Bring our girl HOME!

Hi Friends.

Its been some time. 
I wanted to reach out to those of you wanting to help Madison. 
Thank you from the depths of my heart!!
 Below is just s small portion of her story with a few dates that may be helpful.

As many of you know, our daughter Madison Harris enlisted into the United States Marine corps January 28, 2019. At a fragile age of 18, she never looked back. She arrived late that evening, stepped onto those famous yellow footprints and set out to reach her dream. Her dad and I marveled at how strong she was both physically and mentally. When other parents were receiving letters of despair, Madison was thriving! we rejoiced that our daughter had finally found her place and was working towards her dream. Fast forward to March, we received a call. The call no parent wants to hear. "Mom.. I've been hurt". She had been training injured for weeks before her injuries won and took her down. She was then moved to a female medical platoon (FRP). There she received medical care and waited for her body to heal. Her spirits were down but her eye was on her goal. For months she sat on her foot locker waiting. She received the green light to start strength  training only to be told her Tibia was fractured and she returned to medical. After months of waiting, it was apparent that in Madison's best interest, she return home to compete her healing. Weeks passed and she sat waiting. Finally she was seen by the medical board and it was felt as though things would move on. They didn't. Somehow, Madison fell between the cracks. The system failed her on a daily basis. She was denied permission to seek out a counselor and was told to wait. 

   Following weeks of no contact, we received a letter from Madison. She did not sound well and was crying out for help. She had hit a brick wall.My concern quickly moved from physical health to her mental state. Our daughter is as strong as they come but a human can only take so much. I loaded my car, her letter in hand, and drove 12 hours to Parris Island. I arrived late Friday and was given access to the Island where I just took in the base. The next morning, I once again arrived and was denied access onto the island once they found out the purpose of my visit. I explained that I was not there to retrieve our daughter but merely there to share my concerns with those that were in contact with our her. A  head of medical met me at the gates and reviewed Madison's letter and allowed Madison to call me hours later. It was then Madison told me she would be home in two weeks. That was nine weeks ago.September 18 she was finally  moved from medical to( RSP) recruit separation platoon. This process normally takes a week to two weeks to depart. Madison is still there... waiting once again. Her hold up now is pending on a class needed. Because she has been held for so long, she is now being handled in the same fashion a retiring Marine would. Today marks her 247 th day on Parris Island. No contact with family or the outside world other than letters. I spoke with a Sgt. there and she pretty much confirmed our facts... The Marine Corps failed our daughter. She was pushed to the side and forgotten for so long, now she is having to endure longer discharge waits. As of today, we were advised that there is no date set for her needed class and our request to visit her has been denied. All of this to say, our system is broken at the cost of young Americans wanting to do the right thing.  She waits..247 days and counting.

For those of you willing to help us be Madison's voice, I will included an address and telephone number to our Senator's office. If you are led to help, you can do so by sending a letter or simply calling their office. If you call, please leave a voice mail including Madison's name and a short reason for the call. Maybe if we bombard their phone lines, we WILL be heard. We need to shed some light on this broken system. her father and I cannot thank you enough for your prayers and assistance.

Office of U.S Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D.
Fax # (225)929-7688
Phone # (225) 929-7711

Senator Cassidy
5555 Hilton Ave, Suite 100
Baton Rouge, La. 70808

New Beginnings

Hi Y'all.

Its been awhile.. I know.

I sure have missed hanging out around here.

I'm so excited to finally say...

We are Back!!!

And with a new look to boot!

For those of you new to our story, I will take you back one year.


It's been that long!

A year ago TODAY!

For those of you new here, our home in Louisiana flooded.
We were not alone.
So many of our neighbors and surrounding towns felt the waters.

You can read all about it here

We lost almost everything inside of our home including 2 cars.

For those that have never been through something such as this, it's life changing.

Once our contents were set by the road, we had to begin the task of knocking down walls.

And removing bricks to reach inside.

You can see here below how we progressed over months.

And that brings you right back here.

Now this is where our story started to get pretty.

We could not have gotten where we are today if it had not been for so many wonderful people.

Strangers, friends, family... companies..

One in fact, , reached out to us.


Not only did they go above and beyond to dress our windows, they listened.

They shared their stories and offered help.

And that's a big deal when you just don't know where to turn.

I can't tell you how many samples they sent our way.

Something so wonderful about getting to touch the fabric and see the colors in real life.

My two picks are above..

I chose the Classic Roman Shade in Portland Bay Side for our kitchen.


Rio Winter White for our master bath.

Within a few short weeks, our custom roman shades arrived.

At first I was a bit intimidated.

Just the thought of hanging shades made me cringe.

No worries!

They arrived with the needed hardware and I had those babies up in minutes.

That's right... MINUTES!

See that tiny hole up there?

Just drill the included screw through that hole and you're done!

To complete, I attached this handy dandy wall mount to hold the chain.

To say I'm pleased would be an understatement.

I'm blown away y'all!!

They fit perfect from top to bottom.

And can I tell you, that was not an easy task I'm sure.

Because our windows had to be removed and replaced with new trim, the sizes varied.

like the top was one size and the bottom was off by quite a bit.

I was so concerned that this would cause problems.

Not one bit!

Custom fit should be their middle

Many have emailed me asking about the back of the shade.

During your design phase, you get to pick your liner.

I wanted something in my kitchen that would allow the light to filter through but thick enough to give us 100% privacy.

They will walk you through every step of the way.

They answered questions before I even knew what to ask.

I guess y'all can tell by now that I'm just a bit smitten...

Now lets head on over to our master bath..

I wanted something very simple and classic.

I started out with just a simple white background and had them add this gorgeous grey trim.

They have many colors to pick from.

I mentioned before that our kitchen window had a thinner liner to allow the sun to peek through.

For our bathroom, I wanted something just a bit thicker for privacy.


The right amount of light filters through with no worries.

I just love how it folds...

Here is a peek from the outside for those of you wondering.

I just don't know where I would be if it wasn't for all of your sweet comments, prayers,
and inspiration.

God has truly blessed us in ways we could never have imagined.

Thank you for reaching out to our hurting community and helping so many.

Your staff has gone above and beyond making our little family feel safe and covered.

If you're in the market for shades or would just like to chat with a friendly designer, give them a call.

I would also like to share with all of you a coupon code.

If you purchase something between now and the end of August, you will receive 20% off of your order.

The code is susieharris
exp. 8/31/17

You will be blessed!