Book Ledge DIY

I can hardly call this a DIY but here it goes.

Gather up these few things and you have yourself a fun project!


glue and finishing nails

It's as easy as putting these three pieces together.

I was able to make all three in just minutes for the price of one store bought ledge.

I had my husband hang them directly into studs for safety.

How cute!!

Kaylee ordered this adorable bag from Pottery Barn.

Just an FYI...

Make sure you check the sizes.

This one is the medium I believe and it's HUGE!!!!

She has it stuffed with packs of diapers now but I'm sure it will be replaced with toys soon.

She was a bit concerned of having the shelves so low but as he grows she may remove the lower one.

He may or may not be a climber.

If I were to guess...
 he will be a climber...haha

She still has to cover his outlets but I'm guessing she has a few months to go... lol

I'm so proud of her and how she has decorated his little space.

I'm so happy she has let me play in there too!

And yes...

she is still waiting...

xoxo Susie

Update on the wait...

Just thought I would pop in and give a quick update on my girl.

We are still waiting.

Her bags are packed.

His bags are packed.

My house has never been so clean!

So what do we do while we wait?

We cast her cute belly.


Bellies are so mush cuter than in my days.


Not a mark on her tummy and it's just so perfect.

Have any of you ever tried this?

It's pretty cool.

A friend of hers gave her this really neat kit and it's so easy.

A little messy but loads of fun!

I believe she is going to have his picture taken in it after he is born.

Not sure what she will do with it later.

So that's our update for now.