Fun Faux Roman Shades

At last..

What a fun fast journey this has been.

As you may remember, I put out an SOS looking for this fabric.


Sold out. No longer in stock. Sorry.

But I'm not a quitter.


I pressed on and searched.

I googled.

I prayed.

(insert heavenly music)

I spotted this image and tracked her down like a coon dog sniffin' a trail!

I will make it a bit easier for ya'll and just share the link here.

(Now that you are back from purchasing your yardage...hehe..)

I started with clothes pins.

In the past I feared  cutting fabric and wallpaper. Fear?  Really?

Not anymore!

I just cut that baby.

I even may have used kiddie scissors out of Madison's back pack....really.

I moved it around a bit till I got the look I was going for.

No, not balloon shades..remember those?

I had a house full of em!

I folded till it looked about even, which by the way, they are not.

It's drives my husband crazy...ha!

Let's back up a step...

I sewed a liner to the back for a more custom look ;)

It also help add thickness for shape and shade.

I tacked here and there.

I then folded a very tiny amount over a piece of scrap wood.

Small nails worked perfect to hold it into place.

I then screwed the board onto the wall a few inches higher than exsisting window.

Mmmmm love~

I really love how they bring fun back into this kitchen!

Can you guess what color I'm playing with now?

xoxox Susie~


  1. They are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I think I can even do this now. LOL

  2. They look wonderful! You did a terrific job!

  3. Wow. I spent a weekend trying to figure out a real roman shade and who knew you were whipping these up. I really like them and am going to give it a try. Considering mine looked like bat wings and had to be ripped apart.

  4. LOVE THEM!! I need to make some for a window in our church nursery as we are planning to paint and redo it! Hope I can make the curtains (or get someone who really knows what they are doing!!) Love the fabric colors again and makes your kitchen neat/modern!!

    Great Job Susie!

  5. I love everything about them. What a great idea and the fabric is gorgeous (but you already knew that). Thanks for the great tutorial.

  6. CUTE!!! Love the pattern and colors in this material. Your faux roman shade is genius! Gotta try it out myself.

  7. Love these! The fabric is gorgeous, Susie! Definitely need to try this out for our bathroom window. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Very cute Susan!
    A bright ray of sunshine in your kitchen!
    Great job and great tutorial!
    You little go-getter you! Lol

    Deborah :)

  9. Very pretty, happy fabric. I love your window treatment and the simple method that you used. I knew those clothes pins were good for something! LOL.


  10. Very nice choice for the kitchen. Glad you hunt yielded the necessary fabric:)

  11. makes the kitchen bright and cheery! Can I come over for a visit? Maybe a Sonic Coke?

  12. Love it!
    Now I have an Idea of what to do in my craft room.

  13. Love the fabric and love even more how simple those shades look to make. I need something for our kitchen and our guest bath and I may just have to try this idea...thanks for sharing. Now I have to guess color and am going to say yellow.

  14. WOO HOO! Perserverance pays off! WOOT WOOT ;) They look FAB!!

  15. I love that fabric! What a cool idea Susie!

  16. That fabric is wonderful, it's just delightful in every way...


  17. I love that fabric! It's so fresh and modern.

  18. OmGosh...I have that fabric!!

    I just slipcovered an ottoman in it and slipped the chair in a coordinating print...I love it!

    I love grey and yellow you kitchen grey?

    My restyled kitchen is grey/white and yellow!

    I knew I would like you, we have the same taste

    Janet xox

    PS...see you at HAVEN!!!!!

  19. You did a wonderful job!! They look fantastic.

    I hope you can stop by my blog.


  20. Love that fabric and I am just like you when I am searching for something....obsessed. They look great in the space and especially with the yellow barstools!

  21. Thanks for the inspiration! I just ordered it from JoAnn's fabric online to make curtains in our living room. Now...if you could find a great rug...that would be awesome!

  22. they turned out so great. how much of the window is actually covered? i would love this but dont want to lose any light!


  23. LOVE them!! it really is perfect fabric! i may try this in my kitchen when we finally get around to finishing the other kitchen projects. :o)

  24. I've just decided to turn the little-bit-too-long simple fabric valence/curtain into a fake Roman shade, and I think it will be a bit like yours when I am done. Thanks for sharing!

  25. All this time later I am searching for the same fabric. It popped up on JOannes website as "new" and I had an ordering problem. Now it is no longer available! UGH> I will keep searching. Love the tutorial too!

  26. perfect fabric for shades...delightful in every way.
    Roman shades concord, ca

  27. Which one worked the best for you? I will resort to accordingly

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