Bittersweet decorating~

What's not to love in this room?

I bet your eyes were drawn straight to the ABC's and that yummy board and batten.

Mine too :)

How about the headboard here....Divine~

Just something about this furniture painted grey ....yeah.

While on the subject of grey..

The walls and the sweet ruffle bed skirt had me at hello~

And just so I wont leave those  lil fellas out...

Pure sweetness indeed.

Take a look at those clip boards.

Great idea in any room!

So why am I looking at all of these precious kids rooms?

My baby is leaving for college in the fall. Unbelievable.

Maddy will be trading rooms with her and this means I get to do my thang!

Oh so bittersweet.



  1. Wonderful pictures! I am always drawn to letters and I love the use of clipboards in the boys room!

  2. Oh Susie - that is bittersweet. But you also got me thinking some grey painted furniture may be awesome. :) Can't wait to see your blog redesign. SO exciting. :)

  3. LOVE, love, loveitty, love the clip boards. You could even paint them delighful shades of your fave color.

  4. Hi Susie,

    All of those photos are great. Each with their own personal touches. Lots of ideas out there. I think I am lovin' the grey too:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  5. Beautiful inspirational images. I love the gray furniture. The ruffled bed skirt on the crib and that first sweet bedroom have me swooning.
    Lil princesses grow all too fast. One day you will writing a post about decorating HER babies room!

    Your Friend,

  6. YES to grey furniture! And do you know, I've learned something new from you today. I've never used extra large photos in my blog because they get cut off by my side bar, but apparently, you can see those photos in all their extra large glory in Google reader! :) Sweet, sweet rooms.

  7. That is definitely bittersweet, but think of how excited Maddie (and you) will be with a new room!

  8. I hear you... mine are growing up too quickly and I guess I can turn one into an office...yuck.

  9. Susie ... my oldest also leaves this fall. :( He will be heading to Austin. While I am so happy for him to have this amazing experience, I am going to miss him like crazy!! Perfect word for this time: Bittersweet.

  10. Life is just full of changes...some are easier to take than others! But you can redecorate!! What fun!

    Love the grey walls and pink in the baby room! And those clipboards in the little boys clever!

    I love all your pictures! NEVER get tired of design and decor!

  11. I lost 2 to college in two yrs...just last fall and it is still hard! However, I assure you, you will enjoy this new "more adult" relationship you will have with your kids! I have a 19 and 20 year old and it is really fun to be close to them as they make these new choices!!! Hang in there!

  12. Oh girl...that college thing might be the end for both of us! ;-)
    You're in my thoughts and my heart!
    Love ya
    PS...can't wait to see how your thang turns out! :)

  13. oh this is ever so bittersweet. I will tell you that I have lived through this actual thing 3 times, and I lived to tell the tale. All three of my birdies have flown the nest...and I made it! You also will be surprised how long the house stays clean, how cheap your grocery bill will be and how little laundry you will have (until they come home on weekends!!!LOL)

  14. These rooms are delightful Susan!!
    Oh my goodness that first room..adorable!!!
    I understand about those different seasons in life...God walks with us, and sometimes carries us through them all...

    Deborah xo

  15. I always love stopping by your have fabulous ideas and beautiful pictures!

    Cannot wait to see what changes you make for Maddy's new room! :)

  16. Bittersweet indeed. A mother's life isn't easy. Conflicting emotions rule each day. We want our children to grow into happy adults but we want them to stay our babies forever. Sighs all around.
    I am loving the pale pink. I had just made the decision to paint my dining room that color. It was looking a bit too serious and stodgy for my taste lately.

  17. Hi Susie. I love that picture of the boy's room you posted. Specifically, I love those flash cards on the wall. Do you remember where you got that picture from? Thanks.

  18. Adrienne... these images are all from Restoration Hardware. Opps..I forgot to add that :)

  19. Funny you should post that last room, I just finished (as in the paint is still wet) painting my son's room that blue color and it has silver and black accents and I am looking for ways to decorate the walls that are 7 year old boy friendly and those clip boards are perfect.

  20. My oldest graduates this year also. He will be sticking around and going to a local community college for the first two years so I don't have to cry as much yet. We have homeschooled all the way through, so a small college we thought would be an easier transition.

  21. awww...well it is bittersweet! Love all these rooms you have shown!

  22. All of these room make me wish mine were little ones again so I could use some of these ideas!!

    The baby leaving the nest is always the hardest. Throw yourself into ME time and it will always cheer you up!


  23. That first room is just beautiful!

  24. Both are adorable. I love grey with pink. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Georgeous pictures. I love the grey painted furniture and the prettiest pink in the world to go with it!

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  27. LOL at the previous comment! wow.
    I love that boys room! Adding it to my inspiration files and on the lookout for clipboards now :)

  28. Do you remember where the nursery picture came from? I love the sweet little ruffled bed skirt!

  29. Wow these rooms are beautiful and inspiring. Do you think a photo to canvas print from a site like might look nice in a child's room?

  30. Bittersweet, indeed. But Kaylee is about to have the adventure of her life. Praying for your Mama heart. : )

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