Somewhere in the middle...

Do you see it?

It's somewhere in the middle.

We removed the microwave a few days ago and now we have this huge hole.

At first I wanted to board up my doors and windows and let no one in.

Then three seconds later, I called my sister and BIL and invited them over for hot

Life gets messy and who better to share it with than family, right?

So here is my plan for that huge hole.

I've ordered a replacement vent hood to neatly fit into a cabinet.

The cabinet construction can't begin until we have our vent..


It's one of those hurry up and wait deals.

I'm so excited about everything though.

The normal person would wait and do their remodel all at once.

I....take baby steps.

I'm paying cash for everything as we go so it's a process.

This also gives me plenty of time to think about what I would really enjoy in here.

It's been a blessing having my sister build next door.

She has wonderful taste and I can snitch her scraps of tile and see if they work.

She had couple left over so I walked them over and put them next to my sink..

I think I love them!

I'm wanting marble for my counter tops...

oh how I'm wanting marble.

That will be one of the last things on my list to purchase I'm sure.

Well, right before flooring.

This process may take some

Once my hood and cabinet are installed, I will work on replacing my stove.

I love my old one so dearly and would not part with it other than the's the white sheep!

So now, I must paint. And paint. And paint some more!

This girl has a kitchen to re'do...

Need a sign?

xoxo Susie


  1. White subway tiles are are gorgeous. Hoods all the way!
    I've never liked microwaves over the stove. I prefer hot food out of an oven to be at waist level.

  2. I did a kitchen makeover earlier this spring. Took the microwave down from over the stove and tucked a countertop model in the corner. It's amazing how much more room I have to cook on the stovetop...I mean, when that happens. :o)

  3. Loving your progress. Is that a vintage Tupperware salt and pepper set? Brings back memories!

  4. I could never give up my microwave completely since we use it numerous times a day. Our previous microwave was on the counter but having one above the stove freed up so much counter-top space I don't think I could go back to that style. Maybe it helps that I'm only 5' and can easily see what's on the stovetop without having to bend down to peer under the microwave like my 6' 2" Hubby has to. : )

  5. Love the Tupperware salt and pepper shaker. Caught my attention right away:)

  6. Isn;t it wonderful to have family near. My daughter & her family live a few mintues away so we have impromptu gatherings often. Redoing a kitchen takes time but at least you don't have to tell the contractor there is a wedding in 2 weeks. Can you finish it? They did. Still have some want to's to complete now. Is it ever done? Linda

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