A New Orleans getaway

For those of you that know me, I have three kiddos.

24, 22, and a 14 yr old.

Trying to make each one feel loved, cherished, irreplaceable....everyday.....it's HARD.

Loving them is easy. It's making them feel.... what we know is true.... the task.

I know ..they know... that they are loved but it's always fun to remind them in a very special way.

And if any of you out there have kids, you know!

You know that they each come with their own love language.

As a mom, I know the key to each one  of their hearts.

It doesn't have to be extravagant nor expensive, it just has to come from the heart.

Often, I fill their little tanks with a text message, a lunch date, a bag of their favorite candy, or a one on one walk to the park.

But sometimes, it's fun to surprise them with a out of the blue treat.

Our girl, Maddy,.... her love language is music, theater and dressing up.

Not sure how many 14 yr olds enjoy the Celtic Women, but this girl loves them!!

After finding out they would be close to home, I started planning.

New Orleans!

After Maddy's school let out on Friday, we picked her up and headed south to New Orleans.

She had no idea and that made it extra fun!!

She is so fun to surprise... she just goes with the flow.

I'm not that easy.

I don't like surprises and they drive me crazy trying to figure out the plans.

Not her. She just enjoyed every second and embraced the adventure.

After checking into the hotel, we changed and headed out to catch the street car.

(a first for her and her dad)

Now can I hop in here for a minute in "mommy mode" ?

I have a love /hate relationship with New Orleans.

Top that with taking my youngest into this city made me a bit on edge.

I love the history, culture, arts, FOOD, architecture, brick streets... 

I could go on and on here BUT...

There is a part of New Orleans, as with any large city, that I dislike.

So can you visit New Orleans and bypass the grunge?

Yes and No.

We found a very quaint hotel in the heart of the city called The Lafayette.

It was the perfect distance to enjoy New Orleans with our girl.

We were a block from the street car route and just a few blocks more from the theater.

We had the coolest street car driver that shared some fun facts about the city.

Maddy was still in the dark about her surprise until we arrived at the theater.

Her eyes filling up with tears was all the "thank you" her dad and I needed.

The Saenger theater was built in 1927,
 destroyed by hurricane Katrina in 2005 and restored/opened in 2013.

What a beauty!

We knew that we were in for a treat!

If you have never heard of the Celtic Women, they are worth checking out.

After the show, we grabbed a bite to eat and headed back to the hotel.

Can you spot a bit of Mardi Gras past here in the picture below?

Not many places in the city that you can go and not find a strand of" highly sought after" plastic beads... lol

I often receive emails of friends asking about fun places to visit in New Orleans.

That's a hard question to answer.

So many people have different views of "fun" while in the city.

I can tell you that "my fun" starts right here.


It's located on Magazine street along with quaint little shops and yummy cafe's.

And yes.... 

The streets are lined with 100 year old oaks draped in moss, the sound of street cars and if you're lucky and in right spot....

The smell of honey suckle and magnolia.

This little shop is always one of my favorites to visit.

It's called Perch.

And who would not be lured into a precious shop with a disco ball hanging from the front porch?

Speaking of front porches...

If you're in need of a little southern inspiration, this City is for you!!

The porches and brick lined streets are breathtaking.

I caught this photo as we were leaving the city.

I love how the old and new meet one another.

Would I live here?

Not sure I'm a city kinda a girl but it sure is fun to visit!!!

XO Susie

Sharing a little Spark!

If you know me, you know I'm not a fancy fluffy dresser.
I'm kinda that girl who loves comfy and cute.
And who doesn't love a comfy and cute T-shirt?
I was more than happy to take up an offer and try out a few for a local artist.

Besides the fact that she is super sweet....

She is super talented and her shirts rock!!!!

They are so soft and I love how the fit.

Not baggy and form fitted in a comfy way.

Katie's work can be found here.

And just in case you want to enter for a chance to win one for yourself,

head on over to my instagram!!!

She will be giving one away.

Good luck sweet friends!

xo Susie