Harris Holiday Housewalk 2014

Merry Christmas!!

I'm so glad that y'all have taken some time to join us here.

This is my third year participating in the Holiday housewalk tour and it's an honor every year.

If you are joining us from The Shabby Nest, welcome!

Come on in y'all!

For those of you that I've yet to meet, I'm Susie!

I'm from a small but growing town in Louisiana.

My husband and I have three kids and a new Grand baby due on Valentines day!!!

It's still pretty warm here in the south.

Like... I'm in shorts right now...warm.

Crazy I know.

With it being so warm and humid, most of my greenery is preserved.

I do try and add some fresh cedar and branches when I can.

This year, we made some fun changes in our kitchen.

We added a new range and hood.

Y'all... I think the most fun was looking forward to hanging my wreath from it... lol

This year, I thought it would be fun to add a cocoa station.

Little did I know, it would remain in the 70's here...

Maybe I should change it out for a snowball station... wink wink

But all and all ,even though it's warm here, we still enjoy our cocoa.

I had to laugh....

My topping started melting before I could snap a good shot.. haha

This year we are enjoying a new tree from Balsam Hill.

We love it!!

Years past, I drag down every piece of  Christmas I own.

Every bobble. Every strand of garland. The works.... whewwww..

This year, I carefully selected just a few of my favorites.

And it felt good! 

With a new baby coming in February, I see lots of colored lights in our future.

Kiddie Christmas Trees are my favorite and I can't wait!!

I tried something new with my mantel this year.

Some faux garland and some fresh greens.

Can you tell?

The only way people can make out the difference is by the smell.

That sweet cedar gives it away lol...

Using fresh picks, it's easy to change them out.

Do you have a favorite?

Faux? Live?

Or... do you like to mix em up too?

Our foyer.

In years past, Maddy enjoyed having a tree in her room.

She would deck it out with hot pink and cute girlie ornaments.

This year, she started high school.


We gave her a new bedroom makeover.

no barbies. no stuffed animals. sniff sniff..

She made room for makeup and heels.

So when I brought down her little box of  hot pink Christmas, it was a no go.

She wanted LED twinkle lights.

Of course, I love it.

I just miss my littles being "littles"

So now you see why I'm so excited for our Valentines day baby.. lol

So I guess you can say this year has been the year for changes.

Isn't it special how Christmas decorations change with your family.

Your past gets put away in that ragged ole' brown box.

It waits while new shiny things move in.

Next year, I can't wait to pull out that ragged ole' brown box.

The box of tiny hand print reindeer's, macaroni garland and hand made snowflakes!!!

We can't wait to add to the memories.

My tour is coming to an end and it's time to say good bye.

Thank y'all for visiting my little neck of the swamp.

I do hope you come back and visit again soon.


Although, I'm the caboose of the Holiday Housewalk and it ends here...

Don't be sad.

You can always start from the very beginning and enjoy it all over again


I find myself doing the very same thing over and over.

It's that GOOD!

I do hope all of you have a very blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!