Corbels in the kitchen and a winner

What in the world is a corbel! Well if you didnt know by its fancy name Im sure you recognize it. It's a fancy piece of architecture that looks as though its holding up a beam or your cabinet. That's my definition on it anyway. If you remember back when I gave my kitchen a makeover on a budget I added these two at the end of my cabinet.

Dont let them fool you by their fanciness. They are not real wood. They are light and easy to work with. Im not sure what they are made out of but it's like a stucco material.

Here are a few different designs that would make a great addition to your kitchen. I love the sleekness of this black one.

So many to pick from..

You cant have just one

Look at the length on this sweetheart!

Now that I have your heads full of corbels and dreams... Look whats floating around in my head at the momment.

Im so wanting these..

Wouldn't my new dishwasher look so fresh with some added trim..

Yes, that is black paint that dripped on my fresh painted cabinets. Showroom ready?..NOT! We live in this kitchen. I paint in this kitchen. Oh yeah. Want to know the winner of that sign? Is there a Rambling Girl in the house!


  1. Oh, those are so neat, I love the finished touch they leave.

  2. I love corbels. I've been thinking about adding them underneath the bar in my kitchen.
    Congrats Rambling Girl - guess I'll just have to buy my own sign.

  3. Congrats to Rambling Girl! And I love those corbels. I want to redo my fireplace mantle and those would look great! Especially in all black... what a statement!

  4. Wonderful corbels, Susie!

    You should have heard me trying to explain corbels to the cabinet maker and trim guy, when we built the house. I got out a catalog and a couple of photos and then they understood corbels. Oh,(lightbulb moment) they said....brackets. I'm still trying to figure out how to do corbels under the range hood cover. You've inspired me to keep trying!

  5. Love your kitchen, guess I'll be buying ny sign too.

  6. I love those corbels too. If I am not mistaken the ones at Lowes are made of resin. Anyway, Congrats to ramblin girl!!!

  7. You learn something new every day! I never knew what to call those things, other than "fancy brackets" LOL

    Congrats to Rambling Girl!!


  8. HI! Just to let you know...there are decorative corbels and purpose corbels. The decorative ones are just that..pretty, the purpose corbels help hold up counter tops. Our guys cannot add a piece of granite to an island if the over hang requires corbels until the corbels are installed. These are usually the kind of islands you eat at...and since granite is so heavy we see a lot of corbels, wood and iron are the most common. Okay...I've talked your ear off...Just wanted to share!
    I love your blog!!! God Bless you!!

  9. So where do we purchase these cute little corbels??? Please don't keep us hanging!!
    Love ya,

  10. My cabinets need a little pick me your ideas!

  11. We were thinking of adding corbels under our granite overhang when we remodeled...but have not yet. They add such a classy touch.

  12. Those corbels are beautiful....they look great in your kitchen. Beth will be ecstatic!!!!!!!

  13. I was HOPING to NEED corbels when they put in my granite, but they said I didn't NEED them, so engineer dude(dh) didn't want them! I loved them, so in time maybe I will add some somewhere! I love them!
    congrats, Rambling girl.

  14. Congrats, Rambling girl!

    Susie, you are so generous!

    I love the Corbels...have to think of somewhere I can use them!

  15. The corbels look lovely...Love your kitchen cabinets (even with black paint drips). Congrats to Ramblin Girl!

  16. OMGoodness!!!! I can not believe this...I have been eyeing these signs and planned to buy one next month and WOW I won it...well Susie I am still going to buy one next month so I can share your stuff. To be honest I woke up at 3:00 this morning and read your post on the corbels...I was half awake and did not even realize I won this until I came to work and saw a comment from Darlene that I won your sign and then read your comment...Geeze I still am in awe! Thanks for all the other congrats! Susie your the best...sending you my info.

  17. Oops...thanks for sharing the corbels...I showed my hubby and he said he knew what this was and we could go look for some...I love the look and would look so cute in my kitchen.

  18. I am definately getting corbels in my kitchen re-do! They will go at my bar area too! YEAH!
    Bummer I didn't win! Congrats to Rambling Girl...I'm jealous!

  19. I loved your corbels when you first showed them and I still love them. :) Wish I had a place for them in my kitchen.

    ~ Sarah

  20. I love corbels too, they make everything look so nice.Just read your blog for the first time and love it.

  21. Congrats to Rambling Girl!! :) & I love the look of the corbels -- you did an amazing job!

  22. I really like all the corbels but I LOVE your kitchen cabinets. Could you tell me what color paint & glaze you used? I wanted to do mine a cream w/a taupe glaze but didn't know how that would look with my white appliances & trim. Your colors are the perfect solution. You did a great job!
    Congrats to Rambling lucky thang!!

  23. Love the corbels! Very pretty!

  24. I love corbels too! Oh and congrats Reynie!! Wow, you are getting alot of blessings lately!! You deserve it!

  25. Congrats to Rambling Girl!!

  26. Congrats Rambling Girl!!! You are one lucky girl!!

    LOVE the corbels - me thinketh they would not look so cute against press board veneer and under formica!

  27. The corbels look great!
    Congrats to Rambling Girl on the sign win! Lucky lady!!!
    Happy day wishes hun~ Les

  28. Hi Susie,
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I did check the highlighted posts and you did have the paint can & glaze bottle pictures on there . After I clicked them I could read the names. I thought the paint might have been a custom color - this is even easier. Thanks so much for your help!

  29. Corbels just add the perfect finishing touch and dresses up a kitchen so nicely.


  30. I think the corbels are gorgeous! I love adding molding and decorative pieces to plain stuff to dress it up! Now I want some corbels in my kitchen!

  31. Congratulations Rambling Girl! Yippeee! Hey I love corbels...I have a couple attached to my hips, they are for sale if anyone wants to remove them!

  32. I love corbels...however, I can't believe how expensive they are!!! On second thought, they would make a nice "mother's day present"!

  33. Oh, wow! I love those! Did you get them at Home Depot??? I gotta go look!

  34. This looks fabulous! We do love us an amazing corbel...and so many wonderful ones here! Way to spark beautiful details!!
    kari & kijsa

  35. HI Susieness! Oh, I love those corbels and wish I had a fancy enough kitchen to have some.
    Congrats to that Rambling Girl!
    Thank you, Dear One, for your prayers. We really do appreciate them.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :0

  36. Corbels are definitely a great accessory to any home renovation. They add character and charm to any area. It's really a way to dress-up and room in your home.

    Some really great pictures.

  37. I added some of those under my bar a few years ago and just love the way they look. Maybe I'll do a post on them sometime too. Love the post about your son! I have a 7 month old. So, I will someday know what you're talking about!

  38. It looks so good! Do you glue them in place, or nail?

  39. Love these Corbels Susie! I've seen these before, but never knew they actually had a name! Your blog is adorable! Very informative, yet fun and silly! Just my cup of tea! ;) ~CC Catherine from

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