Monogrammed Art

Today for some reason I am being nit. picky.
I see all the wrong and feel compelled to point every single thing out.
Like the sun was too bright.
The sun was not bright enough.
My camera skills make everything fuzzy and look off balance.


The big kicker..
my monogram on the right is cockeyed and not centered....darn it!

Ever have those days?

So if you don't mind the fuzzies
the glare spots
the imperfections...

Come on along...

You are in the right place :)

These are so easy to make!

I think I will put them in my shop for sale soon...

and for those of you that DIY..

I will make a DIY post soon.

I like the balance these bring to our room.

I could see these in a larger scale too.

I love monograms anyway they come...


Not to mention they will remind us which side of the bed is ours...ha!


The lamps were Marc's find at Target.
Like ten bucks a piece (not including shade)!

This weekend I plan on finishing up a few orders
and taking Maddy to a fair.
Bingo. Country Store. Homemade Brittle....

Hope you have something fun going on too!

xoxox Susie~


  1. How I love them...nice touch...and good to know what side is Have fun with Miss Maddy Girl...:) So fun to go the fair...get pics...

    Xo, meme

  2. LOVE 'EM...coming ride over to see them in person. Be there in a few.
    Love ya little sister!

  3. What a beautiful room! I love the colors and they way you have it decorated!

  4. Love your new monograms!

    I can't believe your hubby found those lamps! Mine would never be looking for lamps in the first place!!

  5. I am currently trying to decide on a color palate for the master... LOVING the yellow, grey and white! Like, A LOT! Beautiful place to call your "haven"!

    sorry.. I just had to! ;)

  6. I love your room!! My room is also gray and I find it to be such a relaxing color and the yellow makes it POP! By the way did you make that sign above your bed? I am in love with it!


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