Just pretty.

Sometimes you just have to take a breather.

I'm kinda like my house in some ways.

I feel better when I open my windows and let some fresh air in.

After months of getting ready for the Chapel Market, I think I'm done.

I could paint forever and feel as though I don't have quite enough.

Or I don't have all the right designs for everyone.

And then I remind myself.... breathe!!

So that's what I'm doing today.

I thought I would meet up with you here and say Hi!

I thought you would enjoy some of my favorite places in Texas.

This one above was taken right out of the shops back door.

It's crazy how these awesome shops just set up right in the middle of cow pastures.

The cows.... they don't seem to mind one bit.

I don't recall the name of this shop but it reminded me of an old drug store.

The lights and shelving ...oh my!

And slap dab in the middle of a field... a herd of deer.

I know!!!!

Can we have a moment here?

Piles of wooden sweetness...glory B

I'm feeling refreshed already but then I start asking myself questions like...

Woman! Why in the world did you not buy some/all of these?

I know right?

What was I thinking?

And then there was this..

Like BIGGEST disco ball ever!!!

This picture does not do it justice..at all.

Y'all this thing was so big it would not even come close to fitting in the back of my SUV.

For that reason alone, I bid my goodbyes and walked away.

But around every corner, you fall deeply in love again.

You forget about those wooden pedestals and tractor sized disco balls....you do.

Your attention moves on to Swedish furniture and you start the process all over again..

You gather your thoughts... and take it all in for days like these.

I love looking back at the photos from our trip.

I can almost smell the sweet grass and dew covered tents.

Thanks for walking along with me today.

Now I must start packing and making lists...Oh JOY!!

I'm working on a Chapel Market post for those of you considering coming next Saturday.

And for those of you that can't make it this year, maybe you can plan on the next one.

I so want to meet YOU!



  1. susie where in the world is this place that I dream of everyday of my life???? hope to meet you at chapel market, susan

  2. Thank you for painting and posting.
    The best photos to see on a rainy day because now I feel uplifted to cheeriness.
    Those chairs have gorgeous potential.

  3. I live in Texas and would love to visit these shops, what town is this in?

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