Sharing a little Spark!

If you know me, you know I'm not a fancy fluffy dresser.
I'm kinda that girl who loves comfy and cute.
And who doesn't love a comfy and cute T-shirt?
I was more than happy to take up an offer and try out a few for a local artist.

Besides the fact that she is super sweet....

She is super talented and her shirts rock!!!!

They are so soft and I love how the fit.

Not baggy and form fitted in a comfy way.

Katie's work can be found here.

And just in case you want to enter for a chance to win one for yourself,

head on over to my instagram!!!

She will be giving one away.

Good luck sweet friends!

xo Susie

My little baking beauty!

Every year our church has a spring fair.

They have lots of fun activities to get the family's involved.

Maddy loves the bake off competition. and this was her third year baking.

You can see her first year here and her second year here.

It's so neat to go back and see how much she has grown.

One huge reason why I must start blogging again... lol

So last bake off she made a garden theme cupcake.

This year she wanted to try her hand at something different.

Craw fish cupcakes!!!

Now before we all get grossed out... it was just a

Her cupcakes were french vanilla and the craw fish were made out of fondant

I have no idea where this girl gets her baking skills...

I can't bake nor cook to save my life.

And what craw fish boil would be complete without mushrooms and corn.

How cute!!!

She even made a few fondant lemons.

You can see how they started taking shape here.

These little guys were almost too cute to eat.

Now I'm hungry for craw fish... you?

Her mushrooms and corn really looked like the real deal.

Once her cupcakes were completed, she started on her brownies.

Can I tell you.... my house was smelling yummy!

We dropped those sweet treats off at church early the next morning for judging and we waited.

She placed second with her brownies and blue for her cupcakes and won overall.

She also won a cash prize and a gift card to the kitchen store at the mall.

Her entries were then added to the sweet shop and enjoyed by everone.

These moments....priceless!!

As for our garden... not so much.

The rain is starting to be a bit much and the lil garden is not feeling too well.

Hopefully the sun will pop out and dry things up a bit.

xo Susie

Growing gardens. Growing Grand babies!


I guess you thought you may never see this blogger

Although my post may be few and far between, I think of y'all often.

I'm finding a new balance in life and it seems priority is feeling pretty snugly theses days.

It looks as though we have a cuddlier on our hands.

This precious baby loves to snuggle ... all the time!

I know. I know.... he may become spoiled but he's just so sweet!

So what have I been up to these days?

We made it through the Easter break and enjoyed some family time.

My Mom and step dad met Holden for the first time.

Holidays have taken on a whole new meaning with a "little one".

Taking him to church for the first time was a huge blessing and proud moment.

And signs... I'm still painting.

I love that I now have tiny distractions to give myself breaks.

I'm finding having "instasales" on my instagram are "AWESOME"!!!

This allows me to create new designs and share them right away.

I have an insta sale coming up soon with some fun new "summer" designs.

I will keep you posted.

Not only are we growing Grand babies... we planted a garden y'all!!!!!

This has been on our bucket list for years.

Nothing like a baby to motivate you to make healthy food.

So when Kaylee mentioned that she wanted fresh veggies for Holden when he starts eating solids...

WE were on

Please be kind if you are a master gardeners... we are Not.

Not even close... lol

In fact, we are praying for Gods glory to shine down and show mercy on this small box of earth we call our garden.

We started with a box and filled it with a good mixture.

We planted a few seeds in some pretty neat dirt cups.

Below are beets and carrots.

It was fun to watch them grow from seeds to these tender little plants in just days!!


For some of the plants like these cucumbers below, we bought them already growing.

Cucumbers are my favorite and I have a great cucumber salad recipe I can share with y'all if you're interested.

We are not huge fans of tomatoes but who plants and garden without these darlings?

We figured, plant them.. family will come... lol

And not to mention, they are just so pretty and red and will be fun to pick.


One sweet memory I have growing up...

My Paw Paw and Uncle would plant a huge garden in the back field.

The veggies would just spill over those nice rows and at the very end....

they would always find room to plant a couple of sunflowers for my sister and I.

It seemed as though they would grow and almost touch the sky.

I hope that we can make some fun memories for Holden too.

There will be a lot of first around here.

I had to smile while watching my husband dig in the dirt with his clean hands.

He works in a office and its not often he gets his hands dirty like this ... lol

Growing stuff just feels good!

Gosh  I have missed y'all!!!

It feels good to chat.

xo Susie