My little baking beauty!

Every year our church has a spring fair.

They have lots of fun activities to get the family's involved.

Maddy loves the bake off competition. and this was her third year baking.

You can see her first year here and her second year here.

It's so neat to go back and see how much she has grown.

One huge reason why I must start blogging again... lol

So last bake off she made a garden theme cupcake.

This year she wanted to try her hand at something different.

Craw fish cupcakes!!!

Now before we all get grossed out... it was just a

Her cupcakes were french vanilla and the craw fish were made out of fondant

I have no idea where this girl gets her baking skills...

I can't bake nor cook to save my life.

And what craw fish boil would be complete without mushrooms and corn.

How cute!!!

She even made a few fondant lemons.

You can see how they started taking shape here.

These little guys were almost too cute to eat.

Now I'm hungry for craw fish... you?

Her mushrooms and corn really looked like the real deal.

Once her cupcakes were completed, she started on her brownies.

Can I tell you.... my house was smelling yummy!

We dropped those sweet treats off at church early the next morning for judging and we waited.

She placed second with her brownies and blue for her cupcakes and won overall.

She also won a cash prize and a gift card to the kitchen store at the mall.

Her entries were then added to the sweet shop and enjoyed by everone.

These moments....priceless!!

As for our garden... not so much.

The rain is starting to be a bit much and the lil garden is not feeling too well.

Hopefully the sun will pop out and dry things up a bit.

xo Susie


  1. It's been so long since I've been around here, Maddy is GROWN and a grandbaby. It's been so good to catch up on things around your place. Oh, and I love the cupcakes, that is an amazing talent!!

  2. She looks so much like you, Susie, and the cuppie cakes are precious!!

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