How can I help?

I knew this day would come...

I just didn't know the deep down feelings that would surface.

God prepared me for this!

I often wondered how in the world I could turn my story into helping's now!

My advice is just that... mine.

It's what worked for our family during our time of need.

If you are here wanting to know how YOU can help, God bless YOU!

You're in the right place.

The first step to helping someone who has just gone through a tragedy is ...


Don't call or text.
I know you may think that you're being sweet but you're just taking time away from them that they need.

Victims can't tell you what they need because they just don't know.

I know for myself, I could not even think straight and tell you if I was hungry.

The hardest part of being a victim of flooding is admitting you need help.

Trust me.  You need every helping hand you can find.

So where do you begin?

You don't have to call them and let them know you're coming.

They may refuse. Just show up!

Everyone wants to bring water and that is great but man can't survive on just water.

Snacks were awesome!

It's hot and you're working endless hours. Your normal has flown out of the window and often, you won't even know you're hungry until the wee hours of the night.

Here is a list of things we found very helpful in the first few days.

Floor fans
paper towels
toilet paper
sanitizing wipes
work/plastic gloves
pop up tables
drop cloths
hammers, utility knives

(you cannot have enough plastic bins)

flip flops/socks

tooth brushes and toothpaste.

Many loving friends wanted to send clothing and household items.
While these items will be needed in the future, many will have no place to store them.

Instead, offer to pick up their laundry and wash it for them.
You have no idea how this will be a blessing for them!!!

Cook meals and bring it to them.
I know we never wanted to stop working and drive somewhere to eat.

That took up valuable time when trying to beat the onset of mold setting up in your home.

The first step after your home floods...


This is a hard one.
I had a few moments where I broke down throwing out "memories"

But... you know what I remember now the most?

Those that were there shoulder to shoulder helping us every step.

Don't be afraid to step in and pitch items that are damaged and soiled.
I found it helpful when others would make those decisions for me.
When it is something in question, hold to the side and ask them later.

It's ok to cry and its ok to cry with them.

What's not ok is to remind them that it's only just stuff that can be replaced.

Their "just stuff" is theirs and it hurts.

Allow them time to grieve over their belongings and listen to their stories.

They are blessed to have you!

This is something that won't be fixed in a week.. a month... a year!

Working with the government is slow.

Working with your insurance is slow.

Waiting on construction workers... crickets

Let's just say that we are a year in and we are still waiting to finish things.

For those of you that are helpers, keep checking in on them.

Don't believe when they say they are fine and don't need anything.

Bring something!  Even if its a plate of cookies.

They need to feel loved and not forgotten.

Every kind act that you can do for them will be one less thing on their shoulders.

If you cant be there but want to help...


Everyone has their own opinions on who and where to donate.

What was helpful to us the most, gift cards!

They took up no space and we knew they were there when needed.

When you have lost everything, anything helps!

We would not be where we are today if it had not been for the kindness of others.

If you have a local church or group heading that way to help, that's a great place to start.

I know that everyone mentions large groups  (not saying names) but after everyone  takes a cut, only a small percentage makes its way to the needy.

Give to groups that you know.

be careful

Along with tragedy comes crooks that are heartless and will play at your emotions.

Make sure your hard earned money finds its way 100% into those that NEED it.

I know this post has been all over the place.

My thoughts and feelings are everywhere!

We are good.

 Most of the rain and wind have gone west of us for now.

If you're still reading this, thank you!

Thank you for helping!

Every small gesture is HUGE to the one that's going to receive it.


New Beginnings

Hi Y'all.

Its been awhile.. I know.

I sure have missed hanging out around here.

I'm so excited to finally say...

We are Back!!!

And with a new look to boot!

For those of you new to our story, I will take you back one year.


It's been that long!

A year ago TODAY!

For those of you new here, our home in Louisiana flooded.
We were not alone.
So many of our neighbors and surrounding towns felt the waters.

You can read all about it here

We lost almost everything inside of our home including 2 cars.

For those that have never been through something such as this, it's life changing.

Once our contents were set by the road, we had to begin the task of knocking down walls.

And removing bricks to reach inside.

You can see here below how we progressed over months.

And that brings you right back here.

Now this is where our story started to get pretty.

We could not have gotten where we are today if it had not been for so many wonderful people.

Strangers, friends, family... companies..

One in fact, , reached out to us.


Not only did they go above and beyond to dress our windows, they listened.

They shared their stories and offered help.

And that's a big deal when you just don't know where to turn.

I can't tell you how many samples they sent our way.

Something so wonderful about getting to touch the fabric and see the colors in real life.

My two picks are above..

I chose the Classic Roman Shade in Portland Bay Side for our kitchen.


Rio Winter White for our master bath.

Within a few short weeks, our custom roman shades arrived.

At first I was a bit intimidated.

Just the thought of hanging shades made me cringe.

No worries!

They arrived with the needed hardware and I had those babies up in minutes.

That's right... MINUTES!

See that tiny hole up there?

Just drill the included screw through that hole and you're done!

To complete, I attached this handy dandy wall mount to hold the chain.

To say I'm pleased would be an understatement.

I'm blown away y'all!!

They fit perfect from top to bottom.

And can I tell you, that was not an easy task I'm sure.

Because our windows had to be removed and replaced with new trim, the sizes varied.

like the top was one size and the bottom was off by quite a bit.

I was so concerned that this would cause problems.

Not one bit!

Custom fit should be their middle

Many have emailed me asking about the back of the shade.

During your design phase, you get to pick your liner.

I wanted something in my kitchen that would allow the light to filter through but thick enough to give us 100% privacy.

They will walk you through every step of the way.

They answered questions before I even knew what to ask.

I guess y'all can tell by now that I'm just a bit smitten...

Now lets head on over to our master bath..

I wanted something very simple and classic.

I started out with just a simple white background and had them add this gorgeous grey trim.

They have many colors to pick from.

I mentioned before that our kitchen window had a thinner liner to allow the sun to peek through.

For our bathroom, I wanted something just a bit thicker for privacy.


The right amount of light filters through with no worries.

I just love how it folds...

Here is a peek from the outside for those of you wondering.

I just don't know where I would be if it wasn't for all of your sweet comments, prayers,
and inspiration.

God has truly blessed us in ways we could never have imagined.

Thank you for reaching out to our hurting community and helping so many.

Your staff has gone above and beyond making our little family feel safe and covered.

If you're in the market for shades or would just like to chat with a friendly designer, give them a call.

I would also like to share with all of you a coupon code.

If you purchase something between now and the end of August, you will receive 20% off of your order.

The code is susieharris
exp. 8/31/17

You will be blessed!