Burlap wreath DIY

It's no surprise that wreaths can get pretty pricey.

And when you have to make two of everything, you start thinking of ways to save.

With the holidays fast approaching, I was looking for something that could take me through the end of the year.

Burlap was the answer!

I plan to just change out my bows for every season and enjoy!

So here is a fast easy DIY to follow.

You start with a wire wreath.

This one came from Hobby Lobby but they can be found at Wal Mart and just about every craft store around.

Burlap ribbon is always my first choice but it was not on sale this weekend.

So with my 40% off coupon I purchased about 5 yards of fabric.

I cut them into strips about 5 inches wide and a good length to work with.

I twisted a pipe cleaner to the end of my fabric strip.

Floral wire can work too but it's not as easy to handle.

With my pipe cleaner, I attached my first piece of fabric.

And here is where all the fun starts. I made a loop about the size to fit around a soda can.

After you make your loop, tuck it under the wire next to your pipe cleaner.

Just weave in  and out and repeat....

Your wreath will start filling in and fluffing out.

I found these fun letters at a gift shop near my home.

I painted them white and tied them on with some jute string.

You can see above, they have little slots to slip your ribbon or string through. LOVE THAT!

I added some blue ribbon to get me through late summer and will replace it with some fun fall ribbon soon.

Now my doors are all gussied up and ready for the upcoming holidays.

Now what can I do with my extra burlap?

I think Pinterest may have just given me a gazillion ideas.

xoxo Susie


    excellent idea/tutorial..

  2. That looks amazing on your double doors, Susie. Love the monograms.

  3. Really pretty wreaths and how great that you can use the same wreaths and just change the accents on them. Great idea!


  4. I love them! I recently used burlap to make a big bow for a grapevine wreath to last us through autumn and it's holidays.

  5. These are so cute! I am looking for a fun wreath to do this year for my fall porch. This looks perfect. Great job!

  6. I am SO making this wreath this weekend!!!

  7. I love your wreaths and your double doors! I found your wreaths on Pinterest (of course). I had to laugh when I came to your blog and saw your name, seems we have more in common than our fondness of burlap. Sue Harris -from Conway, North Carolina

  8. This turned out beautifully, great job. I love the simplicity of your wreath! Very elegant instead of overdone <3

    Marlene Detierro (Valor Janitorial Services)

  9. I just followed your tutorial and made my first wreath, I'm in total love! However, I'm questioning if I actually did it right even though I do like the end result. The back looks a mess and from the side, in some areas you can see a little green wire still. I was hoping to see what the back of your wreaths look like to get an idea if I did actually do it right and it's supposed to look like this or if not so I can try again to accomplish it a little nicer. Thank you!!

  10. How do you make your bow at the top? I'm a horrible bow maker. :)

  11. I've been longing to make one for awhile, but didn't think I could do it. Thanks for the tutorial!

    Irene Reliable House Cleaning San Antonio TX

  12. Nice job on your wreaths!

    Elegant Holidays Inc.

  13. Love! Love it! Going to make the wreath! Great job! Thanks for sharing!

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