A very Merry delivery

Nothing stops me in my tracks like a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Really... who can walk past and not stop to smell the roses?

In my case, tulips.

This time of year, we get so caught up and busy with the hustle of Christmas.

We often forget to just slow down and see the beauty around us.

Rarely do I splurge on myself and indulge on such pretties.

You can only imagine the joy when I was approached and offered to have a special delivery sent my way!

ProFlowers had these beauties sent directly to my door.

They arrived just in time for my holiday Christmas tour and gave our home that perfect touch.

Upon their arrival, I immediately placed them into water and watched them come to life.

Tulips are ever so delicate and I was a bit worried ordering such a tender flower.

No worries,

After a sip of water, they perked up and brought the entire room to life.

The only problem I had was finding the perfect spot for them.

They looked so pretty in every space.

Next year, I believe I will be sending A very Merry delivery to all of my out of town family.

I hope you are enjoying this joyous time of year and taking some time out to stop and smell the roses/tulips.

xo Susie

ProFlowers is a division of  the FTD company.
Thanks again ProFlowers for the kindness in sending this beautiful arrangement.

A taste of New Orleans

So where does one go when visiting New Orleans?

This eclectic place has something for everyone.

I tend to gravitate towards the history and landscape.

The weather is perfect this time of the year!!

New Orleans is about one hour away from our home so it makes for a great getaway.

If you visit magazine street, you're in for a treat!

Stores and quaint little shops line the streets.

If you can find a car lot, that would be my first pick.

Parking can be a mess on these tiny streets.

On almost any given day, you can find them filming a movie.

Louisiana is a hot spot for film makers....

On this day...

They were filming a movie with Tom Cruz.

We didn't spot anyone famous but it was fun to watch.

The set was decorated for halloween.

It's amazing how much effort goes into just one scene.

One of my favorite things about New Orleans...

The secret courtyards.

Most are hidden behind brick walls and iron gates.

You can more often hear the fountains and know something wonderful is just behind.


Every now and then, you can find one and have a peek!

Our climate here is so warm, our flowers are still showing off and the grass is still lush and green.

It's almost funny to see Christmas garland and fluffy ferns beside one another..

Gotta love Louisiana!

Below is something neat that I have never noticed before.

If you look closely on the brick wall...

Do you see it?

It's shards of glass all along the top of the wall.

I'm guessing they did this years ago to keep people from crossing over.

And because we never get snow...

We have to pretend and get creative lol..

I love how they decorated this home below.

I almost felt like I was in a winter wonderland...almost.

Then when remembered I was wearing shorts and flip flops. ha!

I'm not much for Bourbon street really.

This is about as close as we get.. crossing the street lol

Jazz... every day... all day!

A must here... Cafe' du Monde.

And if I had to take one memory home with me...

This below say's it all


xo Susie

Melrose Mansion

You had me at your beauty.

That's what came to mind when I discovered this treasure.

Our anniversary was fast approaching and it was my year to pick a place.

If I didn't decide soon, he was going to pick a place for us.

I knew I had better research and research fast or spend our anniversary week at a smelly fishing camp.

Not that there is anything wrong with fishing,
 I would just like to not  have to put my shoes on every 
time I needed to use the rest room.

You know what I'm saying ladies lol

I wanted somewhere close. (like within an hour)

That's when I landed on this beauty.

Below is the photo that won over my little southern heart.

It was close enough, cozy enough and my goodness...

Pretty enough!

This beauty sits on the edge of the French Quarter.

Esplanade Avenue to be exact.

It's just close enough to walk to the French Market, visit Jackson Square and grab a beignet at Cafe' du Monde

Yet far enough away from the hustle for a peaceful stay.

Win Win

Upon our arrival, we were given a gate key that lead us to this beautiful courtyard

Our car remained parked next to this beauty below our entire stay.

It is not part of the house but I do believe it has some connection with the owners.

It felt safe.  

And that's worth a lot when you're not familiar with the area.

Just past this courtyard parking there is another small path lined with gas lanterns leading up to this view below.

And just like that...I fell in love

Did I mention that the weather here has been a beautiful 70 degrees.


From the pool entrance, you walk directly into the main parlor below.

The sun in this all white room was almost too much to take in.

I now want to rush home and paint every inch of our home white.

Their dark stained wooden floors work so well with the stark white walls.

Most of our stay, I walked around with my head tilted looking for treasures such as these below.

Every room was just a beautiful as the one before.

The second floor holds another three rooms I believe and the third floor is a workout room.

The views up there are breath taking.

If I'm guessing right, I believe all of the ceiling must be at least 12 foot high.

And the detail in every nook was just as stunning.

Did I mention the bathrooms?

Each room has a unique bath.

Some have huge showers and some have jetted tubs.

I opted for the jetted tub :)

This was our room below.

Very spacious.

And the huge bed was one of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept in.

I believe we had 9 pillows between us and a few extra in the linen closet.

As the sun starts to fade, the house just glows...

If you enter from the front of the house, you are given a gate key to the poolside garden.

This is where we entered after hours.

And yes, almost every porch you pass has a blue painted ceiling.

The home has a bit of a Victorian Gothic style.

It was designed by a noted architect by the name of James Freret.

The home was built in 1884 for the Lanaux family.

Could you imagine growing up here?

Horse and buggies on brick covered paths.

After just a few short days, I felt at home here and didn't want to leave.

I'm sure you can see why...

And that third floor view from the workout room...

Here it is below.

We didn't partake in any workouts,
 other than walking up two flights of stairs to bid the city goodnight lol..

Here is another side view of the home.

And just across the street is a little bar/cafe that has the best onion rings you will ever eat!

During our stay, we did a lot of eating
 but don't worry because we walked it all off.

And we did a lot of this too...

It was so peaceful and tranquil I'm afraid to share with too many..

But because we are such good friends and I know y'all can keep a secret.

I'm sharing this jewel.

If you would like to learn more about this beautiful home and how to visit, I'm sharing a link to their website below.

I was not paid nor compensated for this post.

 I just loved it so much and  I wanted to share with all of you.

If you happen to visit, tell them Susie said HI!

And hopefully,
 I'm on a roll with posting again and will share a little about this eclectic city called

New Orleans.

xo Susie