Holden turns one!

That old saying... "seems like it was yesterday"

Wasn't this beautiful girl just my baby?

Now she is a Mommy to a one year old!!

How can it be?

I told myself to avoid getting sappy here but y'all.

Not only have I been blessed to watch this sweet babe come to Earth, I have watched mine become a Mommy.

God has blessed me so~

For those of you precious friends that have stayed around my dusty old blog... Thank you!

Thank you for sharing these precious moments with me.

If you missed it, you can catch up and watch all of our ugly cries here

It was a day to celebrate!!!

And now, a year later...

This little fella.

I can't describe how he makes me feel... 

everyone really.

This little human makes everyone smile.

He has a gift.

And wouldn't you know, his name was spelled wrong below..lol

Nothing a little rearranging of letters could not fix.

His birthday theme was "Little Blue Truck".

It's one of his favorites... mine too.

I had the most fun helping Kay put his party together.

I painted a "little blue truck" for all of us to join in on the ride.

Thank you to all who "rode along"

I wish I could have posted every single picture!

I don't know who had the most fun...

Holden or Nonnie?

And to say the weather was perfect for the last day of January...


So warm and sunny in fact, Holden needed some shades... lol

He laughed at every single present.

The Joy this child has is priceless...

He now knows the joys of sugar too...

and loves it!

That face!

Uncle Jesse and Aunt Rachel are two of his very favorite peeps.

I have a feeling he will be hunting with his Uncle before he starts school.

Below are just a few of his "birthday shoot"

His smiles are plenty... 

but every now and then...

he gives you this look...

Followed by his giggles

My prayer for this love bug ....

Is that he knows how much he is truly wanted, loved, adored and enjoyed!

May he always feel the love and joy that he so freely shares with everyone.

Thank you Lord.

Happy first birthday Holden!

We love you so~