I would love to introduce you to our new little blessing.

Holden Kyle

He bounced right into this world on 2/4/15 @ 11:05 pm

*** Video at the end of the post ***
Have your tissues ready

My daughter. My baby.... she blessed me so.

She labored for 19 hours... finally, with two hours remaining, she gave into an epidural.

I could not be prouder of her.

Maddy, our youngest, was right there by her side.

At that very moment.... we fell deeply, madly...in LOVE.

I don't think Kaylee has stopped smiling since his birth....really.

They say being a Grand parent changes you. They were right.

I've slowed down and enjoyed every second.

In fact.. we all have.

He is just perfect.

In  every way!

Oh the LOVE

It brought back every sweet memory for us.

And Kaylee... she has melted into the roll of mommy hood like a pro.

Words can't describe watching her....its just precious!

And just in case you love sappy videos and ugly cries...

watch below.

xoxo Nonnie