Replacing Fluorescent Lighting

We just took about 12 years off our home...


We started with these beauties above.

I'm still searching for an original picture with the oak stained wide trim and plastic cover.

A beaut I tell ya!

Honestly, I don't even remember picking out my kitchen lighting.

It was just a known fact that you put recessed fluorescent lighting with matching cabinet trim.

All the cool kids were doing it.

So I searched for fixes for my follow the leader fluorescent nightmare.

We could take it down and have someone charge us an arm an leg (maybe a small child even) to redo our sheet rock.


We could find a fix that I loved and we could handle on our own.

I liked that option much better.

I found it below...have mercy!

I knew ours wouldn't be as large and dramatic but perfect all the same.

So we removed the long bulbs and wide trim from the ceiling.

Below you can see where we replaced the wide flat trim on the outside edges with thinner nicer molding.

We also added some wide trim on the inner box LOVE...

I must add that we are NOT trim molding experts.

In fact, I dare say we even know what we are doing.

But when you put my dreams and my husbands love for me together...

Great things happen!

After we finished installing all of the trim molding, we had the electrical to deal with.

For that fix we headed to Lowe's and spoke with a few guys.

They were so kind to help us and introduced us to the LED world.

Insert four can lights!

Oh happy day!

Let me stop here for a minute and tell you how awesome LED lighting is.

It has changed my world!!

(we patched the holes with a kit) easy peasy.

I find myself looking up and just smiling BIG

Not just because I have removed that ugly eye sore I tried to avoid while taking pictures but.....

Because my sweetie took off two vacation days to make me happy.

We worked together, laughed together and even almost cried together when edges didn't match.

We didn't give up and I'm so happy...

The cost came with the molding and the bulbs.

The housing for the lighting was on sale.

And we didn't stop there...

We removed our over the sink pendant and replaced it with this mister.

He is kinda rocking my world right now!

I will share all about him soon.

So much to do yet and so exciting!!!!

xoxox Susie


  1. That's such a clever idea! Looks great! Love the lantern too!

  2. Oh looks awesome!! If you would like a picture of the original oak trim, I would be happy to provide you with a shot of my current kitchen ceiling. It's so bad. You have given me some HOPE! Thanks!!!

  3. What a great idea! That's using your noodle for sure! Please share what type of LED bulb you are so happy with! I want to like them- i really do- but whenever i bring one home it goes RIGHT BACK to the store because I HATE the 'color' or the dimness or something about those LEDs that just seems like they don't give off the same amount of light that incandescents do. I swear I am going to start hoarding the old bulbs before they stop making them.! Please- if you have one that you are happy with I;d love to give it a try!

  4. The can lights & molding turned out fantastic!!!!!! LOVE IT!

  5. You mentioned a kit used to patch the hole cut for the fluorescent fixtures. Where can I buy them? Thanks

  6. YOU just rocked my world! If have have to look at that fluorescent lighting much longer I’m going to rip it down myself!! Brilliant idea! Yours looks quite nice! Thank you!!!!


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