DIY Christmas Wreath

This has got to be the easiest wreath ever!

Here is a list of supplies you may find helpful

(Depending on what style, you can keep this wreath under 20.00) Yes indeed!!!

One grapevine wreath.

One Wooden letter (Hobby Lobby)

Shatter proof balls

Fun ribbon and net!

Craft paint

Picks (Hobby Lobby)

I started off by painting my letter.

Adding polka dots!

Love this!

And tiny ones...

I used a pencil eraser.

I then started adding my Christmas balls..


With the net I did the same thing...

Making a bow...easy.

After I tied my bow tight I then cut the loops.

To make this!

After my letter dried I drilled a few tiny holes to attach it to my wreath.

I tied it on with fishing string ;)

For the ribbon, I just tied them on.

Adding the picks filled in the empty spots and made it super cute!

Fun thing about this wreath...there is no wrong way :)

Just fun!

xoxox Susie


  1. Suzie this is a great christmas wreath...I has inspired me to make more of an effort this year with mine..the one I had up last year was quite sad looking lol...good skills lovely x

  2. Very fun! Love the bright colors. Thanks for sharing the details.

  3. WOW!! That wreath is beautiful great job. Hugs from California

  4. Oh! That'a just too cute! Those bad boys are on etsy for over $100! Craziness!

  5. Hi Susie, this is adorable. So easy and so great looking! I love it. And boy do I need a new wreath this year. My old one has bit the dust! Great inspiration as always!

  6. The little ribbons are just the icing on the cake. :))

  7. Just blog hopping and I happened on your blog and I'm SO glad I did. This is GORGEOUS!!! Thanks SO much for sharing!!

  8. OMG, that is ridiculously cute. Must pin!!!!

  9. That's so cute Suzie!! I would definitely like to try one of those. :)

  10. What a cute and whimsical wreath! I love it!

  11. Susie what a fun wreath!!!Thank you for sharing with us how to make it:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  12. Cute wreath! I love it and so easy to make. Thanks for sharing


  13. This is ADORABLE! Love love love it!

  14. That is absolutely darling!

  15. Love this to pieces!

  16. I love your blog :) You inspire me to get creative.

  17. aww man I love this wreath. And I have almost every thing at home to make it, except I have red net. Quick trip to the dollar store for some picks and I will be ready.. thanks Susie, ,gonna give this a try this weekend.

  18. I love it! I want to try this! Although I've never been very good at wreaths, you make this look easy! :)


  19. Love this wreath. It is so cheerful.

  20. Hi, Susie,, just wanted you to know that I linked back to you with my wreath... not exactly like yours but I used the same method of tying into bow and then snipping the loops.. Thanks!

  21. Thanks for the idea Susie! I am going to use this idea and make it my own!! Love your inspiration.

  22. Susie, I LOVE this wreath, so cute & fun. Just pinned it! You rock, girl!

  23. I just found this on Pinterest when I was looking for an easy to make Christmas wreath for our front door. This is just what I was looking for! Going to Michael's tomorrow to get the supplies. Thank you!

  24. Super cute and looks fairly easy. I want to make one now. Thanks for sharing.
    Leslee in MT

  25. Love the whimsy! Hope you don't mind, I featured your wreath on my Top 10, Thanks!

  26. Love this tutorial, you made it look so easy. Love the personal touch of the 'H' to it too :-)

  27. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing
    What size grapevine wreath did you use?

  28. Your wreath was made by you to look simple to make and beautiful when finished. I guess you can say I am wreath crazy. I have Christmas wreaths for every door in my house. Simplified by hanging a regular wreath hanger over each door and the wreath just hanging over the bottom piece of plastic. I have never tried a grape vine wreath yet but I am going
    to try my hand at this in 2014. I won't to make something every week or twice a week in the year 2014, if God allows me to do so. thanks, so much, and God bless. Dottie Copeland

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  30. Beautiful. I can't wait for Holidays. I want to make this now.

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