved them but after some time I began to long for a clean crisp feel. So the journey began...I removed the doors from two of the cabinets

I have a room full of cabinets but decided on opening up only two. Way too much junk in my trunk if you know what I mean. I brought the cabinets to a friend {just so happens he owns a woodworking shop} to have a notch put in. You can do this at home if you have the tools. I did not....thank you Lord for friends!

This is what they looked like just an hour later! A bit scary at this point. Praying hard I did not just screw up my entire kitchen

I then painted the inside of the cabinets..

I then brought my cabinet doors to a glass shop and had them cut two pieces for me. Remember before you install your glass...paint the door! Trust me on this one. You do not want raw wood showing behind your glass.

I glued my glass in with a clear silicon.

Goop will come out but don't fret because once it dries it peels right off. Let it dry over night and then you are ready to go!

I think having glass doors just made my kitchen two sizes bigger!

I only wish I had done this years ago...

What stopped me?

Fear ...

Fear of messing up!

I have a new way of looking at things now...

You just never know till you give it a try.

I'm so glad I didn't let fear stand in my way a moment longer! Is fear stopping you from a project? I hope this post inspires the socks off of you and your project becomes reality!

Just in time....

It's time!
I am so exicited about a few changes going on here and I wanted to share! I will now be offering a few ad spaces here and would love for you to join the family. If you have a product that you think we would love to try or have a blog to share...Sweet!
If you would like more information on becoming a part of the family just send an email to that being said I must run. I have a kitchen that is waiting for you to see! I cant wait! See you's lasagana tonight!

She's got legs ....

While the dust settles and the paint dries in the kitchen {awesome post coming soon} we will be back in the {cottage}. Now because this space is intended to be a place of work I needed a "workspace" aka large table. I just so happened to be in luck because Daddy was going to pitch this lil sweetie.

I know she is covered in dust and cobb webs but it makes it all the more fun!

After giving her a good cleaning I deglossed her. If you have never heard of this stuff you must try it. I use it about once a kidding!

Look at those legs now! The bottom of the table is painted the same color as the walls. I did this because the table was so large it helped minimize the beast. Now the colors just flow from table to wall and pleases the eye!

You may be wondering what happened to the floor. It's still there I had just taken this picture before the painted part.

I left the top of the table as is because I liked the way it went with the floor.

I did pour the polish to the top and it just soaked it up. Guess I would have to if I had been in the garage for years!

So here is where all of my lovies will be born. You can also see how painting the bottom of the beast the same color as the walls helped out. Now instead of the walls and table fighting for the focal point.....they just hug~
**** any guesses on what's cooking in my kitchen...other than hotdogs...? *****