Stickin,Pickin DIY Fall Wreath

If you would love to see more door decor hop on over to Rhoda's!

Same wreath as last year...
and the year before that.
And if I search my blog log, I'm pretty sure it goes back another.

I remade it again...


This time I'm taking you behind the scenes   greens.

I'm telling all my dirty little DIY secrets.

(come closer)

Fake Feather's are a MUST!

I think I found these at Hobby Lobby.

They work great outdoors.
Real ones will cost you a kid or two and they just dont last.

Floral sticks with wire...another must.

This is the brain child behind the entire wreath.

It's the glue that holds it together.

After I wrap each individual stem to the floral sticks...

I start stickin' and pickin' my pumpkins in place.

My pumpkins and gourds are foam so it holds nicely!

You just have be careful. I think I got a little carried away~ ha!

Can you see it?

Once you start stickin' your goodies in, your sticks will just blend right in!

My pumpkins came from Wal Mart, Hobby Lobby and Micheal's.

They were once orange and half off. Sold!

I spray painted them white.

The berry gourd picks came from Hobby Lobby....years ago.

Having two doors to decorate every year can get pretty $$$

I love that old saying love what you have!

Now I just need to take down party balloons,

pull that weed below

and plant some mums!

See that weed?

OCD...gets me every time!

xoxox Susie~


  1. These are SO cute, Susie...I think I will give it a shot. I wish I could just find white pumpkins...even the real ones are scarce. I guess everyone wants them! White goes with everything.

    Great job! :-)


  2. Lookin' gorgeous Susie!

  3. That's it! I have been hanging the same Fall wreath for the last few years. Time to make a new one I just love what you did here with the white pumpkins. Thanks for sharing your "secrets" on how it's all held together!

  4. I love your wreaths....shoot...I LOVE your double doors!!! And I love you for giving me the idea of painting those ugly-colored-orange pumpkins white.

    I had bought a couple of white-ish pumpkins a couple of years ago (cheap) and just loved them but they are hard to find unless they are real pricey. So did you just spray paint them or what?

    Some of the orange pumpkins are more natural-looking than others but I hate that REAL fake- looking orange.(although those are the ones I can afford!)

    Your doors look fab....weed and all!!

  5. P.S. Dumb it too fast...I see you SPRAYED those pumpkins!!

  6. Those are really great! I love that you have two. Love the feathers.

  7. Love the colors! So classic and beautiful on your doors!

  8. So the pumpkins! And I LOVE your doors:)

  9. Doesn't matter if you have used these wreaths year after year...they are just beautiful Susie and I LOVE them. I'd use them too (year after year). You are so talented and that includes you art work.

  10. Hi, Susie .. love the wreaths. They are so pretty. I have two grapevine wreaths just waiting to be decorated,, I'll be looking to yours for some inspiration.

  11. Absolutely Loving this wreath! It's a beaut and you did an amazing job! Can't wait to see more of your fall touches!!

  12. Wonderful job! I love the feathers and the white pumpkins. Love your style of doors, too! XO ~Liz

  13. I love double doors, and yours are really pretty! Thanks for the wreath making tips, I haven't made a wreath in years, maybe this year I will.

  14. Oh my goodness, your doors are just stunning (in and of themselves!). I'm loving the feathers in the wreaths too and white pumpkins are always a favorite of mine! Thanks for sharing!

  15. 1st off soooo jealous of your beautiful gray double front doors!! and 2nd those wreaths are awesome!!

  16. I love these! They were my inspiration for mine! I shared your link from last year. I will use mine over and over again too! Wish I had double doors! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  17. Susie, I have always loved your double doors! they are SO gorgeous. You did a fab job with refreshing them. Beautiful, girlfriend!!

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