Lovin' these...

No, these are not my front doors but I do have two of em'. You can see mine on my sidebar. It's always a big deal at my house to put a wreath on the door. Saw these and fell head over heals in love... Hello Darlin'..... You like?
Im also working on a cute sumthing sumthing for Fall. I would tell yall but If it flops I wont look like a complete doo doo head. So If it comes out cute like I want it too.....Yall will be the first to know about it... Well my family would be first but they could give a rats patootie what Im doing around here. Do yall ever get the attitude when your taking pictures for your blog? You know that attitude Im talking about girls... the smerks and groans and the "you must be the weirdest nerd on the block kind look"..... Well I get that a lot around here. Not from my husband... He's my biggest fan. It's from my sweet adorable kids. I dont care... yall are so worth it!


  1. Oh those are so CUTE I can see why you are lovin' them. The colors are so fabulous! I love fall decor.

    I hear you on the taking photos for your blog front.
    I just took at least 20 pics of a wing chair that I just posted on my blog and I only used I think 3 out of the 20. I'm a dork.....
    My husband just sat back and smiled. He know's my obsession, I've got a keeper and it sounds like you do too.

    Can't wait to see your project! Hurry... No pressure. ;)

  2. Those are beautiful and so are all the decorations at that home.....looks great!!
    If I am taking a picture now (of you never know what) they are rolling their eyes going "Is that going to be on the blog"?

  3. Very fun! Love your blog and Bienvenue - I am a New Orleans native. :)

  4. Good Morning Miz Susie,
    Now I am totally intrigued by what you have up your crafty little sleeve *giggles* So hoping it works out whatever it is! Come on give us a hint :)

    I take the worse pictures, my house is dark, my digi camera is crap, and I'm not a techno-geek so my computer skills are challenged to say the least... Between working, commuting (1.5 hrs daily), family, pets, home caring, reading blogs, how in the world does a girl have time to craft and blog? Wish I knew the secret, when I managed to blog more than once a week my house was a disaster zone! You have it going on Miz Susie...

  5. I love those front doors. They look so welcoming. I would never think you are a doo doo head!;) But I can't wait to see what you're up to!

    As for the strange looks, when taking photos....

    My hubs and 4 yr old don't mind, it's my neighbors I am worried about. I know of at least one that watches everything in the neighborhood. And I spend lots of time outside spray painting. And now I've started taking pics too. They probably think I'm crazy! I mean I spray paint A LOT!:)

  6. Oh my - we can all relate with the looks for the kiddoes, and the "is this going to be on your blog?" hee hee
    We're so thankful you do it...just for us.:)

  7. I love double doors!! They are so elegant.
    I know the looks you speak of. I get them often!!

  8. Love those...

    Ignore the kids...keep posting the pics!

  9. My youngest always looks at the pictures on my camera when he is here. He then tells me I take pictures of the most random things. Well - my kids are grown and rarely let me take pictures of them anymore so I am reduced to taking pictures of 'random things'. The two that live here - they just give me a strange look if I have the camera out taking pictures of something like what is baking in the oven. (not that there has been much baking going on here lately!)
    Love the rubber shoes from the last post!

  10. I know the looks you are talking about, but thankfully I don't get them too often.

  11. I truly believe whatever you are up to will be beautiful. You're just good like that.

    And "doo doo head?" Big giggles from me! : )

  12. Yea, I know those looks! "....not another picture, MOM! Or..I know you aren't going to take a picture of THAT...HERE...Or NOW!" LOL! But then, they will see something they think is "blog worthy," and scold me if I don't have the camera with me! Oh well! What's a girlie blogger to do? LOL

    Love these wreaths, and I have double doors, too. So you figure out to make these, give a tutorial, so I can join in on the fabulous'ness too! :) ...pretty please!

    hugs, Rhonda :)

  13. The front of that house is fabulous and I know whatever you are working on will be fabulous too.


  14. Love those double wreaths! I can't wait to see what you are working on!!

  15. Pretty wreaths.

    For me it's completely opposite. I'm the one that is insecure when taking pictures of my projects. I usually try to do it discretely but some how always end up with kids or husband in the background making funny faces. Those pictures never make it to my blog. When I cook something special they ask me "Aren't you gonna take a picture of this?" So I guess I haven't embarrased them just yet.

  16. Super cute way to do a wreath! I get the same looks here when I need to take a picture! Hubby is getting it though now and being very supportive :)
    Have a wonderful day...hope your son is feeling better!

  17. I love that entry way -- I love decorating -- ugh can't wait to get our house next summer so I can do all this cute stuff.

  18. You crack me up. Yes I totally know that look. I get it from my hubby, and sometimes my girls. But now, more of my family tells me, "Don't forget tot take a before picture." So they are getting kind of used to it.

    Love the pic. Wish I had two doors. Can't wait to see what you're creating.

  19. Hey Susie,

    I featured you on my blog today. Hopefully you will get some comments and maybe sales of those adorable tassels. I am still trying to decide which one I want...too many cute choices.


  20. Those wreaths are beautiful. I need to be thinking about what to do about our front door for Fall. I have two cone shaped wicker containers that I usually put on the sidelights...don't know if I'll do something different or not.

    And yes I do get those looks from kids and g'kids now and then, but not from J! One of the funniest things that happened while photographing for a post was at Arrow Rock Missouri. A tiny little town that is lovingly restored. We were at a wine garden during a festival and I just snapped a photo of our glasses on the table. The man at the next table said to his wife...that woman is taking pictures of what is on that table. The wife shushed him...wonder if she is a blogger!

    Have a great weekend!

  21. I love double doors! I especially love them when they're adorned with beautiful wreaths and a pathway of fall goodies! Sooo pretty.

  22. Lucky duck you--I LOVE double entry doors! That is a great pic, too. Lots of fall inspiration! My husbands great, & kids are too young, but I don't think my mom "gets it"! ;) Can't wait to see your upcoming project--I'm sure it won't look like doo! hehe :)


  23. That front doorway looks adorable but expensive. It would be great when having a fall/halloween party but otherwise I could see people stealing those darling candle holders.

    Can't wait to see your project. I have a few going on around my house. But, like you, I won't share unless they turn out well. hehe

    Have a great weekend Susie!

    Brandee :-)

  24. Susie,

    I just found your blog via Janet at Housepeepers.

    I love, love, love your blog. It's simply gorgeous.

    I must buy all of the tassels, but I probably can only buy one at a time. They would all be perfect in my little Sunbonnet Cottage.

    I hope you get a chance to come by and visit me at Sunbonnet.

    Thank you.


  25. Love thoe doors, and the lanterns by the hay stacks. So exciting! I am so ready for fall!

    We don't have kids yet, but I get those looks from my hubby! He is always skeptical at what I am doing, or what I am trying to accomplish. But, I am not a fancy designer like you are! Just a copycat!

    Can't wait to see the project!

  26. I love the picture and yes my kids look at me like I am idiot taking pictures of random things but I just smile!

  27. yes, I absolutely get those looks! LOL Too funny!

    The pic is awesome. I love everything about it.

  28. Very pretty setting. I love the lanterns and the bales of hay.

  29. Hi Susie,
    I can't wait to see what you do for fall. -Cheers, Amy

  30. Everyone asks me when they see me with a camera "You aren't blogging this are you?"

    Well, I wasn't but now I might!!

    Love the double doors and wreaths are a must have. My fall one is my favorite. Counting down till I can hang it up!

  31. Those are to die for. Can't wait to see what you come up with...and yes, I get the moans and groans from my kids. But like you, my husband is my biggest fan.

    BTW, Louisiana is the first stop on my Blog Around the World trip. See you on Monday!

  32. Those wreaths are too cute!
    I'm pretty new to blogging so at first my husband didn't understand why I would take 10 pictures of the same, now he just grins and says "Oh, must be for your blog huh?" :o)
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  33. HEY.

    I got my lovely tassel today. I did a blog post too :)


  34. My hubby so wants me to decorate for the seasons. I just might have to do it after seeing that! I'm inspired.

  35. Oh.... I LOVE this idea TOO! Stop it with your fall decorating, I am getting the bug!! :) hehe

  36. I DO love the double wreaths. You could SO do that and it would look so fab on your doors.

    So, when will you officially begin to decorate for fall? I keep collecting pretties, but it's so darn hot, I can't put any out yet.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  37. Mine are long grown. Waiting on my granddaughter Marley Ross to be born in December. So I don't get the groans. The pets don't do that!

  38. My husband is my biggest fan to, in fact he checks on my blog at work and can tell me how many comments I have. He even refers to it as "our blog".
    My kids....they react just like yours.
    Okay, I'm anxious to see what you're working on---you big tease!
    And I know that you can make your own moss topiaries using styrofoam stuck in pots, with moss hot glued on to the styrofoam. Just givin' you another idea for a post.

  39. Those doors are gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you are working on. And I'm sure we'll see it because everything you make is fabulous. No worries. :o)

    I laughed about taking pictures for your blog. I RARELY take a picture of anything when anyone else is home. I don't think anyone in my house knows I even have a blog! Is that weird??

  40. Susie~

    Lovin' the front porch and I can't wait to see what you are working on:)

    Yes, my kids have the same reaction. The funny thing about is that whenever I would pull my camera out to take pictures of them before I started blogging, they would run. I'm not exaggerating. Now, they complain that I NEVER ( can you see the face that goes with this) take pictures of them anymore because I'm taking pictures of either food, the house, or any decorative item. when I do take a picture of them I get the question "Is that going on your blog?" too. It's good to know I'm not alone!

    My oldest daughter said my blog really needs to be called "Food, Fabric and Sometimes Family".

    I promised my youngest son that I would have a post that would be all about him:)

  41. I just blogged about you...and yes, I love those wreaths! Come see what I said about you, lol:


  42. I love the wreaths!! And yes, I definitely get that attitude when I'm taking pictures for my blog! I think my husband thinks I only do things lately so I can take pictures for my blog! He might be right!!

  43. oh.. ok.. I am LOVING this blog!!!

  44. You've got fall fever don't you? I am so ready for fall to get here with some cooler temperatures. I can't wait to see what kind of little project you are up to? Knowing you I bet it won't flop. You will have something spectacular to show us. By the way how is Jesse doing? Much better I hope. Hope you are having a great weekend. Jackie

  45. Just wanted to say thanks to all of you for your prayers on Jesse. He is doing much better.... Praise God!

  46. I LOVE that entry! I am counting down the days until I can pull out my fall decor!!

    Is it too early now?

  47. Hi Susie,
    Cute craft!
    Hey, I drove thru your dad's town the other day on my way to the coast and thought about you. It was 96 degree here and 100 miles away on the coast it was 56 degrees! But the temps cooled way down all over Washington today.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today it's always nice when Susie drops in.

  48. Ooooooooh! I LOVE your spooky tree! The lighting was perfect for your photo! I'm looking for some black crows for my fall this year...waiting 'til September, even though school's started. I brought out some apples. Transitions, ya know?

    And H.E.L.L.O.! Those rubber shoes are KILLER! What a GREAT idea! I'm gonna have to find some!

    Lastly, your dollar store pumpkins are identical twins to the pricey ones! Kudos on your bargain shopping!

    Keep it up - LOVE your ideas!
    btw, 2 wreaths on both doors or the look of the wreaths --- what did you like most about that photo inspiration?

  49. What a pretty walkway! I have never thought about layering wreaths on a door, but that totally works. I have got to come up with something for fall, so I will keep this in mind!

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