Herb chalkboard art

Who says small patios can't shine BIG.

Our humble little patio leads up to our back door.

To say its a catch all space would be an understatement ... ha!

Toys, shoes, shovels....

I first removed every single thing.

And started by adding back one item at a time.

My favorite wooden table passed down to me from my Maw Maw.

A plant here and an herb there.

It started coming together!!!

The huge chalkboard needed some fancy too!

So I added a few sketches of my favorite herbs....

And just like that.... I fell in love in my tiny patio.

And you would know...

My flowers just hogged the spotlight...ha!

Above is a tiny clipping from my new olive tree.

I do hope it takes root.

Have any of you ever had luck with an olive tree?

Below is an angel vine.

They can be pretty picky at times.

This one has a favorite spot.... on my patio.


My patio is just smiling now with all of her color.

Now I just need to add a few flowers to my welcome basket and I will be all done.

Sweet sweet summer time!!!!

Hope you are enjoying your warmer days too.

xo Susie