Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

The holiday season is oh so wonderful but returning to normal feels so sweet!

Our two weeks off consisted of staying in our jammies and eating way too much food.

Awaiting a little one soon so we stayed close to home.

Our little family of five will soon grow!

Kaylee is feeling fine and getting so excited.

I don't think it will be too much longer but you never know :)

It is her first so we will see.

As for me... I'm feeling old...ha!

I see so many friends on instagram having babies and I have to remind myself, I'm going to be a Nonnie!

It's such a strange feeling becoming a "grand" parent.

I knew what to expect for my own.

I planned. I planned. I prayed...

It came so natural to me.

But this sweet bundle of joy....it's different.

I'm trying to find my place and its hard.

Can any of you "Grand" mommas relate?

You feel the need to plan and prepare but it's not your place.

Its just strange.

Funny thing is, Kaylee is a mini me.

She is a planner too!

In fact, I think she is more of a planner than myself.

She has completed his nursery, packed their bags and is still working part time.

So... I wait. I wait and I pray :)

I guess that's my new roll.

I will help her care for him when she returns to school in the fall.

She will start student teaching and I am over the moon to be able to help watch him.

I do hope to continue painting when I can.

I may be slow to do "special" orders but I hope to keep my little shop going.

The large "FIVE" in the photo is a new one I will be adding to the shop.

So that's my plans for the New Year.

No special words or resolutions.

Just goals to live life better and cherish each second.

I look forward to this new year of changes.

I hope to blog and share more.

I miss this.

I miss you!

xo Susie



  1. Susie, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you & your family!!
    I too, am going to be a "grand" this year!!! I certainly hope others out there will share with you what to expect! You are fortunate that it's your daughter, having the baby. I'm the "in law" in our case. I know our kids will make outstanding parents. Just worried about my role, my place in the new family dynamics.
    Can't wait to see pics and welcome your wee little one!!
    Sandy R

  2. Happy New Year to You & Yours!


  3. En arribar a aquest dia, no puc deixar de pensar en la infantesa, aquells moments plens de màgia, que tots hem viscut en la nostra infància

    Feliç Nit de Reis ♕ ♕ ♕

    ✿•*¨`*•. (¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯) .•*¨`*•✿
    . . . ✿•*¨`*•.¸(¯`v´¯)¸.•´*¨`*•✿ . . .
    ……...…♥ •.¸.•´♥……………
    Elracodeldetall.blogspot.com (^‿^)✿ petons

  4. Happy New Year. I know you are over the moon about that new baby. They are so precious and so much fun.


  5. Sounds like a perfect plan Susie. :)

  6. As the song says, "A baby changes everything". ~and they do in such a special way. You will figure out how to be a grandmother the first time you hold that sweet baby. I have 3 little grand boys of my own,and in fact they live in Louisiana!! By the way I am still loving my scripture sign I got from you awhile back. I get many comments on it. Happy New Year! Betty B. in Mississippi

  7. Blessings for A new life and a new role in yours. Being a Grand is the BEST of both worlds. It will come natural..enjoy every tiny minute!

  8. Having a grandchild is the best. I think the comment above that says that you will know what to do the first time you hold the precious bundle in your arms is spot on. It is also such a joy to see my daughter be such a tender and wonderful mother. My heart overfloweth and I am confident you will be a natural.

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