Signs and My Shop

Thought you may want to take a peek at my latest sign.

It may look a bit familiar to you.

(love the look of a smaller hanging sign)

Have you guessed yet?


If you guessed Layla's sign you are right :)

I feel so blessed to be able to share my passion of vintage inspired signs with many of you!

Thank You!

I know many of you may be wondering where did my Etsy go.

I'm working on building a new site for my signs.

I'm hoping to add it directly on my blog so it will make it eaiser for you.

Till then if you should have any questions or need a sign just email me.....ok.

Wanna know my all time favorite sign I have ever painted?

It's not fancy...

In fact it's just a  few simple words....

I thought about replacing it with a new fun sign for Maddy's new school house.

Then I decided to leave it up there.

Maybe those words will be etched into her and her class mates hearts.

Success is wonderful and we all want to achieve it...

but without being a man of Value....we have nothing.



  1. Susie,
    You are so talented! I love how you use your gifts, abilities and hard work to influence people for good! You are a blessing!

  2. Susie,

    You know how talented I think you are. I love the sign you created for the Fairfield House! Looking forward to adding another one as soon as you get your shop 'doors' open. The sign in your studio is perfect and should be hung at the head of all college classrooms.

    Your Friend,

  3. as always these signs are gorgeous...i had a friend compliment me on the one i bought from you. it was a hanger made with rulers!!

  4. It's gorgeous, Susie! I am so glad you posted about your Etsy shop. I was looking for it yesterday and was getting somewhat worried. I get so many compliments on the two signs you made me. Can't wait to see what's in store....

  5. Beautiful! I love it. And I love the simple one. Your work is lovely and heartfelt. I'm looking forward to seeing your blog store :) I just might need one of these.

  6. I have never seen your Etsy shop but I can't wait. I love your signs. It sounds like you have a lot of fans!!


  7. So so so cute! Love the new sign. There's only one thing Susie (there always is) The U in Bucks needs to be changed to a E (only because my last name is Beck!) :)


  8. I was one of the people wondering where your shop went. Can't wait to see the new one!

  9. You are indeed very talented. Good luck launching your new shop site - I'm sure that all your clients will follow you without hesitating.
    My French Counry Home

  10. Out of all of the gorgeous signs that you have created, I think this style is my favorite. I love the smaller hanging sign and I also love the little edge detail on the larger sign! Beautiful job! God bless.

  11. SUSIE!!!! I LOVE IT!!!

    I cannot wait for it to get here... = ) You did SUCH a wonderful job!

    Thank you!

  12. I love signs. And I especially love your sign about being a man of value. I'm so glad you left it there. It's so profound and so needed in this world.

  13. You are so talented. The words from the last sign could not have come at a better time. I was just venting on the phone after facing the cruel scrutiny to my family due to us not having "success" i.e money. I was stating how I much rather be where I am with a happy family, married to my best friend. A family with values but no money...I'll take that!
    Thanks for inspiring us even without you knowing.

  14. Your work is so joyful. Always enjoy visiting. Sea Witch

  15. I always love seeing your signs. They have that perfectly aged quality, but classy too.

  16. I absolutely LOVE your signs!!! Your new one is so great and I love the way the little hangs. You are so talented and I can't wait to see how your shop looks on your blog!!!

  17. Oh Susie I heart them!!! I still want another Susie for my kitchen but I'm not sure yet what I want.

  18. Susie, I loved this sign when I first saw it on Layla's blog! It is fantastic.
    xo, Sherry

  19. I also was wondering about your shop. Every time you posted a new item you made, I went above to click on the Etsy shop...but it wasn't there! So glad it is coming back..I adore the signs and wreath you made for me..can't wait to add more! Cindy

  20. I love signs and sayings and yours are so pretty. You are very talented. Love & blessings from NC!

  21. Beautiful sign...question though, is it spelled "til" or "till"?. I see your's and Layla's are spelled differently. Just wondering...Keep up the great work and can't wait to see your new Etsy shop!

  22. These are great!!! I like seeing phrases that you don't normally...too many of certain ones out there.

  23. I really love ur blog. I haven't read in a few wks and am trying to catch up :) this post hits my heart because it is something I try so hard to teach my babies. Blessings to you and ur family!

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