Inspiration...pass it on!

*** Because someone asked..yes! I have one in my Etsy if you would like...smiles~***

Oh have I got a good one for you today {I hope}. What I want most out of this blog is to connect with you girls. My prayer is that you leave every post with a giggle,touched heart,new found friendship or INSPIRATION! And I have some for you! I have been working on this picture above for days now and I'm going to take you step by step...

I first started with some good ole' inspiration. I saw this sign and it just tickled my fancy! But for $329.00 I will just enjoy their inspiration for free~

Now I know some of you worry about getting it just perfect,letters and all... Take a close look at Pottery Barns version...perfect? do you think you can? Great I just knew you would say Yes!

I used a thin piece of board for mine because I didn't want to hang anything too heavy. I measured out my squares. 6 across and 6 down. You can make them any size you want depending on your board. I tried to stick with PB dimensions.

I painted it an ivory color. You need to go with something light because we will be staining later. I used a cup to draw my circles.

Paint your circles in black. I used craft paint from walmart if your wondering.

For those of you that are like me and need some extra help....print your font on paper and use as a guide.

You can use trace paper or I tend to just trace over the font and use a little bit of pressure.

You are now ready to paint in your letters. It will seem like you will spend days here but just take your time and have some fun with it!

Now for those neat little accent lines around your letters..I used a lid from a thermos.

Just dip in in a saucer of paint and press down.

I didn't make a complete circle on all of them. I just had fun with it and tried not to copy PB line for line. Be creative with yours. Let YOU... show through!

After your beauty dries completely you will need to age that baby up. This is always my favorite part of the process. I just used a stain that I had around my house.

Now the only problem you may have is deciding where to put your art!

You know we have to move it around the house a time or know, playing house!

And just so you leave here with a giggle. This is me trying to be all cool and stuff...showing you my before hair picture..

Yesterday I had them take out my boo boo that I did back in May. I decided to brighten up myself and go a bit lighter for the first time in my life. No after pictures here just yet. I will have to go back a few more times because it is an on going process with this dark hair. Who knows may just catch me off guard and get a sneak peek of the "in between" look. Husband and kids like it and allowed me to stay the night in the house so I guess all is go girls. Inspire someone today. Even if it's just a smile~

Playing House...

This shutter found at an estate sale last week became another prop. Do you like to play house? I do!

What I love the most is keeping it new with old stuff. This was my desk but now I have a new "old" one so I moved it in here.

Just lean that baby up against the wall and there!

See the different heights? Playing house...

No degree needed here...just a love for what I do...playing house!

I guess you thought I forgot about those sweet chairs...

Still here just waiting for me to finish them. Wish you could come over and play!

Shopping Daddys house!

What a good daughter I am! No need to thank me Daddy.

I just knew that while you were out of town and left me in charge I would take care of things. So while you are away I thought I would bring over "Pierre". I knew you wouldnt mind that I named him and all..

It's perfectly ok that Pierre' is not perfect. I dont mind a bit that he has a hole in his belly...

and only tiny holes where his tail once flowed. Nope, dont mind one bit.

Im ok with his little "scary" eyes too. I think he would tell many stories if he could talk.

Im even kind of smitten with those carved in numbers under his belly. I wish I knew what they were all about. But that's ok too. His mystery makes it all the more fun .

I bet Pierre' was carved by a master crafstman in his day. His colors aged with time and ware

Im sure the craftsman that carved Pierre' used only the finest of woods He could find.

I can almost hear the music playing while a small child held tight to where his pole once rested.

His lil feet so sweet...or shall I say Hooves

No need to worry Daddy about his saddle because I made sure to use the best oil allowing it's aged colors to spring back to worries...

His mane is just as majestic as the days he galloped.

All of his wooden teeth are in check too. Just fine...

I know that Pierre' is special to you. Not every day you come across such a find while junkin at the St. Vincent D'Pauls in New Orleans.

But for now, while you are away,I will make sure to keep him here at my house. Safe and know. I would hate to know that with his history and all something would happen to him. You know..I'm nice like that! He deserves the best care in his old age. Just think of all the little ones that once rode him with glee. I can almost close my eyes and drift back to when he and his family danced on that carousel in New Orleans. Your welcome Daddy! Your welcome..

and in case you were wondering about my awesome photography's all about the lighting.

and now you know my secrets...smiles~
FYI...not that y'all keep up with my hair trends {like I even have one} but today Im changing things up a bit and I dont mean cut. For those of you that remember my hair mishap,no worries,I am going to my salon. You can rest easy..misty! Love ya~

Pickin' up Sticks...

I have a deep love for things that often go overlooked by some. A love I cannot explain. Take this yard stick for example...what may look like a ruler to some is just a piece of art awaiting it's birth.

Old and worn...all the better!

Now what does one do with yard sticks? I will share that later but first you must go and collect some of your own. The hunt is half the fun. You may try flea markets and yard sales for the good worn ones. If that's not possible,no worries! Try at your local paint store for some new ones.

You may also find them at furniture stores and your local bank ...FREE! Don't worry if they are all fresh and new, we can take care of that. Different colors and lengths would be fantastic! School rulers can play too...
Now don't go spending the bank looking for these lil darlings. Just take your time and enjoy the search. I just thought I would give you a head start to my next project. Have fun {picking up sticks}! ( needed for project around 6 but 8 if you can find em')

"I like BIG BLOGS and I cannot lie".....

"I like big blogs and I cannot lie".... Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Hehe! I would love nothing more today than to sit with each of you . Uninterrupted. A chat where you understand fully what I'm saying. You know? The bad thing about blogs is sometimes a reader can get the wrong idea from a writer's post. Lord knows I have been around that "blog" or two.. {myself}. What my heart is trying to say here, early this morning, is that I think we are quick to judge. We read a post and think we know that person. See a picture and think "they have it so perfect". Let me just be the first to say, it's easy to show only the good stuff here. Kinda like hiding a school bus in one's yard..hehe. I want y'all to see the whole me and my heart.

The other day I had good intentions. Don't we all. I wanted new bloggers to feel at home here in bloggerville no matter the size. I wanted them to shine! While doing that I failed to explain Big Blogs. I love them! Every single one of them. Yes...if your wondering,I love you too! I know the time It takes to write my silly mess. I know the sleepless nights worring if it's correct or if people will understand it. I feel the need to explain myself here today. There is not a thing wrong with advertising or getting 1oo's of comments. If we didn't care about comments we wouldn't be here,No?

I wrote a post back when and I failed to open up and share my heart completely. Comments got way out of hand and blogging friends had received mixed messages. Once again "good intentions" sometimes hurt people. So "for the record"... "hot off the press"..."straight from my heart"... I Love Big Blogs! I love the hearts behind them. I read and learn from them . Like one speaker said at Blissdom "We are all just humans sitting behind a computer". Human's..people..mistake makers...yep, children of God. That's me, sitting behind my computer. Hair a mess,still wearing over sized t-shirt and husbands boxers...that's me. Now before you go thinking I received hate mail from one Big Blogger...nope. I just woke with this on my heart {funny how God works} and needed to share with you..

OK..I hope you get me. It's hard here to share yourself sometimes. My hopes here is that every reader knows their importance. It's impossible to please everyone and be friends with the world but at the end of the day {or morning} if I'm right with the is well with my soul. Thank you...Susie

Drying Hydrangeas...101

I just adore hydrangeas. Indoors and out!

Have you ever tried to dry them and have this happen? Me too~

I read and studied and read some more and here is my version. 1. Keep a close eye on them. While they are in full color enjoy them outdoors. It's too early to clip them for drying because they still contain way too much moisture. Clipping for pleasure is just fine but they wont dry well at this time.

2.Mine are pink. They come in so many colors depending on your soil or family. Because mine are dark pink I will wait till they start to you can see here they are starting to lose their luster.

3.wait for it...

4. I wait till mine are almost bleached by the sun. This is when they are perfect for cutting. The moisture in the blooms are about gone at this time.

I just clip away and enjoy my harvest!

You don't have to hang them upside to dry because if you wait till just the right moment they will do all of their drying right on their bush before cutting.

I have read where you can add color by using dye. I was thinking maybe food color or blueberry juice. That may give it more of a natural look.

As for me...I like them just natural!