And we wait....

This past weekend, family and friends gathered around my sister's home ...

We celebrated this sweet girl.

She is my niece Brittany.

She and her husband Nick are expecting their first little and we are all so excited.

My sister hosted the shower in her new home.

She is also my new neighbor and my only complaint is I can't visit her enough.

You guessed it!

His name is Finnley.

I call him Finn :)

I can't tell you how wonderful my sister did in pulling this shower together.

She had something so special in every corner.

Down to fresh flowers in her bathrooms...

I may have visited this candy bar more than I would like to admit.

So pretty!

(just because I know my sister and know she will say something.. Please excuse those wires you see hanging from the brick fireplace in the background. They are waiting for their mantel to be completed.) 

The food... oh my!

How sweet!

And yes, I went back later in the evening to enjoy another piece of cake.

Perks of being her sister/neighbor.

And we may have gone back the next evening to enjoy the rest of her veggie trays on their patio.

Have I mentioned how much I love her!

She incorporated  the little elephant used for her gender reveal in an arrangement.

This was placed on her gift/sign in table.

Just something so pretty about a fruit/cheese tray.

After we gorged ourselves on way too much food it was time for the presents!

For those that don't know, Brittany is an elementary school teacher.

She asked instead of bringing cards, to replace them with books.

What a great way to fill Finns bookshelves.

He received some all time favorites and some new ones to me.

"Babies on the Bayou"...I will have to read this one to him for sure!

The happy "Grandma's in waiting"

And "Daddy" came for cake!

This will be our little family's first baby and I can't wait!

A great nephew indeed!

And wouldn't you know, my sister had a little something for everyone too.

She had little votive candles wrapped with a sweet little note for the guest as they departed.

So sweet!

And now we wait...

I hope she shares that sweet grand baby with me better than she shared her makeup back when.


xoxo Susie


  1. Congratulations to your family. Beautiful home. Love the chairs by the fireplace.

  2. How exciting! We are certainly having fun with our 9 month old great-grand twin girls! They grow so fast! Congratulations and have fun with that baby!


  3. Beautiful shower....and they will certainly have a darling baby 'cause they are such a handsome couple! Your sister's new house.....LOVE....would she let you do a little home tour soon? Love to see it! Love the front doors!

  4. How exciting! Missy's new home is beautiful; and she did a great job on the shower! Tell her I miss her blog!

  5. Nobody throws a shower like southern women, and this post proves it! Have fun waiting for the big day!

  6. What a wonderful shower and that cake is just darling! Your niece is such a beauty! Love your sister's new home too!

  7. Susie - Sounds like you had a wonderful shower. How exciting! And how great that your sister is right next door! What a treasure. Missing your posts.


  8. Beautiful in every single way!!

  9. Gosh, how time flies, I can remember when you posted about her wedding. Well I hope all goes well with the birth of the new little one. Much happiness to all.

  10. What a perfect shower - love all the special details! The name Finnley is too cute!

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