A baby shower!

Nothing says "welcome baby" like a good old Southern Baby Shower!

Kaylee, my oldest daughter, is expecting her first on Valentines day.

Planning a shower date with the upcoming holidays was a bit tricky but we did it.

We thought it would be best to plan ahead and beat the rush.

And who doesn't enjoy playing with teeny tiny baby clothes a couple months early?!

My sister Missy and her daughter Brittany, co-hosted the shower.

They did such an awesome job!

You may remember Leroy up on the mantel.

He was the clue in her gender reveal party.

This guy really gets around...lol

Although the weather was a bit gloomy outside and made for dark fuzzy pictures....

We enjoyed every second!

So far this has been the second shower my sister has hosted in her new house.

It was made for entertaining indeed!

I still have to remind myself that my sweet girl is going to be a mommy soon.

And... I going to be a Nonnie!

My sister below with her new Grand baby Finnley.

I don't think he was put down once yesterday... haha..

He was pooped out from all the snuggles.

Kaylee received so many sweet gifts from family and friends.

Holden is one special little blessing.

After the shower and the guest had all gone home, I looked over and had to laugh..

Her gator looked pretty pooped too..

Last night she sorted, and organized and played with every thing.

She is so excited and can't wait to meet her little guy.

Thank you to all that made it out to her shower.

She felt so loved and blessed by all.

And thank you for all of the well wishes.

This Nonnie is pretty excited too!!!



  1. So excited that you are going to be a Nonnie! Beautiful daughter and I know Holden will be beautiful too! Congratulations! We will both have precious grandsons in the new year!! The other Nonny!

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