Herb chalkboard art

Who says small patios can't shine BIG.

Our humble little patio leads up to our back door.

To say its a catch all space would be an understatement ... ha!

Toys, shoes, shovels....

I first removed every single thing.

And started by adding back one item at a time.

My favorite wooden table passed down to me from my Maw Maw.

A plant here and an herb there.

It started coming together!!!

The huge chalkboard needed some fancy too!

So I added a few sketches of my favorite herbs....

And just like that.... I fell in love in my tiny patio.

And you would know...

My flowers just hogged the spotlight...ha!

Above is a tiny clipping from my new olive tree.

I do hope it takes root.

Have any of you ever had luck with an olive tree?

Below is an angel vine.

They can be pretty picky at times.

This one has a favorite spot.... on my patio.


My patio is just smiling now with all of her color.

Now I just need to add a few flowers to my welcome basket and I will be all done.

Sweet sweet summer time!!!!

Hope you are enjoying your warmer days too.

xo Susie

The Abita Springs Trail

We needed some family time.

Good belly laugh, leave your cares behind kinda family time.

Although we were missing two kids, because one is in Disney and the other was building a bed.

We hit the trail!

Just a few towns over, nestled in the center of Abita Springs, is a trail.

It was once an old train track, now turned into the neatest bike trail ever!

Its over 30 miles long... one way!

You can hop onto the trail through so many stops and tiny towns.

It will take you over small bridges.

Tree shaded paths...

And the sweetest little country towns.

If I'm correct, you can even rent bikes along the way or have yours serviced at the cutest bike shop.

The portion of trails we took brought us past pretty condo's..


fun shops...

and tiny sno ball stands!!

Of course my heart skipped a beat when we passed a small "cottage" development being constructed.

They had some of the sweetest homes being built along the way.

I loved the front porches and the "community" feel.

And this guy...

He and Maddy just stopped and smiled every time I needed to snap a picture.

I'm so glad they "get me".

We hit the trail on a Saturday and I'm sure it's one of the bustiest days to visit.

The bike traffic was not bad at all.

Along the way, you will find picnic tables in the perfect spots and cottages to take breaks.

Behind this building below, they have a large spray park for kids.

I think that was one of our favorite spots to pass.

Not only hearing the laughter of kiddos splashing but you get a nice cool mist as you pass by.

win win

Most of the section we traveled, was traffic free.

There were a few spots in town where you had to cross streets but we felt very safe and the towns are super great at watching out for bikers.

Right here...

In this very spot...

The smell of hot boiled crawfish lured us in!!

We only touched on a very small part of the trail but have high hopes to visit each and every mile.

Nothing compares to the simple pleasures of riding a bike.

John F. Kennedy

xo Susie