Lazy Susan DIY


Can we set the record straight?

Why on Earth is it called a lazy Susan?

Why not a lazy Jane or lazy Bridgette?

Why me?


Supplies needed..

One unfinished pine circle.

You can find them at Lowes and Home Depot.

They run between 5.00 and 7.00

Then this cool little spinning thing a ma bob

This one came from Lowes.

I drew out a pattern to look like an old wine barrel lid.

Then I flipped it over and did another design.

After the paint dried, I stained both sides.

I picked the wine barrel look.

Then you just screw the spinner onto the bottom.

And there you have it!

One lazy susan.

I tried it out in a couple of spots.

I may even make a few for my pantry.

You can't beat it for under 12.00

These would make great wedding, housewarming, Mothers day..... etc.. gifts!

Hope you are enjoying day!

xoxo Susie

Another step closer..

Well y'all...

I'm getting there. slowly. baby steps...

But all the same, I'm getting there.

We removed the doors

Took down the ugly fluorescent enclosed boxes and added new LED lights..

And ...

Added this beauty!

Today I will share all of the pretty.

It feels so good to be out from under layers of dust and ladders.

I promise to share in my next post all of the ins and outs of this project.

Isn't is funny how you always notice something after you take all of the shots?

Please forgive the unpainted upper right cabinet and moved jar.

I plan to have some cabinet doors made for a few of the cabinets.

Our next step will be removing our counter tops.

My plan is to replace them with marble.

I'm also planning to add subway tile for the back splash.

Maybe a pretty little design behind the stove.

It just feels so good.

I would also love to add some corbels under the cabinet.

For now... I'm enjoying.

My plan has been to pay cash for everything and so far so good.

It may take me a while to save for the counter tops but what a great feeling that will be!!!

Next post... I hope to answer all of your questions.

xoxo Susie