Shopping Daddys house!

What a good daughter I am! No need to thank me Daddy.

I just knew that while you were out of town and left me in charge I would take care of things. So while you are away I thought I would bring over "Pierre". I knew you wouldnt mind that I named him and all..

It's perfectly ok that Pierre' is not perfect. I dont mind a bit that he has a hole in his belly...

and only tiny holes where his tail once flowed. Nope, dont mind one bit.

Im ok with his little "scary" eyes too. I think he would tell many stories if he could talk.

Im even kind of smitten with those carved in numbers under his belly. I wish I knew what they were all about. But that's ok too. His mystery makes it all the more fun .

I bet Pierre' was carved by a master crafstman in his day. His colors aged with time and ware

Im sure the craftsman that carved Pierre' used only the finest of woods He could find.

I can almost hear the music playing while a small child held tight to where his pole once rested.

His lil feet so sweet...or shall I say Hooves

No need to worry Daddy about his saddle because I made sure to use the best oil allowing it's aged colors to spring back to worries...

His mane is just as majestic as the days he galloped.

All of his wooden teeth are in check too. Just fine...

I know that Pierre' is special to you. Not every day you come across such a find while junkin at the St. Vincent D'Pauls in New Orleans.

But for now, while you are away,I will make sure to keep him here at my house. Safe and know. I would hate to know that with his history and all something would happen to him. You know..I'm nice like that! He deserves the best care in his old age. Just think of all the little ones that once rode him with glee. I can almost close my eyes and drift back to when he and his family danced on that carousel in New Orleans. Your welcome Daddy! Your welcome..

and in case you were wondering about my awesome photography's all about the lighting.

and now you know my secrets...smiles~
FYI...not that y'all keep up with my hair trends {like I even have one} but today Im changing things up a bit and I dont mean cut. For those of you that remember my hair mishap,no worries,I am going to my salon. You can rest easy..misty! Love ya~


  1. What a gorgeous piece...and so full of history, I'm sure!

    LOVE the bath tub shot...always keepin it real for us. LOVE that too!

    Missy told me you're going to CAnton. I'm thinking about having a booth too. I'd LOVE to meet you two sweet sisters IRL. So much fun.


  2. What a pretty horse indeed! Such vibrance in the wood...with age it only gets better. I think you should play babysitter more often to things :)-

  3. Its so exciting when you find great pieces at the junk markets. I think its great he is not perfect.

  4. AnonymousJuly 28, 2009


    is that a robins egg blue on the ceiling or a sky blue up there.. been toying with an 'oyster' color for the kitchen and greatroom for the ceiling here.

    Oh, quickie question here.. the type of camera you use is a???...

    thanks a bunch my dear and good luck with the hairdoo hall of fan remake today!

  5. He's just beautiful! When Daddy comes back home, where will Pierre go? I'm doing really great, thanks for asking! Enjoying getting back into my projects....

  6. Pierre is beautiful & apparently wants a bath. Those crazy horses.
    Have a great Tuesday.

  7. Great pictures! Now we know all your secrets. ;) I liked the hooves best...such great details!

    You are the second blog I've read this morning that mentioned a haircut. I DESPERATELY need to have something done to mine, but I think I'll wait until after my sister's wedding so I can still get a great up-do. :)

    Can't wait to see what you have done!

  8. Oh I am just sure that your Daddy is so please that this fantastic find is being well cared for. :)

    I photograph in the bathtub and other strange spots too. :)

  9. how that pierre.

  10. hilarious.........a few of my favorite pictures of the kids have been in the bathroom light ;)

  11. This is beautiful! I love him!

    Daddy should let you "keep him" alot!

    Lou Cinda :)

  12. Pierre is a real gem!!!
    What craftsmanship!!
    Good luck with your new do!!:)

  13. Thanks for the photography tip! I am always at a loss...
    I have to admit that the horse is just a little scary. I think it is the teeth, or maybe the eyes, but what a fun and interesting guy he is.
    Good luck with the hair. The humidity in TX is killing mine!

  14. Pierre is beautiful.
    I'm going to remember the bathtub trick. I usually look for a white or gray wall. I have the perfect place for photographing food at the lake. I used to have one here, but then we bought the secretary.

    What color are your walls and ceiling in your living room? I'm doing a remake in our master....yep, that's right...time for change again!;-)

  15. Wow, what a horse...I thought when it was on the mantle that it was small and then to show it in the tub...He's big! With a little love he could be like new again.

  16. He is so precious, I just love him! Also love your tip about the lighting. :-)

  17. Oh he is beautiful! Sounds like you are taking super good care of him!

  18. Love Pierre, and love those picture taking secrets!

  19. I think Pierre is BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so glad you are taking great care of him!

    Speaking of hair, mine desperately needs a cut and color. Thanks for reminding me to call my hairdresser.

  20. AnonymousJuly 28, 2009

    hey susie! i love pierre! what a sweet vintage horse! what a great idea to use the bathtub for a blank background!

  21. Hey, Susie! I love this! He is beautiful! And he looks great on your lovely mantle! Great find!

    I loved the Merry-go-round growing up! I couldn't wait to chose the animal! I'd try to find a different one each time!!


  22. what an incredible find! and thanks for your photography "realness"...i have photographed things on folding tray tables just so i can be in better lighting!

  23. How thought of you to take care of Pierre!

  24. Susie - I adore your little wooden horse. I do wonder what stories he could tell. Thanks for sharing your "lighting" secret. I moved something to my deck the other day because I could not get it just right. I may "steal" your secret if you don't mind. You are the best!


  25. He is gorgeous! Hmmm...wonder if Daddy will "forget" he's at your house and let you keep him? : )

  26. He is majestic. I love carousels with hand carved gorgeous horses.

    I can't wait to see your new hairstyle. I just got a completely new cut today.


  27. Hope you get to keep him! He's wonderful! Karen

  28. Love the patina of the old wooden horse and what a great place to do the photo shoot.

    Good luck with the new hairdo.


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