A baby shower!

Nothing says "welcome baby" like a good old Southern Baby Shower!

Kaylee, my oldest daughter, is expecting her first on Valentines day.

Planning a shower date with the upcoming holidays was a bit tricky but we did it.

We thought it would be best to plan ahead and beat the rush.

And who doesn't enjoy playing with teeny tiny baby clothes a couple months early?!

My sister Missy and her daughter Brittany, co-hosted the shower.

They did such an awesome job!

You may remember Leroy up on the mantel.

He was the clue in her gender reveal party.

This guy really gets around...lol

Although the weather was a bit gloomy outside and made for dark fuzzy pictures....

We enjoyed every second!

So far this has been the second shower my sister has hosted in her new house.

It was made for entertaining indeed!

I still have to remind myself that my sweet girl is going to be a mommy soon.

And... I going to be a Nonnie!

My sister below with her new Grand baby Finnley.

I don't think he was put down once yesterday... haha..

He was pooped out from all the snuggles.

Kaylee received so many sweet gifts from family and friends.

Holden is one special little blessing.

After the shower and the guest had all gone home, I looked over and had to laugh..

Her gator looked pretty pooped too..

Last night she sorted, and organized and played with every thing.

She is so excited and can't wait to meet her little guy.

Thank you to all that made it out to her shower.

She felt so loved and blessed by all.

And thank you for all of the well wishes.

This Nonnie is pretty excited too!!!


DIY makeup station

Life with teenagers is hard.

There. I said it.

You ride on the roller coaster of emotions right along with them.

Some days... I just wanna jump off.

But then you have those moments.

Those glorious Momma daughter moments and you're glad you held on.

This post isn't about raising teenagers but I feel one coming on.

Stick around. you made need some encouragement.

I know I do some days. many days.


Now for that makeup station DIY I promised.  :)

Having girls means having makeup. Lots of makeup..

Having girls in the house means lots of bathroom time.

So what happens when you have one guest bath for two girls?

You make things work.

So this is how I fixed our need.

I visited our local Home Depot.

(This is not a paid  post nor was I compensated in any way.)

I started with a large mirror.

Home Depot has them in many large sizes. 
You can also find these at Wal Mart and Lowes.

This one came from Home Depot and ran about 35.00.

The hardware came with this one.

It's as simple as screwing in the four brackets.

You will need extra help with this.

I'm scared to death of mirrors!!!! crazy I know lol

I then found two lovely brackets.

I'm thinking of adding a middle one just for some extra support.

You can find these for around 5.00 and up.

Now for the fun part.... the shelf.

I knew I wanted something that could be cleaned easily. Makeup can get messy haha.

I found these nice boards in the closet section at Home Depot.

They have this coating on them that makes cleaning a breeze.

Just wipe down with a damp rag.

The boards are available in many lengths. 

I believe the one we purchased was around 7.00

This project went up in less than 45 minutes!!!

The happiness and peace it bring to this family.... timeless

The clear containers that hold her endless makeup can be found in about any department store.

We found most of Maddy's at Home Goods.

They are heaven sent!

I love that they are clear so she can locate what she needs and everything has a place.

We still need to add lighting around the mirror.

That's coming soon.

We are also searching for the perfect seating.

I think I found a stool at TJ Maxx but we will see.

Now that she has a place to put everything, I passed down a few of my Grandmothers old hat pins.

I can remember visiting her and looking at these beauties on her dresser.

Kinda makes sad.

Maddy is our baby.

It's hard watching her grow...

But the thing that makes me smile the BIGGEST

She is still a teenager and for that, I'm hanging on to every precious moment...

even when the ride gets bumpy.


A teen room makeover

I just had to pop in and share with you today!

Above is Maddy's new makeover.

Ok... step one and many to go but we are getting there.

I didn't realize just how much inspiriation was in that one photo below.

Yes, it all started with this photo below.

Maddy has asked me for over a year to make her room look like this.

Really Maddy?

That's kinda like asking my hairdresser to make me look like Jennifer Aniston...lol

This was the room I had to work with..

Now you can see why I put it off for a whole year.

So are you ready?

Lets begin with the lighting.

We had my oldest, Jesse, to add a couple of can lights over her bed.

That involved him having to tap into her chanddy and adding an extra switch.

Now she can decide what lights she wants on...thank you Jesse!

Next step was her panel wall.

For that, We cut 4 pieces of thin wood and covered them with fluff.

We then took a painters drop cloth and covered these lil darlings.

Drop cloths are the bomb y'all!!!

They look like linen and so sweet on the pocket book.

Can I just tell you how happy these 4 panels made her?

She mentioned over and over..Thank you momma. I love them!

Once we hung the panels up we started on her headboard.

We used a scrap piece of wood for the base.
I purchased a foam mattress pad at Wal Mart and covered the wood.
 I used a spray adhesive to hold it into place.

Once it was glued down, I marked the foam where I wanted our covered buttons to go.

We then drilled a hole where each mark was made.

The not so fun part.... covering a million buttons..lol

On top of our foam, I added another piece of fluff just to make it extra fluffy!

For the fabric, I knew I needed something thick and durable.

I found the perfect table cloth at Target that fit just right!!!!

Major score and saved plenty.

Here you can see the holes on the back

Using a large needle, we threaded the buttons through the holes and stapled them down snug.

I would recommend using a waxed thread.

It worked best for me.

And here you go!

We still need to pick up some more fun pillows but this will get us started.

Opps... I think I may have forgotten to mention that we framed the panels with molding.

It just finishes them off nicely.

The sconce is from Home Depot and ran  49.00 each I believe.
She already had one so we only needed to purchase one this go round.

We found this yummy fur throw at Home Goods!

I can't stop walking into her room and just smiling.

She now has my dream bedroom.

I'm almost tempted to ask her to trade...lol

She is in love!!!!

Our future plans are to make a wall of curtains and add a bench for the foot of her bed.

And what teenager girl wouldn't want a wall of mirrors and a makeup station?

We surprised her...

More on that soon....

Hope y'all enjoyed the sneak peek and will come back when it's all finished.

Now to build a city outside her window...just kidding.