live or faux

Live or faux.

Will they know?

For the last 15 years, we have used the same tree.

We called it "the ole' faithful"

We loved that tree!

It was the perfect height and width and was hinged!


With all good things, they must come to an end............wait!

Don't you just dislike that saying?

Although we put our "ole faithful" to rest, that didn't mean we couldn't replace it. Right?

So the question was..

Live or Faux

Time was creeping up and the holidays will be here soon. oh geeeeeese!!!

I had to decide. The time had come!

Many of you know I decorate and join in with the Holiday House Walk every year.

This will be my 4th year  and its such an honor.

So nothing like a little pressure ...right?

But then....

The sweet sweet Balsam Hill came to my rescue!

They had something so very close to our "ole faithful' AND even better!

It is called the Silverado Slim

I placed my order on-line and it shipped the very next day.

It arrived all wrapped in cute little red bows y'all!

If you are shopping for a faux tree, here are just a few things that is a must for me.

An easy stand that won't damage my floors.

Hinged branches are the BOMB y'all.

There is no sorting through colors and sizes and poking in holes that you can't see.

You just gently fold them down. LOVE..

Another plus when searching for the perfect faux tree....

I always look for sectional trees that can be broken down and save room.

The tree I picked out comes in three pieces and also comes with a storage bag for safe keeping.

And get this, it also comes with two pairs of gloves so your hands won't get all poked up.

But honestly, the needles are so soft, I didn't even use the gloves.

I feel bad for saying this , but....this new tree...

It's so much better than our oldie.

Bless its heart!

I like the way the branches are layered.

And you know me, I put this tree together minutes after it arrived.

I don't plan on decorating just yet nor plan to leave the tree up.

I just wanted to share with y'all in case you're in the market for one.

Sometimes pictures in catalogs leave you wondering.

I hope this helps you some.

If you're wondering about fallen needles...

There were only a very few and made clean up easy!

I'm taking it down today and storing it for just a few......

It won't be long before its go time and I can get away with decorating.

I push it closer every year and I know....

Why rush it? Poor Thanksgiving. Are you crazy?

I never rush, I savor.

I love to enjoy my turkey with soft twinkle lights...

and Yes..I'm kinda crazy.

I just love family and friends and decorating and if that makes me wrong...

I don't wanna be right...


But really y'all.

I love Christmas!

And I love sharing with all of you.

If you have any questions about our "new faithful" tree.

I would be happy to help you.

For more pretty trees and Christmas goodies, visit 



  1. I desperately need a new Christmas tree. Can you share what style this one is. There are so many on the website.

    1. This one is the silverado slim. It is 7' tall and a nice width. Not too wide but not too skinny

  2. Is it pre-lit or do you prefer to light your own?

    1. You can order the trees pre-lit or without. I perfer adding my own lights.

  3. I love faux trees. They make things so much easier. Plus if you like me, around midnight on Thanksgiving day I get a wild hair and want to start decorating. My faux tree humors me. LOL.

    Your tree looks amazing, what great size.

  4. It looks so great. I bought outdoor swags from them last year. I AM in the market for a new tree. Are the needles rubbery? You seem to really like it!

  5. Love your new tree Susie. It's going to look amazing all decked out.

  6. Olá,
    que sonho esse barracão recheado de móveis lindos. Queria um desses por aqui.
    Amei sua árvore, e pensar que já estamos perto do Natal esse ano passou muito rápido.
    Tenha um ótimo dia.

  7. What an absolutely GORGEOUS tree! So realistic. I would LOVE one of these.

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