Paint color.....

Remember the ceiling that I painted blue... I recieved so many nice comments and emails about it... Thank you! For those of you who asked about the color here it is...

Im so lazy today... So here is the can.

If you cant make out the numbers just let me know

This was on the top of the lid. A few also asked about the color on the walls. Im looking for that can. As you know I paint often. I have many cans. I bring the many cans to my Dads... Im still looking... I will find it and when I do I will pass that info to you. Also I just wanted to say thanks for all of the sweet comments about my tassels...I will list those pumkin tassels soon so if you were interested just check back soon. Im so glad I have such sweet friends like all of you! You make my day!


  1. I'm still trying to figure out which of my rooms I could do the blue ceiling in, lol It's amazing how much of an impact it made in your room judging from the pictures, the before and after. I love your house anyway but that blue ceiling room is a masterpiece!

    Punkin tassels, be still my heart, oh dear, I fear I won't be able to withstand a punkin tassel, I do love me some fall in a big way!!

  2. The new tassels are great! Can't wait to see all of the holiday goodies. I am sure liking those rooster tassels too!

  3. Truly, thank you. That was such a perfect color and it is so nice of you to share it. I really love what you did, and I would never have guessed that color. Great job.

    Excited about the tassles. Keep it up.

    Have a great week Susan.

  4. AnonymousJuly 14, 2008

    Hi Susie! I love love the ceiling color you have. It's so subtle yet looks so much better than white. I have old popcorn ceiling and just done have the energy it would take to scrap all the popcorn off! Oh, I'm so excited! I went to ETSY and purchased two of your tassels. You had a sweet little chicken one that I just adored and had to have him and then the precious little white and blue tea pot! Oh, I can't wait.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. AnonymousJuly 14, 2008

    Looks like the Squirrel tassel has found a new home. Thank goodness, I was about to feel sorry for it and buy it. I guess that's why I have so many animals in my house.

    Brandee :-)

  6. That is the perfect blue!! Too funny that you have that green color. Show us your kitchen and dining room! :)

  7. AnonymousJuly 14, 2008

    Thanks for sharing the paint color! I can't wait to get started on painting my ceiling! Love the blog and all of your great ideas!


  8. Hi Susie-
    Hey you really should do the pumpkin tassels-I was a Jo-Ann fabrics the other day and they had ALL their Thanksgiving things out already...In fact you better get a move on for Christmas too! (wink)
    Have a great week!

  9. Okay, you HAVE to tell me about the little place in Louisiana!!! THAT is a trip I can afford to make in the near future. :-)


  10. Love the blue! May I ask how tall your ceilings are because they look taller than eight feet. And if they are, you're so very lucky. I keep telling my husband that if there was one improvement I could magically make on our home, it would be to raise the ceiling height. Tall ceilings make such a difference!

  11. Layla.. that place is in Lafayette... I will get the info to you, smile.. Joy, I have high ceilings in my den and I do love them.. just not when I paint... Shannon.. I will give a tour of my whole house if you would like to see.. I can worl on that this week...yeah something new to post about. It's getting dull around here! Susie h

  12. I looked up your paint color on my SW paint fan. It is chip 31. That's a great color. I am looking for a subtle blue for my porch ceilings and that may just be the one or the color below it, Rainwashed.
    Have a great day!!!
    I too, love the tassels, however, I think the artichoke I was eyeing has sold.

  13. Hi Susie! I just love your new tassels! They are all so cute! And I received mine the end of last week and I was tickled pink! They are just precious and I am so enjoying them! I am posting my lake house renos this week, and I used one of the tassels there, that will be pictured towards the end of the week. I'll make note that I got it from you! I just love them! ...and thanks so much for the sweet little tags and bookmark. They were an added welcomed surprise!

    Happy Birthday day Madison! She is a beautiful girl! The pictures were great!

    Can't wait to see your new holiday tassels!

    Hugs, Rhonda :)

  14. AnonymousJuly 14, 2008

    Okay, LOVE the tassels, happy bday to the girly-q and you have an awesome back yard!

  15. Did you notice P Tree is having a SALE???? ALso heard R. Standard is putting up the bargin Tent on August 2!

  16. I was at P tree today too!!! ABout 3:30-ish! I saw the sale sign and thought- I need to tell my friend Susie about the sale!

  17. Thanks for visiting my blog. That post was a strange one for a contest entry over at LOL LOL LOL LOL

  18. I think that Squirel tassel is SO FUNNY!!!
    Girl, I love me some "Pumpkin Decor" and it will be time to decorate that way I want to see that one forsure.
    Keep up the "sharing" and the good work.
    Your friend,

  19. Hi I just painted my Family room and I painted the ceiling blue, after getting the idea from your blog, but after a painted the walls the tan the ceiling looks gray .I think maybe I didn't use a dark enough blue.
    Love your blog.
    Best Wishes

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