And the color is....

So many of you have asked what are my colors so I shall spill the beans. I use my Sherwin Williams book at Wal Mart. I get the same look and color for much less. Dover White is the color used for the bottom of my dining room.

Here you can see both of the colors I have used. Dover White at the bottom....

and comfort gray for the top. I know it looks very gray here on the strip but on the wall it is the best blue ever!

Here are the two together! They just love one another...hehe~

I know a few days ago I mentioned that my dover white was looking a bit yellow. I think it was just me....ha! I did try another color and didnt like it very much. It was too brown and Comfort gray was not feeling it  so I fixed my mess and Im leaving well enough alone...for now, Ha!

Moving into my living room you will find the best color ever....RELAXED KHAKI! Have you picked up on my color wheel....comfort...relaxed....~ Those are two things I want people to feel when they step into my home.

Relaxed Khaki is just one of those colors that plays well with others. I have had so many accent colors in this room and RK just loved on them all!

Yes, I am one of those that painted my ceiling and I have loved it. It may not be the look for everyone but for me it was the best thing I could have ever done for this room. I used Rainwashed and it just sets this room apart from the entire a good way!

This picture above shows the true colors of the two. The soft blue and warm brown calm this room. I guess that's  how I can afford to use a red sofa. Love it!

My bedroom...a space where I needed a peaceful color. Can you guess what color it is? I will give you a hint...I have used it in another room shown on this post... If you guessed Comfort Gray you guessed right. In this room it looks a bit diffrent because of the lighting but I love it all the same. So there you have it...some of my favorite colors. What is your favorite color?

Paint....Say it aint' so....

I hate to admit this but I think I am going to have to paint! Gasp....! I know what some of you {misty} may be thinking....again! My walls look a bit yellow to me. Crazy?

Also ...some of you may have noticed, I took down the ads and closed the etsy. It's just you and me now. Why? I will explain soon but for now I am going to just enjoy blogging like in the good old days.  Painting walls and making stuff . Showing all of you how to make it too! I think I find the most joy out of showing all of you how to do it yourself and keeping your pennies at home. I have some neat ideas planned ahead and I cant wait to share them with all of you. I think this will be a great place to share ideas and so much money needed! Whewwww....dont those three words sound great at a time like this. See ya soon~

The Stockings were hung...

and the house is all ready. My spirits...well...I keep telling myself Im not to be bummed on Christmas's the Lords birthday for goodness sakes! So why must I feel so blue?  I am going to put on my "happy face" and march right into my kitchen and be Merry. Yep..that's what Im going to do. I have so many blessing to be thankful for and yet I feel like poop...Have you ever had one of those days? Please tell me it's normal and that Im not the only blogger here that has felt this way. I love Christmas...I love the gift that was given to us from above....sigh~
  So this post is for those of us who have ever felt like poop on Christmas Eve. I think it's ok to feel like poop sometimes (maybe not on Christmas Eve) but all the same it's ok~

Cajun Traditions...

Traditions run deep here in the south. They make up a big part of who we are and why we celebrate. Christmas is that time of year when traditions join hand in hand. To some this may look like just a pile of sticks.

But  for those of us who are blessed to live along the bayous and the awesome's a way of life!

50 miles above New Orleans ,Cajun descendants once lined the Mississippi River Levee with bonfires. Today the tradition remains the same....

It was once believed that we needed to light the way for Papa Noel to find us down here in the swamps.  So every Christmas Eve a huge festival begins and at dark the bonfires light the night sky for Papa Noel.

This huge house is called Manresa House and dates back to 1842. My Grandfather attended school here now it is used to house retreats.

This is one of the side buildings to the Manresa.... beautiful!

Just across the street from Manresa is this life size Nativity. It's is just breathtaking resting under the oaks.

One of the historical homes along the river road.

Just something special about old wooden churches...I bet the Lord moved many a souls on those wooden pews...

Here are just a few of the acadian style homes that grace the river road. If you are ever down this far south, this road alone can take you on a journey in time. Does your community or family  have any special traditions?


Meet my Daddy. He and I have so much  fun when we are together. Im sure you can tell by the smiles on our faces. I miss him so much while he is away. He spends about 6 to 8 months of the year in Washington. When he is not there he is to me. He is my neighbor.

We enjoyed a great meal together at a little bistro.

Here we are with smiles on our faces...

Marc and I celebrated our wedding anniversary on the 9th birthday on the 17th so we just jummbled it all togther and had one nice time.

Not to mention eggplant parmesan...


I love getting together and sharing a meal.

You would think that because Daddy was back in town I would act my age and not make a fool out of myself .....well

for some reason when you put my sister and I together...well I get silly... {no alcohol needed for me...I get silly enough on my very own}

I have no idea what I was doing here but I do know that  my husband was making me laugh so hard I ended up sitting in the middle of the parking keep from peeeein' my pants. Yeah....something about being with my sister just brings out the kid in me.

We had a lot of laughs last night. We enjoyed each other....wonder at what age my Daddy will be able to take us to a restaurant and have us act our age...Nawwwww...that would be no fun...Ha!


It was a close call for my little cottage. The huge pine tree that once stood next to it came a tumblin'down.

It landed on top of Alleys house! Thank goodness she was not in there due to the cold weather. She was all snug next to a warm blanket.

It has rained here almost everyday and our rivers are full. That means our backyard meets up with the swamp.

Somtimes when the water gets high we break out the boats and enjoy the nature around us.

For now I will just enjoy "nature" from the back door. Today the sun is out! How's the weather around your nest?

DIY Fabric Flower Pillows....

I love these fabric flowers. I went to the mall yesterday and they were everywhere. From shoes to scarfs to mittens and hats. They were in every corner I looked. I even saw a huge leather one on a purse....LOVELY!!  As we all know I cannot sew ....I can stitch and pretend but that's about the extent of my sewing ability. These are my Fabric flowers...on a pillow not sewn by me...I know yall are falling in love with this pillow.....If not yet you will be when I tell you that it was only $5.00 at Wal Mart. EVERYDAY!!!So if you cant sew like me this is your ticket. I tell you though....I dont know if you can even sew a pillow this sweet for under five dollars.I added some of my little fabric flowers and this pillow has a whole new take on life. You too can make these sweet little flowers. I will show you how here or you can buy them from me here.I sewed a great little pin onto the back of the flower so you can put them about anywhere!You can pin them on your pillow and when you are ready to wear that cute little knit hat just pin that baby right on and you are ready to go.I think they would look really cute on a plain white tee too....

These are going to be hot for the spring....I just know it!

A giveaway at the Houzz~

Im giving one of these away here. Houzz picked 20 Etsy artist to join in on their huge giveaway and I am one of them! So go visit and see the other 19 great artist ...leave a comment there and you just may get an early Christmas Present! ((hugs)) Susie~

Prayers for the Duggars....

Praying for Michelle tonight. She had the baby Thursday and lil Josie only weighs 1lb 6oz. You can read more here